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Highlights of cake php an efficient php framework


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The design and development of any website, requires the support of powerful technology that can deliver necessary functionalities.

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Highlights of cake php an efficient php framework

  1. 1. Highlights of CakePHP- An Efficient PHP FrameworkThe design and development of any website, requires the support of powerful technology thatcan deliver necessary functionalities. It is also essential that the website is interactive anddynamic, and the technology should also ensure that the website is scalable. PHP is usedextensively by many web development companies for creating high-end websites that caneffectively deliver the business requirements.PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is a scripting language, used specifically for server side and isemployed as a programming language as well as for web development projects. PHP can beembedded in HTML, and the web servers interpret the code with a PHP processor, which canproduce the corresponding web page.About PHP FrameworksFramework is a term that is employed a lot in any web development process. As suggested bythe name, it provides a foundation or a frame where the code, created by developers, can beconveniently arranged to design the architecture.PHP frameworks refer to a collection of PHP functions and classes that are implemented by PHPdevelopers for constructing the web application. With frameworks, the applicationdevelopment process can be carried out in an efficient manner, since it enables similar frame orstructure on which several distinct projects can be based. With this definite idea about the baseof the code, handling multiple projects can also be easy, and developers can work on theprojects in an organized manner.Introducing CakePHP: A Popular PHP FrameworkIt is an open source framework for developing web applications. CakePHP is designed based onthe fundamentals of Ruby on Rails, and is written in PHP. The framework structure is easy tounderstand and it is implemented extensively in the web development world. Using thisplatform, dynamic web applications can be created and maintained easily. This framework canalso be used as a foundation for the creation of flexible applications in a time efficient manner.Features of CakePHPThis framework allows quick generation of prototypes since codes can be constructed quickly.No extra configuration other than the setup of the database is required and the neatlystructured MVC allow the developers to have better control over the overall management ofthe project. CakePHP supports compatibility with both PHP4 and PHP5, and has in-built viewhelper classes for Javascript and AJAX. The framework as a whole and the related aspects suchas session handling, and configuration of security, are quite easy to comprehend and
  2. 2. implement. Many other features, such as data validation, database access, authentication, andcaching are also in-built, which makes it a very convenient PHP framework for web applicationdevelopment. It also offers various tools and protection attributes for security of the webapplication.Explaining the MVC Model of CakePHP FrameworkThe MVC structure defines the framework, and can be elaborated as Model, View, Controller,and offers a basic layout for the application, including table names used in databases as well asfilenames, thus maintaining the logical flow of the application.In CakePHP, in addition to the model, view and controller, there are other features such asbehavior, component, and helper classes. • ModelsUsed specifically for data access, the models essentially denote the tables in the databases.Various operations such as establishing connection to the databases, executing queries asinstructed by the controller, and saving the data are some of the functions of models. • ViewsAs indicated by the name, they are used for the presentation and display of the content. Itoffers a convenient way of separating the business logic from the presentation logic, and onlybasic operational structures such as foreach loops for the iteration of data can be implementedhere. It is essential that for nearly every controller function, there should be a correspondingview structured for it. • ControllersThey include the logic of the web application and provide different functionalities for managingand implementing the logic associated with the application. • BehaviorsBehaviors make the model lighter by allowing developers to make the logic that is not directlyassociated with the model distinct from it. Such logic also needs to be present, or is needed inother models, and so this separation is done by allocating a class variable. • Helpers
  3. 3. Helpers correspond to classes that are similar to components and are used specifically for thepresentation layer of the web application, which comprises of the presentation logic that isdistributed between multiple elements, layouts, or views. • ComponentsThey correspond to logical data packages that are collective between the controllers.Functionalities that need to be copied and pasted among controllers can be wrapped in acomponent.Advantages Offered by CakePHPWith the MVC layout forming a major aspect of CakePHP, complex applications and lengthycodes can be easily managed, and organized in an efficient manner. The modular applicationstructure adds to the versatility of the platform, and allows developers to access the wide rangeof plug-ins available. Improved management of databases and efficient retrieval of data ispossible with the ORM or Object Relational Mapping in the CakePHP framework.Wide Ranging Uses of CakePHP • Shopping CartThis framework can be implemented for design and development of excellent ecommerce sites,which works reliably backed by the powerful features of CakePHP. Such applications can alsoprove to be effective in increasing the conversion rate as well as reducing the chances ofabandonment of shopping carts. This framework can equip the ecommerce application withessential features, and help provide a secure environment for various transactions and onlinepurchases. • CustomizationOne of the main requirements from any framework is that it should be customizable so as tofulfill the specific requirements of the business. CakePHP succeeds in this area, as this opensource platform can be conveniently adapted to work efficiently with the businessrequirements put forth by the clients, and thus the website serves as an excellent tool for thecompany, and it offers the requisite functionality and services, which are equally reliable. • Application DevelopmentDiverse applications such as portals, content management systems, customized components,ecommerce systems, and SEO compatible applications can be designed using this platform. Theconvenient MVC structure of this framework is instrumental in reducing the amount of coding
  4. 4. required, which helps in increasing the development rate of the applications, and allowsdevelopers to create powerful and versatile applications that function consistently.Content Management Systems based on CakePHPThe use of an effective CMS is very essential in any web development project. Some of thepopular choices available when looking for a content management system based on CakePHPinclude- • CupCake CMSSuitable for sites that require fast deployment, this category of CMS is lightweight and offersample focus on design as well. Preferred for small and medium magnitude websites, it isextremely easy to use and allows convenient management of content. Equipped with aWYSIWYG editor the interface is also well organized and designed. Even those withoutproficiency in HTML can manage the site and content. • CroogoAn open source CMS, it can support several languages. Categorization of content is alsopossible with this platform, and it uses a WYSIWYG editor, which means that the content can beedited and managed easily. • WildflowerDesigned on the CakePHP framework and providing a JQuery JavaScript library, this CMS is alsoquite user friendly and efficient. • Lu mad CMSAn open source CMS, this platform offers a simple, yet powerful interface, which allows usersto manage the website easily, and update the content as per requirement.Web Application Development Solutions Available in CakePHPWith CakePHP growing as a preferred PHP framework for the development of web applications,many web development companies are offering their expert services in the field. The numerousbenefits of this framework such as scalability of the applications, as well as their reliableperformance bring forth a high demand for professional solutions in this field. These webdevelopment companies can tailor the application to meet the business requirements of theclients, and thus the application serves the company objectives in a reliable manner. Some ofthe services offered in CakePHP development include integration, content management systemdesign, template design, ecommerce development, as well as CakePHP customization. With
  5. 5. attributes like data validation and easy integration of web services, these companies ensurethat the CakePHP applications developed are sophisticated and reliable.