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A Need For Rest - Łukasz Piestrzeniewicz


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RuPy 2008 presentation about the basics of REST architecture

Published in: Business, Technology
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A Need For Rest - Łukasz Piestrzeniewicz

  1. 1. A Need for REST Łukasz ‘Bragi’ Piestrzeniewicz
  2. 2. Briefly About Me not so interesting details
  3. 3. REST Belongs to RuPy
  4. 4. A Need for REST • thinking about resources • resources vs RPC • REST in Rails • plain old Ruby and REST
  5. 5. REST Is Architecture • Architecture not standard • Rather old one • Simple • NOT easy • Applicable anywhere but let’s stick to HTTP
  6. 6. Road To Resources Access URL • Send a file • Run a script • Use controller and action
  7. 7. REST Is About Resources • Resources are named things • Nouns • User, Transaction, Page, Invoice • Collections also: Users, Transactions