Case study – Process change and optimisation

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The RAC Group is a conglomeration of five companies: Royal Autom...
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brainmates case study - RAC W.A.


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brainmates case study - RAC W.A.

  1. 1. Case study – Process change and optimisation The company The RAC Group is a conglomeration of five companies: Royal Automobile Club of WA Inc., RAC Insurance, RAC Travel Services, RAC Finance and RAC Security Services. As one body, known as RAC WA, the enterprise comprises of over 1000 staff members and nine departments that manage five major product categories including Motor, Finance, Home, Travel, and Membership. The business challenge Product Management training was sought by RAC WA Product Managers who saw a gap in their skills and corporate business practices. There was no uniform process for managing RAC WA products, and staff had varying opinions of what was required to manage them. RAC reached out to brainmates to help structure and streamline their Product Management processes enterprise-wide. Our efforts and the outcomes brainmates conducted a four-day, in-house, Product Management training program for 16 RAC WA Product Management staff, and an executive training session for three Senior Managers. During the training, issues with RAC WA’s existing Product Management process were discussed and resolved. brainmates Product Management training provided RAC WA with an uniform and consistent process, and a common language for Product Management, enabling product and marketing professionals from all categories to effectively communicate and work together to develop new products and maximise service offerings. Testimonials “As a person who has a logical mind it provided me with a clear pathway to develop a new product and manage an existing one in a way that is fail safe and thoroughly covers all areas. The templates were all fantastic with easy to follow guidance. The toolbox is a living, working document that is of so much value and a must for every Product Manager.” Steven Buttery, Product Manager, Roadside Assistance, RAC WA “The enthusiasm, solidarity and camaraderie that was generated for those that attended the Product Management training was palpable. It actually spilled over into the workplace and there were a number of people who did not attend that wished they had. I think the main reason people were so upbeat was finally they had something they could use to guide them in their job and they immediately started using the vernacular that was learned in the training. It was very exciting and people started preparing MRDs and PRDs and Use Cases. Neil Gulvin, Product Manager Motor Insurance, Motoring Category, RAC WA +61 (02) 9232 8147