Case study – Defining, developing and deploying a social network

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Brainmates case study - Livewire


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Case study: brainmates helped a leading charity to define, develop and deploy a portfolio of social networks.

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Brainmates case study - Livewire

  1. 1. Case study – Defining, developing and deploying a social network The company An initiative of The Starlight Children’s Foundation, Livewire provides free, safe and supportive online communities for Australian families affected by a serious illness, chronic health condition or disability. Incorporating tailored content and interactive tools such as chatrooms, blogs, forums and games, Livewire manages three distinct communities: Livewire Members, Livewire Siblings, and Livewire Parents. The business challenge With ambitious goals to expand the community offerings, Livewire invited brainmates to assist in two ways:  Product Development: Overseeing the design and development of the communities, including registration and membership systems, reporting, and design of functionality to enhance user experience.  Product Marketing: Providing advice, insight and ideas for Livewire’s website content strategies, and creating a Channel Marketing Strategy and Implementation Plan. Our efforts and the outcomes As Livewire’s temporary Product Team, brainmates quickly settled into their business to ensure full stakeholder engagement whilst keeping the needs and wants of their customers at the core of the work. Playing a pivotal role, brainmates led the project within Livewire and also managed relationships with key suppliers for graphics design, content provision, and web and mobile development.  The Livewire Siblings website was launched on schedule in along with major improvements to the public website which made it faster, lighter and more accessible for users with low vision or poor motor-skills  Roll-out of new features including new games, a music video player, and new chat rooms  The Livewire Parents website launched ahead of schedule and under budget with over 160 pre-registered parents in the community  A Livewire Mobile site was launched providing Livewire “on-the-go” brainmates ensured that the launches occurred smoothly and successfully with no disruption or impact to existing members despite the scale of the project. The feedback from members has been overwhelmingly positive – in particular the user-friendly site navigation and tailored content and functionality provided to each community has been well received. Testimonial “brainmates was key to offering up expertise and a wealth of experience at a very critical time in the development of Livewire. Most organisations would find it difficult if not impossible to afford to bring on the kind of capability that brainmates has „on tap‟ – especially for fast moving programs or those where the specialist capability need is significant but short in duration. Our experience with brainmates was outstanding!” Omar Khalifa, Managing Director, Livewire +61 (02) 9232 8147