brainmates case study - Secure Sentinel


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brainmates played a pivotal role in reviewing Secure Sentinel's product and market strategy

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brainmates case study - Secure Sentinel

  1. 1. Case study – Product strategy and development for Secure Sentinel The company Secure Sentinel is the leading provider of loss & theft assistance and identity theft detection services in Australia and New Zealand. The business challenge Secure Sentinel was recently acquired by the Veda Advantage Group. brainmates was engaged to help identify new opportunities for growth via expansion into new markets and through extensions to the product offering. brainmates worked closely with Secure Sentinel senior management and led the journey from market review through to definition and development of new services. Our efforts and the outcomes  Product Strategy: Through innovation workshops, interviews with staff and research, brainmates carried out a detailed review of the product and associated value proposition in light of competitor services. New target markets were identified and defined and a number of buyer and user personas were developed to assist in development and marketing phases. brainmates set out a strategic roadmap for product development to enable Secure Sentinel to „claim‟ more of its current markets and expand into lucrative new markets.  Website Development: brainmates defined the requirements for a completely relaunched Secure Sentinel website to provide enhanced functionality for users such as new product information pages and content, online registration and online account management. brainmates produced information architecture and wireframes and ran workshops internally to test user flows. The deliverables consisted of detailed product requirements that internal and external development teams used to develop the site.  Marketing Strategy and tactical support: brainmates developed and refined the product value propositions and marketing strategies including go-to-market tactical initiatives and resources for Secure Sentinel‟s marketing and sales teams. This included new logo design, product brochures, email and direct marketing communications and product comparison tools. +61 (0)2 9232 8147
  2. 2. The results The Secure Sentinel website was relaunched in July 2010 on time and within budget and introduced new features and functionality that were welcomed by customers. New enhancements to the product are being rolled out and brainmates is continuing to assist Secure Sentinel as it continues to refine its products and markets strategy. Website before Website after Testimonials “brainmates played a pivotal role in our efforts to refine and refocus our Secure Sentinel services. Their team brought insight and a structured approach to provide guidance and input for our strategic review. At a tactical level, they helped us with development and implementation efforts too. We would gladly recommend their services.” Fahrena Mitchelson, National Manager, Secure Sentinel “Veda Advantage appreciates the effort and commitment that brainmates have shown to our team and product. It is refreshing to see such passion and drive.” Ann Boulton, General Manager, Veda Advantage Group +61 (0)2 9232 8147