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How to Manage Your Fixed Assets Through Their Entire Lifecycle


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In a recent webinar we explored how Sage’s fixed asset management solution reduces the immense job of inventory accounting and tracking to a manageable process with a number of added benefits.

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How to Manage Your Fixed Assets Through Their Entire Lifecycle

  1. 1. How to Manage Your Fixed Assets Through Their Entire Life Cycle June 5, 2019
  2. 2. Housekeeping • 45-minute presentation with Q&A at the end • Type questions into the "question box" to submit them throughout the presentation • We'll send a copy of the deck and recording of the webinar in follow-up emails after the event #LearningWithBrainSell
  3. 3. About BrainSell • Founded in 1994 • Unbiased business consultants • We help companies thrive by solving their business challenges with guidance and technology. • Specialize in ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence and Marketing Automation software #LearningWithBrainSell
  4. 4. Today’s Presenter #LearningWithBrainSell Wayne Austin Sage Sales Engineer for Sage Fixed Assets
  5. 5. Agenda  Fixed Assets – the complete lifecycle  Sage Fixed Assets solution  Planning  Depreciation  Tracking  Custom Reporting  Solution Demonstration  Live Q&A #LearningWithBrainSell
  6. 6. Complete Lifecycle of Fixed Assets #LearningWithBrainSell  Acquisition – before they become Fixed Assets  CIP/WIP  Projects that will result in Fixed Asset creation  Depreciation – Tax/GAAP  Depreciation Calculations  Inventory  Perform Physical Inventories of Fixed Assets  Reporting  Disposals  Full or Partial disposals
  7. 7. Sage Fixed Assets #LearningWithBrainSell Planning: manage and report on assets related to “in-progress” projects. Manage capital budgeting and assets usage and depreciation through project completion Depreciation: calculate depreciation accurately in order to maximize benefits from up to date IRS tax rules. Efficiently manage depreciation journal entries. Tracking: manage and control physical inventory of assets and reconciliation. Reporting: provides the ability to create custom asset-based reports, ensuring specific and accurate data is readily available
  8. 8. Sage Fixed Assets - Planning #LearningWithBrainSell  Define and manage upcoming projects  Set and control budgets for all fixed assets needed to complete a project  Track all realized costs in order to compare them to budget predictions  Once completed, automatically pass all asset information to SFA Depreciation for continued asset monitoring
  9. 9. Sage Fixed Assets - Depreciation #LearningWithBrainSell  Take advantage of baked in tax laws and 52 included depreciation methods to confidently run and post depreciation  Sage’s Audit Advisor will let you know of potential conflicts… before an actual auditor does  Many standard reports included out of the box; including ready to submit tax forms
  10. 10. Sage Fixed Assets - Tracking #LearningWithBrainSell Integrated out of the box: shares the same database as SFA Depreciation Groups Templates General Information Fields 12 Additional Fields
  11. 11. Custom Reporting #LearningWithBrainSell  Full version of SAP Crystal Reports 2016 that can be used to report on all SFA Modules  Customize standard reports to fit your client’s needs by adding fields or calculations  Build entirely new reports from scratch by pulling in data from any module  Save reports to be run at a later date, or export them to email, excel, pdf for further distribution and analysis
  12. 12. Sage Fixed Assets #LearningWithBrainSell Product Demonstration
  13. 13. Q&A #LearningWithBrainSell
  14. 14. Thank You For Attending! (866) 356-2654 x202 Follow us on Twitter: @BrainSell #LearningWithBrainSell