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SAP Product BriefSAP EducationSAP Workforce Performance Builder:Building the Skills that Build ValueBusiness Challenges•En...
USER COMPETENCE: THE KEY TOVALUEIt takes more than software to buildvalue.Your SAP solution offers you powerfultools to tr...
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SAP WPB Product Brief


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Published in: Education, Technology
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SAP WPB Product Brief

  1. 1. SAP Product BriefSAP EducationSAP Workforce Performance Builder:Building the Skills that Build ValueBusiness Challenges•Ensure a rapid ROI from your SAP solu-tion and sustain and grow it in the longterm.• Reduce the costs of content develop-ment, process documentation, andtraining.• Provide end users with context sensitivehelp, accurate documentation, ande-learning.• Support Change Management effortswith rapid information development anddeploymentKey Features• Powerful content creation features fordeveloping,editing, and distributing helpdocuments, rapid e-learning, andsimulations• Navigation option offers field level con-text sensitive help and process guidance• Manager option provides user & groupmanagement, content lifecycle manage-ment, task and workflow management,learning management and reportingSummaryNo matter how well your SAP solutionhas been configured and installed, theultimate responsibility for delivering val-ue lies with the people who use it. WithSAPWorkforce Performance Builder,SAP customers can quickly and effec-tively provide their user communitieswith the skills that will build insight andvalue.Quick FactsBusiness Benefits• A competent, confident workforce able tohelp build and sustain ROI• Fewer user errors and lower help deskcosts• Accurate, up-to-date processdocumentation• A lower total cost of SAP ownership(TCO) with significant savings in changemanagement, training, support, docu-mentation, and user acceptance testing.For More InformationCall your SAP representative, or visit usonline at
  2. 2. USER COMPETENCE: THE KEY TOVALUEIt takes more than software to buildvalue.Your SAP solution offers you powerfultools to transform your business; but toharness that power and realize its bene-fits, your SAP workforce needs to use itaccurately and intelligently. And if youhave a new implementation or upgrade,the workforce needs to learn it as rapidlyas possible.For more than a decade, SAP Educa-tion has provided our customers withsoftware expressly designed to help buildand grow user competence. We are nowhappy to introduce the next advance inthe workforce performance support field:SAP Workforce Performance Builder.INTRODUCING SAP WORKFORCEPERFORMANCE BUILDER (SAP WPB )SAP Workforce Performance Builder isa new product with a simple goal: to helpour customers generate value from theirSAP solution. Its heritage is the highly re-spected datango performance suite. Itallows your organization to generate,edit, and deploy context-sensitive userhelp, simulations, rapid e-learning, testscripts, and process documentation withunprecedented ease and power. Its ad-vanced features help keep support andtraining costs down and regulatory com-pliance high. Its modest system require-ments and fast deployment options helpkeep IT costs low and reduce ramp-uptime significantly. It is without questionthe most powerful software in its class –and is still the easiest to implement anduse.BUILDING USER PERFORMANCESUPPORTSAP Workforce Performance Builder isis a truly scalable product : its core func-tionality and optional extensions work to-gether to integrate and manage the workof subject matter experts, content devel-opers, project leaders, and change andlearning managers. It is an ideal solutionfor organizations of all sizes, available inboth Enterprise and Desktop configura-tions, as meets your organization’sneeds.SAP WORKFORCE PERFORMANCEBUILDER: ENTERPRISE EDITIONThere are two major components ofSAPWorkforce Performance Builder, En-terprise Edition: SAP WPB Producer andSAP WPB Manager, orderable separately.Tightly integrated, scalable, and expand-able, they help manage the entire con-tent lifecycle.THE DESKTOP COMPONENT: PRO-DUCERSAP WPB Producer gives your organi-zation the power to create, edit andpresent your content and simulations ex-actly as you wish.Creating content with Producer is aseasy as running through a transaction.Producer automatically transcribes eachstep in a highly accurate recording, addsscreen shots and explanatory text, andcreates a professionally formattedsource document that you can edit tomeet your precise needs.The degree of control you can exerciseover your content rivals and exceeds thatof stand-alone tools. Its state-of-the-artfeatures include items such as text-to-speech, audio recording and editing,PowerPoint import, and extensive mediaembedding, yet its WYSIWYG interfacemakes that control easy to implementand modify. It offers a wide variety ofstandard outputs, including a highly con-figurable audit and compliance docu-ment, and also gives you the ability toeasily create customized formats.SAP WPB Producer lets your organiza-tion create remarkably complete and ac-curate recordings. Its object recognitioncapacity – the degree to which it can rec-ognize screen items and include them ina recording – is optomized for SAP andexcellent for other applications. It caneven be enhanced for recording specificapplications through an optional serviceengagement. The result is excellentcompatibilty with SAP applications, lesstime spent editing and reformatting,more accurate simulations and docu-mentation, and more reliable perfor-mance support.In addition, the Producer’s ability tocarry out true re-recording makes it es-pecially attractive to large multi-nationalor multicultural organizations. True re-recording automatically re-creates a re-cording made in one language in anotherwithout author intervention, completewith screens in the 2nd language. Truere-recording is also extremely useful fordocumenting even small changes in userinterfaces: all that’s needed is to re-re-cord and republish your documents.Competing products that offer only“guided re-recording” require consider-ably more time and effort, and are notmuch different than starting over fromscratch. SAP WPB’s ability to re-recordautomatically in 37 languages makes itclearly the leader in the field.SAP WPB Producer also includes“context configurator” capacity, whicheasily transforms the content into con-text-sensitive user help. Once an SAPcontext has been set and deployed forthe content, end users can access it fromtheir SAP help menus, giving them theprecise support they need, exactly whenthey need it.You’ll only need as many copies of Pro-ducer as your project demands. We rec-ommend two copies to create contentfor every 500 end users.THE ENTERPRISE COMPONENT:SAP WPB MANAGERSAP WPB Manager component is aserver based, easy to use content lifecy-cle collaboration and management sys-tem .SAP WPB Manager offers a sophisti-cated workflow and project manage-ment system for everyone involved incontent creation, editing, and approval.With just a few clicks , you can manageand monitor every facet of your develop-ment project:•• create and manage users, roles, per-missions and organizational units,•• establish best practice developmentworkflows and priorities,•• set milestones and project status,•• broadcast messages to your team– all in a logical, well-ordered, and easyto learn web interface.Manager also offers sophisticated ver-sion management, keeping an accuraterecord of who touched which contentwhen and what changes were made andallowing you to roll back to a previouslyused version at any time.SAP WPB Manager actually goes be-yond workflow and project managementto serve as a host for e-Learning coursescreated in Producer. End users can loginto the Manager website, see the class-es available to them, and take their class-es from the same URL. Afterwards,learning managers can log in, choose theLearning Reporter option, and generatedetailed reports on the learners’ success,right down to user performance in indi-vidual steps of a lesson or simulation.When used along with SAP User Experi-ence Management by Knoa (sold sepa-rately), companies will have a completelook at user skills -- both during trainingand in actual performance. As a result,training departments have hard data tohelp them fine tune their lessons andbuild user competence.SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS (SMES):RECORDING WITH INSTANT PRODUC-ERFinding time for your SMEs to sit downwith your content creators and docu-ment user transactions isn’t always easy.But unless they do, your project can beseriously delayed.With SAP Workforce PerformanceBuilder’s Instant Producer, included withevery user license, your SMEs can con-tribute their expertise to content cre-ation whenever it’s convenient. InstantProducer gives SMEs and other end us-ers the ability to create highly accuratedocumentation and simulations withouthaving to learn to use Producer. It’sprompt driven and completely intuitive,and it creates professionally formattedoutput that you can use immediately orpass to your professional developers forfurther editing. SME’s can even includenotes to the developers and learnerswhen they make their recordings.SAP WORKFORCE PERFORMANCEBUILDER: DESKTOP EDITIONFor those customers with more local-ized content creation teams, SAP Educa-tion offers the SAPWorkforce Perfor-mance Builder Standard Edition.The Standard Edition includes one ormore copies of Producer as fits yourneeds, plus an Instant Producer licensefor each named user.Output from Navigator can even be targeted to specificusers to give them vital information “in context” or toquickly and easily convey important information, sur-veys, or application-specific messages to your usercommunity.SAPWorkforce Performance Builder gives you the capability tocreate and deploy user documentation, context-sensitive help,test scripts, and rapid eLearning with unprecedented power andease. The result is a lower cost of SAP ownership, and a work-force empowered to get the most from your SAP solution.
  3. 3. SAP UPB ©2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved.SAP, R/3, SAPNetWeaver, Duet, PartnerEdge, ByDesign,SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, StreamWork, and other SAP productsand services mentioned herein as well as their respective logos aretrademarks or registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and othercountries.Business Objects and the Business Objects logo, BusinessObjects,Crystal Reports, Crystal Decisions, Web Intelligence, Xcelsius, and otherBusiness Objects products and services mentioned herein as well as theirrespective logos are trademarks or registered trade­marks of BusinessObjects Software Ltd. Business Objects is an SAP company.Sybase and Adaptive Server, iAnywhere, Sybase 365, SQL Anywhere, andother Sybase products and services mentioned herein as well as theirrespective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sybase, Inc.Sybase is an SAP company.All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks oftheir respective companies. Data contained in this document servesinformational purposes only. National product specifications may vary.These materials are subject to change without notice. These materialsare provided by SAP AG and its affiliated companies (“SAP Group”)for informational purposes only, without representation or warranty ofany kind, and SAP Group shall not be liable for errors or omissions withrespect to the materials. The only warranties for SAP Group products andservices are those that are set forth in the express warranty statementsaccompanying such products and services, if any. Nothing herein shouldbe construed as constituting an additional ULTIMATE GOAL: USER PER-FORMANCE: SAP WPB NAVIGATORLarger or highly regulated organiza-tions will want to obtain the SAP WPBNavigation option, which provides ad-ditional context-sensitive detail at theend user level. Whether customerconfigured or set up through a con-sulting engagement, SAP WPB Navi-gation safely guides your users step-by-step through new, complex,changed, or rarely used processesand allows even new users to quicklylearn how to properly carry out thenecessary processes. Navigator push-es the information directly to the user;there is no need to invoke help menus.Navigator helps your users go be-yond transactional proficiency by rec-ommending valid values for criticalfields and providing examples of pos-sible entries for fields, forms,and ta-bles. It can message the user regard-ing mandatory fields, guidelines andimportant data relationships, so yourusers can receive critical complianceinformation in context.THE CLEAR CHOICESAP Workforce Perfor-mance Builder is the clearchoice for any organizationwishing to build, sustain, andgrow value from its SAPsolution.SAP Workforce Perfor-mance Builder can help makeyour business a Best-Runbusiness.