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brainmates case study - Visiware


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Case study: brainmates provides marketing strategy and tactical support for local initiatives of a global entertainment services organisation.

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brainmates case study - Visiware

  1. 1. Case study – Marketing strategy and tactical support The company Visiware is a France-based interactive television (iTV) agency that innovates and delivers iTV applications and services. Their products include electronic program guides, iTV channels, enhanced TV, TV-commerce, interactive advertising, and interfaces for multimedia consumer devices. The business challenge One of Visiware’s core services is the provision of interactive casual games to pay-TV network customers. With headquarters in Paris, Visiware immediately realised the multiple challenges they would face to successfully grow the games service in Australia and New Zealand. These challenges were both cultural; understanding the idioms, lifestyle and behaviour of Australians and New Zealanders, and professional; being available to serve their clients well, considering the distance and difference in time zones. Our efforts and the outcomes Since 2005, brainmates has been managing Visiware’s clients and the marketing their iTV games services in the Australasian region. As a local consultancy that possesses both iTV intelligence and Product Marketing experience, brainmates’ services include:  Creating annual marketing plans and promotional campaigns  Implementation of multimedia marketing activities  Management of client and customer feedback  Product and service improvement recommendations  Brand and business development  Coordination of product launches and promotional events  Sales staff training  Budget management  Sponsorship and partnership development Testimonial “brainmates is one of the main contributors to Visiware’s success in Asia Pacific. They demonstrate a strong ability to represent our business and grow relationships with partners. Creative and resourceful they take appropriate initiatives and decisions as required. Not only does brainmates bring field experience and lots of ideas, but they also have a sense of enthusiasm for everything they do. You can count on them to make things move forward.” Frederic Fellague, Head of Marketing, Visiware +61 (02) 9232 8147