Salesforce vs SugarCRM


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Find out which of these leading CRM software platforms is right for your company with this feature and pricing comparison slide show.

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Salesforce vs SugarCRM

  1. 1. vs. SugarCRM Pricing, Editions and Feature Comparison 978.887.3870
  2. 2. Pricing and Editions
  3. 3. Salesforce Pricing and Editions
  4. 4. The Facts • More than 700,000 end users • Can be deployed in the cloud or on premise • Fastest growing and most customizable CRM on the market today • Open source integration • Over 280 global partners • Deployments in over 75 countries • US headquarters in Cupertino, California - EMEA headquarters in Munich, Germany • Corporate website: • SugarCRM on Twitter: @SugarCRM • Facebook page:
  5. 5. The Facts • 100,000+ customers • Largest global CRM provider • Can only be deployed in the cloud • Named “Most Innovative Company in the World” by Forbes in 2011 & 2012 • “#1 Sales and CRM application” • US headquarters in San Francisco, California – EMEA headquarters in Morges, Switzerland • Salesforce services are translated into 16 different languages • Sophisticated and comprehensive applications store – AppExchange • Corporate website: • Follow on twitter: @salesforce • Facebook:
  6. 6. SugarCRM Home – customizable for every user
  7. 7. SugarCRM Sales Pipeline @softwarefit Sugar sales dashboard
  8. 8. Sugar Sales Dashboard Sugar Reporting turns data into actionable information. Managers can monitor business performance across the entire business with reporting tools on Marketing Analytics, Sales Trends, Case Reports, and Customer Profiles. Dashboards can be customized to meet the individual roles of users or to track key metrics across the organization.
  9. 9. Sugar Marketing Analytics • Understand the ROI of marketing programs • Track which channel is most/least profitable • Replicate successful campaigns in a few
  10. 10. Sugar – Social CRM Sugar is fully Social CRM ready. The following Social CRM capabilities and integrations are available for all subscriptions out of the box: Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, outlook, Gmail, lotus notes, Google docs, lotus live, WebEx, gotomeeting, inside view, hoovers, jigsaw, zoominfo,, and Qontext.
  11. 11. Salesforce Home
  12. 12. Salesforce Dashboard Salesforce’s real-time dashboards provide a complete picture of your business. They are dynamic and filtered dashboards that you can drive to shared KPIs to align the business, while giving each user the personalized view they want.
  13. 13. Salesforce Chatter Chatter makes it easy to share ideas, documents, and anything else with your coworkers, instantly.
  14. 14. Salesforce Forecasting Reporting in Salesforce is pretty easy. Drag and drop in fields, filters, groupings, and charts the you want, and get immediate real-time views, with instant drill-down to operational data.
  15. 15. How They Compare • SugarCRM has a more modern and intuitive aesthetic, dynamic dashboards and reporting modules. • Salesforce has an impressive social-media “chatter” application built in, in depth reporting module, but with a general older look and feel. • SugarCRM is much more customizable and can be designed to the user. On premise and in the cloud deployment. • Salesforce – out of the box functionality, but much more fixed - available only in the cloud. • Pricing: SugarCRM more straightforward pricing options with a lower price point across the board. • Social CRM – SugarCRM has out of the box integration with all the social platforms necessary in today’s @brainsell
  16. 16. Find out which is right for you! Have questions? Contact us directly, we are happy to answer any questions you might have about CRM and which solution might best help your business process. @brainsell @brainsell sales@brainsell .net www.brainsell. net 978.887.3870 Conta ct us: