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brainmates case study - The Lost Dogs Home


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case study: brainmates helped the non-profit organisation The Lost Dogs' home to validate an idea for a new service

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brainmates case study - The Lost Dogs Home

  1. 1. Case study – Idea validation The company The Lost Dogs’ Home is Australia’s largest shelter. Based in Melbourne, this not-for-profit organization provides a wide range of animal welfare and community services that include animal boarding, veterinary clinic, animal training courses and pet adoption. The business challenge The National Pet Register is an online pet identification service the Lost Dogs’ Home provides to pet-owners and to businesses, such as veterinary clinics and pet stores. The Lost Dogs Home sought to explore the National Pet Register’s potential for further growth in the State of New South Wales, considering the presence of strong competition and the recent changes in State legislation about pet registration at the time. brainmates was approached by the Lost Dogs’ Home to provide an analysis of the New South Wales market and the product’s competitors. Our efforts and the outcomes brainmates worked with the Lost Dogs’ Home to create and conduct both an in-depth Customer Satisfaction Survey and a Veterinary Clinic Survey to determine the current attitudes, uses, and concerns with the existing National Pet Register service in New South Wales. The results of the analysis provided the Lost Dogs’ Home with information and evidence to help the National Pet Register differentiate their services from competitors and make customer-driven improvements to successfully grow their service in the New South Wales. Testimonial “We engaged brainmates to provide market research on pet microchipping sevices in NSW. They were very thorough and very professional in their method of operation. The report they provided has given us an extremely valuable insight into the situation in NSW. It has formed the foundation of the approach that we will apply for the future in NSW and other states.” Dr Graeme Smith, Managing Director, The Lost Dogs’ Home +61 (02) 9232 8147