Making Money with Inbound Marketing: Part 3 (Social Media)


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The BrainSell team discusses how to best utilize social media to increase lead flow.

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  • Wordpress, blogger Put it in nav, central on site RSS, Feedburner   Pay attention to comments Add share buttons Calls to action. Forms, papers, trials, coupons Google marketplace The Bikini Principle Blogs build overtime so stick with it.  Contribute to other blogs - or groups
  • THink of terms ppl google and write on them. Headlines matter! example Sugarcrm vs. Salesforce White papers, trials, contact us. make it easy for ppl to reach out Hire a journalist 
  • 1. Blog with call to action, WP or video, something with a form 2. PR, then tweet it, FB it LinkedIn, monitor responses 3. Marketing automation - lead score creates nurture path - HootSuite, Hubspot  4. MA, drip, mail chimp 5. sell 6. Maintain value - newsletters, webinars, non selling content - which leads to natural referrals 
  • "Follow the right people"--know who is important in your industry to you can learn and grow "hashtags"--reach the right audience. "Don't talk to people, talk @them"--using the @ key is a great way to get retweeted "Be grateful"--Thanks goes a long way. People expect responses within 2 hours. If you thank them, they'll be willing to retweet or respond more frequently. "Pass along great content"--helps solidify yourself as a thought leader. They'll treat your tweets (and blog posts) more seriously. "Be conversational"--people don't want to follow computers or bots. Be genuine. "Be yourself"--if you advertise yourself as loving widgets and sprockets, people follow you because of that. If you then discuss whiffleball and window panels, people will stop following you. "Schedule tweets/ROI Analysis"--Hootsuite allows you to schedule tweets. Get your coffee in the morning, get industry news, pick the best, and schedules tweets for the day. You can than track your followers/retweets/link clicks/etc with the ROI analysis tool.
  • We have 640 followers and they're real people. Everytime we tweet our message reaches our TARGET audience. The content that you push out determins the ppl that follow you Get involved in real convos 
  • Maybe a visual helps. This is what 700 people looks like. Everytime we tweet, we're sending personal messages to each person in this audience.
  • I started this page as a dummy account to prove a point. With minimal effort I was able to add nearly 60 followers in 10 days.  All of these followers are real people interested in whatever I tweeted about (inbound marketing and social media.)  With a modest effort, there's no reason you can't add 150-200 followers per month. Many of these followers are QUALIFIED LEADS and are interested in what YOU have to say!
  • Facebook Ads
  • Clear call to action
  • Heat Map of what people look at first on linkedin 
  • They don't need to be fancy.  Flip camera and TOOLS: Camtasia 
  • Catagorize pls add camtasia
  • Making Money with Inbound Marketing: Part 3 (Social Media)

    1. 1. How to Make $ With Inbound MarketingPart 3: Leveraging Social Media with Inbound Marketing Sonja Fridell Jim Ward GM, BrainSell Technologies President, BrainSell Technologies
    2. 2. @brainsellTweet #inboundmarketingseries
    3. 3. The Series5/9: Part 1 of 4: What is Inbound Marketing?5/16: Part 2 of 4: Creating Leads with InboundMarketing6/6: Part 3 of 4: Leveraging Social Media withInbound Marketing6/13: Part 4 of 4: Converting Leads withInbound MarketingTweet #inboundmarketingseries
    4. 4. Agenda • Content creation (recap) • Twitter • Facebook • LinkedIn • Tools to maximize your social media • And our...Tweet
    5. 5. Content Creation • Choose a platform you like • Make it VISIBLE • Enable RSS Feed • Encourage Comments • Create/build great content • Add CALLS TO ACTIONTweet #inboundmarketingseries
    6. 6. Write on Google terms (headlines matter) But "Dont fight with Ninjas" - D. Shah Create Calls to Action! Be conversational and to the point Frequency (at least once a week)Tweet #inboundmarketingseries
    7. 7. Social LifecycleTweet #inboundmarketingseries
    8. 8. You created it. Now Distribute it!Tweet #inboundmarketingseries
    9. 9. The Keys to Twitter • Follow the right people • Hashtags • Dont talk to people, talk @ them • Be grateful • Pass along great content • Be conversational • Be yourself • Schedule tweets • ROI Analysis (Hootsuite)Tweet #inboundmarketingseries
    10. 10. Its a real audience...Tweet #inboundmarketingseries
    11. 11. USE IT!
    12. 12. Its easy to get startedTweet #inboundmarketingseries
    13. 13. Find your target audienceTweet #inboundmarketingseries
    14. 14. What to Know About Facebook • Be Consistent • Try to, "Like," make friends • Be a leader, get "followers" • Great for B2C • Hide content from non-fans • Facebook/Google analyticsTweet #inboundmarketingseries
    15. 15. Tweet #inboundmarketingseries
    16. 16. Tweet #inboundmarketingseries
    17. 17. Tweet #inboundmarketingseries
    18. 18. (with LinkedIn)• Join groups • Great for B2B• Link content • Recommendations• Connect w/contacts • Use a good picture• Research potential • Complete your profile• Start a Business Page • Add advanced apps
    19. 19. Tweet #inboundmarketingseries
    20. 20. Grow Your Business With YouTube • Create compelling videos • Make videos findable (title, description, keywords) • Use annotations (call-to- action) • Use on homepage/blog • Likes/dislikes, views, and shares • Create a "brand" for your YouTube channel • YouTube Insight
    21. 21. Tweet #inboundmarketingseries
    22. 22. • Facebook Analytics• "Twitter for Dummies"• Twylah•• klout• hootsuite•• Camtasia• Stock.xchng,• PR Log• PR grader• Google (analytics, reader, marketplace, docs, alerts)• Hubspot ($)• Marketing Automation Systems $
    23. 23. 1 More Part Left! 6/13: Part 4 of 4: Converting LeadsTweet #inboundmarketingseries