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Case Study For Community Platform Promoting Cultures


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Interactive Cross-Cultural Online Community Platform Promoting Thousands of Cultures is a Cross-cultural online social networking community Connect Discover

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Case Study For Community Platform Promoting Cultures

  1. 1. Case Study For Community Platform Promoting Cultures Brainvire Infotech Pvt. Ltd
  2. 2. Client Requirement Client demanded an interactive cross-cultural online community platform Online Community Platform Promoting Thousands of Cultures A Fun and interactive life online A social experience that will help the users to discover The cross-cultural online social networking community Combines culture, self-expression and entertainment
  3. 3. Other Features Include: Geo-targeted and personalization to each member’s profile Unique approach to social networking Members can maintain existing connections The user can create their own blogs & share pictures Ask the Expert and Culture Talk Show Rate and Review what other people find funny or shocking Share cool local news, Message their friends Check out the latest music and videos, shop in the Tribal Fashion Store
  4. 4. Project Challenges A robust architecture capable of handling millions of users Without slowing the site down Implementing a reliable framework Instantly connects users with groups, individuals, events Developed several modules to incorporate social networking feature Integration of VirtueMart Store with an extensive list Provision and maintenance of the database Ensuring user privacy and safeguarding their content
  5. 5. Technologies Used Operating System & Server Management Operating System & Server Management Linux OS,Multi-Server Architecture with Staging & Production Environment through Version Controlling releases, Server Optimization, Security & SSL Implementation, Scheduler for Back- ups, Alert Monitoring System Integration, Server Performance Tuning at regular intervals, Software Firewall Configuration & Maintenance Development Tools & Environments Joomla, Virtuemart, PHP, AJAX, Java Script, HTML5, CSS3 etc Database MYSQL Database Server, DB Clustering, DB Optimization, Master Slave Replication, Query Optimization, Scheduler for Backups
  6. 6. Manpower Project Leader 1 Developers 2 Designers 1 Quality Assurance Testers 1
  7. 7. Planning The GUI of the website formed the User Interface layer. MYSQL Server Database, Tables, Stored Procedures Conversion of data between incompatible type systems in databases Accessing data from the database for the Interface layer and Database All the business logic procedures for modules
  8. 8. Architecture i.Business Access Layer: This layer contains the business logics, validations related to data. This layer also contains Model-View-Controller which efficiently relates the user interfaces with the under lying data models. i.Data Access Layer: This layer contains MSSQL Server Database, Tables, Stored Procedures and so on. It also helps Business Layer to connect the data and perform required action by returning data or manipulating data i.PL: This layer contains .asp or html where data is presented to the user and inputs are taken from the user.
  9. 9. Architecture The online networking characteristic of the website Modules like Forums, Blogs, News, Events were developed Most effectively access the database in an object-oriented context An intermediary abstraction layer was created for accessing data Stored procedures were used only for complex retrieval of data The UI layer was kept free of any business logic Sub-domains were used for the different areas of the website to guarantee scalability
  10. 10. Development Highlights Equipped with an exhaustive online feature The optimized database was synergized with superior query features Accurate results through comprehensive search & browse options The site employed numerous user and service ranking Framework was kept highly scalable in order to provide adaptability Web usability guidelines were strictly adhered during the development The interface was made easily navigable The site was developed and fully functional within a span of 6 months
  11. 11. Sources : promoting-thousands-cultures/ Contact Info : 1-631-897-7276 Email : Website :
  12. 12. Contact Us pvt-ltd Contact Info : 1-631-897-7276 Email : Website :