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3* 3 1 y Apple very quietly aiinouiiced support for Wi-Fi calling in iOS S,  but ...
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iOS 8 attributes business can leverage from

After launch of 8th major release of the iOS mobile operating system many iPhone users have moved from old iOS to latest version of operating system. As we all know apple having very vast crazy followers and businesses who adopted iphone apps development to target them are moving on new version of iOS, but still many can’t get that how it can be helpful. So here Brainvire represents to you the main attributes of iOS 8 that businesses can leverage from. To get a quick quote on iPhone Application Development visit:

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iOS 8 attributes business can leverage from

  1. 1. QBIISIIIE IOS 8 AND WI—FI CALLINO 3* 3 1 y Apple very quietly aiinouiiced support for Wi-Fi calling in iOS S, but the l l lc; IttiI'e could be truly valtiable to enterprises looking to reduce, or in I some cases eliminate. wireless calling lees. Anywhere it biisiitess user has access to Vi-l’i. he could potentially place a phone call witbotit incurring charges. That means no more calling lees while in otticcs with . .- . A - 8 - 't-l‘l. lhc teatiire is panicularly valuable tor lreqiient intematioiial 0.. G titivelers. who may incur large tees for roaming or occasionally find ‘K , ‘_. 0 :19 . ~ Q themselves with poor or nonexistent network coverage. :3 ’ : ‘ l u ENHANCED IOS 8 MAIL APP Apple made a ton of notable eitliaiiceiiients to the Mail app in iOS 8 and added it number ol‘ new features. it's now easier to mark t11L‘'. :tgL‘S as readtinrcad or llzig them for follow- up using swipe gestures. The VIP Threads feature lets you mark certain conversations as urgent and then receive specific notitications for those threads. while a dedicated VIP Threads mailbox lets you quickly see only the most important conversatioiis without sifting through all other iness; iges. Extemal email addresses can be set to display in red. so users‘ know whenever they're sending inessages to recipients outside of their orgaiiizatioiis. Exchaiige users can now Inaiiage out-of-otl'ice settings using iOS. too. IOS 8 CALENDAR APP Apple added enhanced iivailability l'uIIclionality to the iOS 8 Ciilciiiliii‘. so it's easier to view coworker l‘Tt. ‘L"'l3tl~1)’ status when scheduling meetings. licw meetings can be marked as private. and i()S users have ‘* _ ~ Inorc control over granular Ineeting settings. such the ability to create h ' p p repeat meetings at certain intervals. A new Calendar setting lets a user I ‘ I‘ quickly send a niessage to all meeting attendees to. say. provide a quick ' * ' ' update before the event starts. CLOUD ENHANCEMENTS Apple's i()S 8 makes it simpler to work on a variety of document types across Apple and Windows devices. Apple said iCloud Drive now integrates with some third-patty cloud services. but it didn't specify Vs“ which companies. (A screen shot on Apple's website shows icons for " Box and OIieDrie in the context of ifloud Drive. which seems to suggest they're are two of the supported Cloud services. ) . I run’ *3 . ""-VT -was -- V IOS 8 ENHANCED MESSACES Apple's Messages app gets a sigiiitieaiit upgrade in i()S S. In addition to new '0lt. ‘CI. '0llt1(l note. video message and locatioii-shariiig te. ittires. users get more advanced control over how to respond to and receive notitications for group incssages. For example. you can quickly add and drop recipients from group niessagcs and leave any conversation wlieiiever you're ready. The ability to add iiaines to convei‘sations makes‘ it simpler to monitor specitic threads and avoid others. IOS 8 AND MESSACE-SPECIFIC I ENCRYPTION The new version of iOS lCl users encrypt llN. lllLll| ;tl email inessages y when they want the added protection, using S. ll. "lY. . ll" you're sending t sensitive iiitoI'iiiatioii in an email and you want the peace of Iiiiiid that your content is safe. _voii can encrypted those inessages without having to encrypt all of yotir less sensitive correspondence. To enable encryption. you just check an option on the Compose Message screen. . .- '. n '- - ' '. " IOS 8 AND PASSCODE LOCK FOR MORE APPS In iOS 8. mail. third-party apps. calendar. contacts. reminders. notes. niessages and all user credentials are password-locked after a reboot. You can't access the data or see related notilicatioiis until you unlock the device. This provides an additional layer of data protection for iOS devices followiiig reboots. ‘ . l IOS 8 AND NEw MDM TOOLS Apple's i()S 8 will support a number of new IT policies to give administrators additional tools for deploying. managing and removing books. PDFs and other documents. IT also gets new control ox er tiles downloaded from corporate domains using the iOS Safari browser and documents stored in iCloud. and adniiiis will be able to restrict the applications that can be used to open those liles. lT can also reiiiotely set device iiaiiies. stop users from enabling their own restrictions and block the device wipe tcattii‘c. A new backtip-inonitoriiig feature gives ll‘ insight into the last time users backed tip their data. IOS 8 lNTERACTIVE NOTIFICATIONS ' I _ / ()ne of the most simple but truly valuable additions to i()S 8 are interactive notiticatioiis. These let you quickly respond to mail. I messages. calendar Invites. reminders and compatible apps without ever leaving the app you're in. lf you're composing a l*lail message and get a social network friend request. you can simply tap the dropdown notitication to accept the request and get right back to your l‘t1€SS1t_flC. IOS 8 l/ lULTITASKINC WITH ', RECENT AND FAVORITE CONTACTS 53}. iOS users can currently access Jl miiliitiisking feature that lets them / ' quickly navigate open apps by tapping the home button twice. In I08 8. at Recent and hivorite contact bar appears atop the multitasking panes. ’Ith a tap ot the contact Image. you can quickly initiate a phone call. text message or FaeeTime video chat. .1’ vi -n-n- - no -a. -;- ‘TIC? ! l= ':'_‘| ""v. fT'7' ‘VT? ! I4 I IN I I I IOS 8 KEYBOARD ENHANCEMENT I ’l Apple is bringing a revamped keyboard to i()S 8. To speed up and ease the toueh—type process. predictive text features will suggest the next words you're likely to type. The QuickType keyboard "learns" and eyeiitually suggests words and plirases based on messages you've tor. ’-: ;I I It It . -I composed in the past. ": *§t‘Ql: |Il. l_I"‘: " "' l ' i - - v :4 . l 7 ' ‘l ' l o I ' ' IOS 8 INTECRATION WITH OS X 'YOSEMITE' Apple's iOS 8’ is designed to work together with the tipcomiiig "'osemitc" desktop Mac ()8, also due this tall. in a number of notable new ways. (‘orporate Mac users stand to benctit from the cnhancenients. l‘or example. business users with Macs or il’ads will be able to answer phone calls. through their IPhones. using their computers . - _ A V or tablets. as long as they're on the same Wt-Fi network. Plus‘. users can -I - ' l 2‘ respond to text messages front any of their contacts. whether or not they use Apple devices. ia Mac or iPad.