Travel and Tourism Brochure: Running of the Bulls


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Travel and Tourism Brochure: Running of the Bulls

  1. 1. Come experience Spain like never before! oin us for a ten-day trip to the beautiful country of Spain. Start your tour in Spain’s capital city,Madrid, for two days. Explore the culture, architec-ture, and nightlife that Madrid has to offer. Sleep offyour jet lag and then hit the town to see the spec-tacular Prado Museum, Puerta del Sol, and the Roy-al Palace. Enjoy the lively Madrid bars, the world-famous tapas, and the elegant tradition of flamencoall before the morning’s high-speed train ride toPamplona (3.5 hr trip). fter your arrival and check-in to your hotel enjoy a walking tour of the city followed by a free af-ternoon and evening to enjoy the fiesta. See theopening ceremony (Chupinaxo) before exploringthe festival’s many parades, processions, and con-certs. Stimulate your senses by running with thebulls (Encierro) or just watch the madness fromyour balcony window before heading to the evening Passports Requiredbullfights. Take pleasure in the luxurious meals and For questions or more informationevening fireworks. Contact pend the final days of your trip enjoying the Brady Lorek exquisite beaches, bars, tourist attractions and Phone: 440-465-3389the famous night life of Barcelona. Fax: 440-777-8358 E-mail: In Pamplona, Spain
  2. 2. RUNNING OF THE BULLS COSTS : Round-trip $708.00 he city Pamplona is famous worldwide for ——departure from Akron –Canton Airport, conducting the Festival of San Fermín. This 9-day —— arrival in Madrid festival of Sanfermines has been held since 1591, a rich and prosperous tradition. Tens of thousands of foreign visitors descend on Pamplona, Spain each Packages PACKAGES OFFER year for revelry, morning bull-runs and afternoon bull fights. The narrow streets are lined in a sea of red Deluxe starting from $3295/person 5 days at Pamplona’s festival and 3 days in La Rioja, Spain’s wine province and white decorated bodies waiting in anticipation (4/5 star hotels) 2-3 chances to run with Pamplona’s bulls for the gates to be unlocked and the bulls to charge. 2 days in Madrid The overlooking balconies are filled with curious Premiere starting from $2989/person 3 days in Barcelona spectators eager to cheer for the brave and daring (3/4 star hotels) Includes all hotels (in Madrid, Pamplona, Barcelona), hotel breakfasts, transportation during the tour (bus, souls below. The run stretches from the corral of trains) Budget starting from $2289/person San Domingo where the bulls are kept, to the bull- Train ticket from Madrid to Pamplona ring where they will fight in the afternoon (2/3 star hotels) (approximately a half mile). This tradition provides a Hotel options: Hotel Tres Reyes, AC Ciudad Hotel,Package excludes: airfare, dining, tickets to bull fighting,and any other personal leisurely expenses trip of everlasting excitement and adventure. Castillo de Javier, Hotel Albret, or option of Hostel