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Migrating to Sugar Sell and Serve


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In a recent webinar we explored the differences between Sugar Enterprise and Sugar Sell and Serve, shared the benefits of migrating, and provided an overview of the migration steps.

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Migrating to Sugar Sell and Serve

  1. 1. BrainSell Open Mic: The Benefits of Migrating to March 3, 2020
  2. 2. Housekeeping • 45-minute presentation with Q&A at the end • Type questions into the "question box" to submit them throughout the presentation • We'll send a copy of the deck and recording of the webinar in follow-up emails after the event #LearningWithBrainSell
  3. 3. About BrainSell • Founded in 1994 • A growth enablement company • We help companies thrive by solving their business challenges with guidance and technology. • Specialize in Customer Service, CRM, Business Intelligence, ERP and Marketing Automation technologies #LearningWithBrainSell
  4. 4. Agenda  Introduction  The Continued Benefits of Migrating to Sugar Sell & Serve  Enterprise vs. Sell & Serve  How to Migrate  Live Q&A with Open Mics #LearningWithBrainSell
  5. 5. Today’s Presenters Ali Lipman Customer Success at BrainSell Martin Schneider Head of Corporate Strategy SugarCRM #LearningWithBrainSell Patrick Sullivan Senior Escalation Manager SugarCRM
  6. 6. The Continued Benefits of Migrating to Sell & Serve TIME-AWARE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE PLATFORM Capturecustomer history, discover actionable insights, predict future outcomes and recommend next best actions • Delivers360°view over entirecustomerlifetime • UsesAI analysistounderstandpastand presentin order to predictthefuture • Aggregates, unifies,andaugmentscustomerdata NO-TOUCH INFORMATION MANAGEMENT Spend less time entering andfinding data and more time on high value work • Capturescontentautomaticallyasby-productof usersworking • Processesand analyzesdatatoprovidenext bestactionguidance • Presentsinformationin-contextwith users’dailyactivities CONTINUOUS CLOUDINNOVATION Trust in the most modern, durable,andfuture-proof CX platform on the market • Enablescontinuoustechnologyimprovementsat tremendouseconomiesof scale • Grows andexpandswith yourbusiness • Providesmarket-classscalability,extensibility,availability,and security LIFELONG COMMITMENTTO CUSTOMERS Customersforlife is both acontinuous product objective anda solemn business commitment • Deliver onpromises • Treatyoufairly • Be respectfulof yourtime • Put yoursuccessfirst TheFour Pillars
  8. 8. The Continued Benefits of Migrating to Sell & Serve On the Roadmap for Sell & Serve… • Renewals Console (Available Now in Sell!) • Sales Console • Enhanced Lead SLA • Discover Insights Inside Sell UX • Workforce Management • Omnichannel Customer Response • Seamless Telephony Integration • Portal Improvements for Self-
  9. 9. Enterprise vs. Sell & Serve Sugar Productivity Add-Ons (Connect, Customer Journey, Hint) Time-Aware Analytics with Sugar Discover AWS as a Service Advanced Visual Workflow - SugarBPM Kanban View for Opportunities and Line Item Forecast Renewal and Service Console Views Continued Sugar Innovation
  10. 10. Enterprise vs. Sell & Serve Opportunity Management, Forecast, Quoting ✓ Enterprise features + recurring product management, console dashboard view X Account and Contact Management ✓ ✓ ✓ Service Case management, bug and feature request management, Web portal X Enterprise features + updated web portal, business centers, SLA management, team collaboration, time- aware service reports, service console Workflow Sugar BPM and legacy basic workflow Out-of-the-Box Lead SLA management using Sugar BPM Out-of-the-Box workflows for common service processes using SugarBPM Projects Legacy Project Module Customer Journey, Sugar Integrate, etc. Customer Journey, Sugar Integrate, etc. Release Schedule Annual Quarterly Quarterly enterprise
  11. 11. How to Migrate  Feature Validation: • Projects • Legacy Workflow • SOAP API • Legacy REST API • Bugs, Cases, Releases, Case Portal  Finalize list of users for Sell, Serve, and Sell & Serve  Work with your Customer Success Manager to set up a test instance for functional validation
  12. 12. How to Migrate  Complete setup for a test group  Validate customizations and new features in your test environment  Update production license with Sell/Serve seats.  Apply any changes to production from the validation state  Revalidate license keys  Admin changes users to Sell and Serve in production
  13. 13. Open Mic #LearningWithBrainSell
  14. 14. Thank You For Attending! Take Advantage of our Migration Concierge Services! Contact: (866) 356-2654 Follow us on Twitter: @BrainSell#LearningWithBrainSell