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ICSM - Integrated Customer Service Management


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ICSM - Integrated Customer Service Management

  2. 2. iCSM Philosophy
  3. 3. What is iCSM? Integrated Customer Service Management product. Provides a highly effective approach for enhancing the customer experience by streamlining and integrating all customer service processes. Completely tailored to your organisations’ processes. Available as an on-demand, SaaS-based offering that can literally beAvailable as an on-demand, SaaS-based offering that can literally be set-up in a couple of hours along. Designed so that minimal effort is needed in order to learn how to use the system. If you are looking for a versatile, flexible, process-driven and configurable solution to manage your customer service processes, iCSM is for you.
  4. 4. iCSM is UNIQUE! The philosophy behind its design. It’s architecture. It‘s configurability. Powered by TIBCO.Powered by TIBCO. “Transform your Customers Experience” rather than just “Manage your Customer Service”
  5. 5. iCSM is Simple!
  6. 6. iCSM is Powerful! Follow Your Customers Approach Reach your customers and allow your customers to reach you wherever they are through our multichannel communication model. Accelerated Business Value Fits into any business process you already have will help your customers receive more structured, professional and value based service. Integrate All Customer Services Related Processes Has a powerful architecture that will enable you to integrate various proprietary or third party applications already in use for other functions. Business Process Management Workflow based process driven approach enabling management to streamline the application to fit their business methodology.
  7. 7. iCSM is Powerful! Business Intelligence Well-designed and customizable executive dashboard to identify support issues and patterns, evaluating customer needs, measure and monitor service levels and track service processes. Customer Portal Web-based portal empowers your customers to create/track inquiries, schedule services, search for information and update their profiles.schedule services, search for information and update their profiles. Configurability Configure each step of your customer service process according to your business methodology. Define and change business rules as required. iCSM, will never come in your way of defining, managing and delivering the customer experience it will complement, support and enhance your ability to do so.
  8. 8. iCSM is Powerful! Sample Executive Dashboard
  9. 9. iCSM – World Class Technology! 47 of the World’s 100 Companies Use TIBCO Software TIBCO Business Studio Best Commercial Rich Client Platform Application Award TIBCO iProcess Over 1,000 customers and over 3,000,000 users worldwide TIBCO Active MatrixTIBCO Active Matrix Leader for SOA Governance in 2009 Gartner Magic Quadrant TIBCO GI TIBCO General Interface - "Gold Standard" Among Ajax Toolkits (InfoWorld Editors) TIBCO Spotfire “Spotfire is the most powerful analytic platform in the world” (
  10. 10. iCSM – Features Create, assign and manage customer interactions Multiple real-time communication channels Dynamic and configurable workflows Manage and monitor service levelsManage and monitor service levels Customer self-service portal Executive dashboard and operational reports Integrated document management Consolidation of multiple queries
  11. 11. iCSM – Features Track service levels, time and cost Automatically generate tickets from the customer portal Build a knowledge base from each incident logged Automatic and manual routing of tasks based on rules setsAutomatic and manual routing of tasks based on rules sets Complete tracking of customer history
  12. 12. iCSM – Features GIS Integration
  13. 13. iCSM – Advantages Enhance customer experiences Improve service delivery Enable continuous improvement through KPI monitoring and Process Enhancement tools Full integration of content / information Multi-channel service management platform
  14. 14. iCSM – Advantages Automatic scheduling of work items Dynamic workflows Searchable knowledge base with built-in review processes Online process help and important details available at a single clickOnline process help and important details available at a single click Immediate access to required information through a single user interface
  15. 15. Contact Us Please contact us for further details +27 (0)860 104 585