Hyper Connected Beings


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As a guest lecturer at @panomatic’s Designed Play visual studies class, I thought aloud of how we are increasingly inter-connected with one another. Although in varying degrees, there are some like me who are inclined to explore the extremities of self-awareness. This is my journey through building shared consciousness.

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Hyper Connected Beings

  1. HyperConnected Beings from social web to networked consciousness by kevin lim // cyberculturalist // theory.isthereason.com // 02.02.09
  2. yo, a/s/l?
  3. 31 / guy / guest lecturing for the lulz
  4. ...where else I exist?
  5. then I started to realize
  6. ...merge my physical and virtual identities.
  7. ...so I try the “high road”
  8. First Person Shooter - Cinéma vérité
  9. Snow Crash’s Metaverse
  10. Cyberpunk thriller: Strange Days (1995)
  11. Steve Mann: First Known Cyborg
  12. Justin Kan (justin.tv) real-time, socially augmented experiences
  13. Gordon Bell of Microsoft (memory prosthetic)
  14. How did I go about it?
  15. ! The Digital Divide in terms of video media literacy (Stavchansky, 2006)
  16. Small cheap storage Lightweight sensors Ubiquitous wireless networks Better information retrieval Steve Whittaker - http://dis.shef.ac.uk/stevewhittaker
  17. Personal (Visual) Experience Storage Requirement 1 hour of video on a DVD = 2.5 Gbytes Average # hours lived = 600,000 hours Total number of bytes is approximately 1500 Terabytes (~1.5 x 1015 bytes) Michael Lesk (1999) http://www.lesk.com/mlesk/ksg97/ksg.html
  18. How do I search past experiences?
  19. Generating video thumbnails
  20. Tagging video keyframes e.g. Viddler.com
  21. Geo-tagging video keyframes e.g. Seero.com
  22. Omron face detection
  23. Face Detection / Chaptering e.g. Polar Rose’s Video Faces
  24. Emergent Affordances...
  25. memory prosthetic ambient intimacy crowdsourcing self-awareness security
  26. BUT...
  27. VIDEO = high cognitive bandwidth
  28. TEXT = low cognitive bandwidth
  29. We should also consider the “low road”...
  30. What’s synchronous and widely accessible today?
  31. April 2008
  32. Twitter Friends Browser http://www.neuroproductions.be/
  33. 1st Buffalo Tweetup @ 29th Mar 2008
  34. Why do we use twitter?
  35. On Ambient Intimacy Leisa Reichelt coined the term “ambient intimacy” (Mar 2007) Describes the genre of social computing apps led by Twitter, Jaiku, and Pownce. Refers to the constant sense of closeness users feel with their circle of friends through technologies that informally Leisa Reichelt reveal us to each other. http://www.disambiguity.com/ambient-intimacy/
  36. On Ambient Intimacy “Ambient intimacy is about being able to keep in touch with people with a level of regularity and intimacy that you wouldn’t usually have access to, because time and space conspire to make it impossible.” Leisa Reichelt http://www.disambiguity.com/ambient-intimacy/
  37. On Ambient Intimacy Russian linguist Mikhail Bakhtin called “the phatic function.” Like saying “what’s up?” as you pass someone in the hall. Mizuko Ito described the same light, low-content text message circles existing among Japanese teens. Leisa Reichelt http://www.disambiguity.com/ambient-intimacy/
  38. Does twitter extend the realm of self to strangers?
  39. Twitter gravities include, celebrities, influencers, major events.
  40. Sichuan Earthquake @ 12th May 2008 http://www.citizen20.co.uk/news_earthquake.html
  41. Can twitter mobilize users?
  42. Collective Intelligence “the capacity of a human community to evolve toward higher order complexity thought, problem-solving and integration through collaboration and innovation.” - George Por
  43. On Coordination twitter = low-complexity coordination
  44. Why is twitter pervasive, or even addictive?
  45. Using Game Mechanics Five Game Mechanics 1. Collecting 2. Earning Points 3. Feedback Amy Jo Kim Creative Director 4. Exchanges ShuffleBrain 5. Customization
  46. Using Game Mechanics “I see a game mechanics working well on sites like YouTube, Yelp, Twitter, and Flickster. [...] like points, leaderboards, level-ups, social Amy Jo Kim exchanges, and customization Creative Director to a strong core experience.” ShuffleBrain
  47. Visible Scoreboard
  48. No. of clicks on your links
  49. This is just the tip of the iceberg.
  50. Plenty of ground to explore. Time for your questions.
  51. Thank you Reach me via twitter at @brainopera