Why wordpress is not completely safe


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Since its creation, Wordpress has gained much popularity and rightly so, because it can be used even by people who are not wizards at code writing and website creation.

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Why wordpress is not completely safe

  1. 1. Why Wordpress is Not Completely Safe
  2. 2. Since its creation, Wordpress has gained much popularity and rightly so, because it can be used even by people who are not wizards at code writing and website creation. Not only is it free, but also customizable as per your needs. However, in the recent past, there have been a few security issues that have emerged with this tool. But there is no need to worry, because there are plenty of easy ways out too!
  3. 3. Even though you might have heard of Wordpress, there is a chance that you might not know what it exactly is. In very simple words, Wordpress is a free program that allows people to start their own blogs. However, on a deeper level, this is a tool that enables websites to manage all the content with ease. Wordpress is based on PHP and MySQL and functions on a web hosting service.
  4. 4. Since Wordpress is a free program, it can be used by almost anyone; however, it is people who are looking to set up websites or enable content management systems on their existing websites, who use it the most. In addition, many innovative bloggers, who are willing to get their minds and thoughts out there, are also using Wordpress.
  5. 5. Benefits of Wordpress
  6. 6. There is no reason why you should not use Wordpress, because the number of benefits that come along with this tool are truly incredible. Just some of them include: • Very easy to use • Extremely cost effective • Websites can be accessed from anywhere • Perfectly acclimatised for search engines and social networking sites
  7. 7. • Completely customizable • Plenty of plugins on offers • Allows multiple users • Built in blog • Offers plenty of growth and modifications opportunities
  8. 8. Security issues with Wordpress
  9. 9. Over the past few years, a few issues have cropped up with Wordpress and this has been a cause of alarm, mainly because this is such a widely used tool. There are primarily two issues and these are: • Concerns related to login attempts • Concerns related to what could happen if the login succeed
  10. 10. You would have quite obviously put in a lot of love and effort into your website, and the last thing you would want is someone hacking into it and stealing it away from you. This could happen if someone tries to login into your account and someone who is smart enough could actually do it, especially if you are not careful enough.
  11. 11. Not let’s imagine a scenario where someone actually manages to successfully login you’re your website, there are plenty of things that could go horribly wrong. Just some of the things an unauthorised user could do are: • Add new files • Modify the files that are already present • Add more users, which could lead to more havoc
  12. 12. • Change existing passwords to block out original users • Introduce spyware or malware • Turn a great website into a spam site
  13. 13. There is no real need to panic because there are some ways of ensuring that a website remains safe at all times and is protected from a range of attacks. These methods include: • Creating a strong password, one which is not easy to hack
  14. 14. • Ensure that are regular backups, so that all information and content is safe • There is an add-on on offer, which will put a limit on the number of login attempts • The admin user name should definitely be changed • Sensitive files should always be kept secure
  15. 15. In conclusion, Wordpress, till date, remains one of the best tools for content management and online blogging, provided, users ensure they take all precautionary measures to keep their website safe. In addition, since the measures are quite easy to take, it would be outright silly not to induct the same.