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What Is CRM?


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Are you curious about what exactly CRM is and how it can benefit you? BrainSell hosted a complimentary webinar on 'What is CRM' and we have uploaded it to slideshare for you to see.

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What Is CRM?

  1. 1. What is CRM?October 26, 2011
  2. 2. About BrainSell• Making businesses better for 17 years• Business Strategy: To provide a 360 degree business solutionoffering; services and software• Provide the specific expertise in ERP, CRM & Marketing Automation• One of the only companies in North America with or depth of expertise in both
  3. 3. Agenda• What CRM is at the most basic level• Why companies use it• A quick overview of a popular CRMapplication, SugarCRM• Open Q & A
  4. 4. CContact Before Customer Collects pre-sales info Conversion tool Collaborate Day planner on steroids (goodbye paper)
  5. 5. Relationship• Nurture after the sale closes to…• Retain customers• Referrals• Repeat business
  6. 6. Management• Know how leads are being handled• Know your pipeline• Set goals and quotas• REPORT
  7. 7. Ask YourselfCan I Benefit From CRM?
  8. 8. Long to-do list?
  9. 9. Still Building Reports in Excel?
  10. 10. Have Bad Visibility Into Your SalesTeam?
  11. 11. Do Sales and Marketing WorkTogether?
  12. 12. Let’s Take a TourOf your life on CRM…