PRSA: "Social Media - Strategies instead of Tools"


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Thanks to Jess Manocchio, I’ve been re-invited to speak at PRSA Buffalo, kicking off their Sunrise Seminar series on social media.

While my previous talk in February focused on listening in social media (Part 1 & Part 2), this time I’ll be bringing folks on a journey through how social media strategies are created. Along the way, I’ll recommend the use of conversation filtering and analysis tools such as cotweet and JamiQ.

I’ll update this post after the talk. Meanwhile, you should be able to follow along 8am EST today (Aug 5th) via twitter #PRSAtalk.

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    But            luckily,            we            found            a            working            one            here (copy paste link in browser) :  
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  • I translated your presentatio, Hope yoy don´t mind. The spanish version is here:
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  • Great Presentation .. wide.., detail, I'll Follow your twitter
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  • Great framework to start on a social strategy journey
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  • This IS amazing. it's THE best i've seen so far. Very detailed, in dept and hit right on the spot of the question mark. Thanks!
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PRSA: "Social Media - Strategies instead of Tools"

  1. social media strategy instead of with tools Kevin Lim cyberculturalist PRSA 5th Aug 2009
  2. If you are on twitter share your thoughts #PRSAtalk
  3. the bad news.
  4. good the bad news.
  5. BW Online. July 19, 2004. “The Vanishing Mass Market”
  8. GDP vs. Ad Spending Source: Veronis Suhler Stevenson; Boston Consulting Group analysis (July 2009)
  9. 5, 2 009) ecka rt (July 1 Steven L edia Diet” by ur M “Ba lance Yo
  10. “Reputation Statement of Account" by Jason Tester (2004)
  11. We live in a world where the gatekeepers are losing control. Gary Vaynerchuk
  12. Spin may work in traditional media, but the Internet has a built in B.S. detector. Chris Pirillo tech celebrity
  13. People relate to people not companies. Tony Hsieh Zappos CEO
  14. When reality is labeled unthinkable, it creates a sickness in an industry... Clay Shirky technologist
  15. Leadership becomes faith based. Clay Shirky technologist
  16. thinking the unthinkable
  17. this is an opportunity to start over.
  18. But we often begin like this...
  19. Should I be using Youtube Twitter or Facebook...
  20. we turn to the tools
  21. See newer version by Brian Solis & JESS3 at
  22. Rossiter, J. R., & Danaher, P. J. (1998). Advanced media planning. Boston: Kluwer Academic.
  23. instead of taking a leap of faith
  24. we need to think strategy instead of tools
  25. Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies (2008)
  26. Social Technographics Ladder from Groundswell, Forrester Research, 2008
  27. Recruit others to donate ADVOCATE Create a group Host an event Post pictures/videos SOCIAL Write a blog post Join a group Create a profile PERSONAL Post a comment Make a donation Sign up for e-mail/SMS Friend on social networks “Barack Obama’s Social Media Toolkit” by Monte Lutz (Feb 2009)
  28. Amy Jo Kim’s Community Building on the Web (Peachpit, 2000)
  29. Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies (2008)
  30. USA Today, July 24, 2009
  31. USA Today, July 24, 2009
  32. USA Today, July 24, 2009
  33. Mike Arauz’s Spectrum of Online Friendship (April 2009)
  34. Designing for the Social Web: The Usage Lifecycle
  35. so what’s a good strategy
  36. campaigns so similar so different
  37. three words transparency novelty risky
  38. The good news is there is freedom of speech and the bad news is there is freedom of speech Robert Passikoff Brand Keys President “Skittles Pulls Twitter Campaign” by Laurie Sullivan, March 4, 2009
  39. three words competitive controlled exclusive
  40. long term brand strategy
  41. long term brand strategy
  42. customer support
  43. tactical strategies fortwitter
  44. brand awareness
  45. “Squarespace: Give an iPhone, Get Awareness”
  46. rewarding fans
  47. rewarding fans
  48. rewarding fans
  49. new sales channel
  50. new sales channel
  51. integrating social media
  52. integrating social media
  53. social media is 24/7
  54. humans can’t scale
  55. Kathy Sierra, Is Twitter TOO good? (16 March, 2007)
  56. Cathy, 4th August 2009
  57. Despair Inc's Social Media Venn Diagram
  60. tweetdeck desktop app
  62. information overload has always existed
  63. true problem filter failure Clay Shirky technologist
  64. filtering tools I use
  65. multiple accounts multiple users keyword monitoring on duty notifications tweet assignments conversation threading rich profiles click tracking tweet scheduling multi account posting message archive
  66. Buzz Trending Sentiment Detection Influence Scoring Market Segmentation Site Ranking Media Segmentation JamiQ
  67. demo
  68. Questions
  69. How often should we communicate with our supporters through Twitter and Facebook?
  70. Who in my small shop should manage our social networking accounts? Volunteer?
  71. What should my organization's Facebook fan page really look like?
  72. Do you see social web being over-populated with cause related marketing?
  73. Will I "turn off" traditional donors with all this hype about social media?
  74. How do I overcome a bad remark about our organization through the social web?
  75. Jeffery Gitomer’s Little Black Book of Connections (2006)
  76. Thank You Let’s chat... @brainopera