Thriving Presentations


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How to make your presentations thrive from the audience's point of view.

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Thriving Presentations

  1. 1. Outcomes to Your Presentation
  2. 2. What does an audience think?
  3. 3. Just distinctions
  4. 4. thrive! Fired Up?! Ready to go!
  5. 5. thrive! Fired Up?! Ready to go! “That’s how I want people to ” leave my presentation feeling.
  6. 6. survive You lost me after, “Good Morning.”
  7. 7. survive You lost me after, “Good Morning.” “I seem to experience a lot of ” presentations that feel like this!
  8. 8. nose dive “I’ll get my coat.”
  9. 9. nose dive “I’ll get my coat.” “ I’ve enjoyed watching some of these but all for the wrong reasons! ”
  10. 10. you choose... ...your outcome
  11. 11. Ever baked a cake? You need the right ingredients to bake a great cake
  12. 12. “ To deliver a great presentation that thrives – you need the right ” ingredients too!
  13. 13. your style
  14. 14. your style “It’s all about being ” the best possible you!
  15. 15. your content
  16. 16. your content “Your audience wants ” value and substance!
  17. 17. your medium
  18. 18. your medium “ Make it easy for people to enjoy your presentation! ”
  19. 19. Let’s look at the differences... Nose Dive
  20. 20. Some ingredients to help you thrive... Style Content Medium Natural with right energy Relevant Clean slides Charismatic Chunked correctly Good acoustics Thrive Happy and Personable Sign posted Appropriate lighting Resonate vocal qualities Clear outcomes Clear line of view of speaker Impactful and Confident Understandable Right temperature Passionate Engaging Comfortable seating Rapport with audience Natural conclusion High quality AV Survive Nose Dive
  21. 21. Some ingredients to help you survive... Thrive Style Content Medium Flat energy No clear objectives Slides are “6 points with 6 Monotone Lots of content and data words” Survive Lack of audience connection Too little data Occasional speaker sound Talks to the screen Content is like a monologue feedback Shuffles Lacks direction Projection not fitting the screen No eye contact Not relevant to group size Moves around aimlessly Doesn’t meet groups needs The AV is the presentation not the speaker Nose Dive
  22. 22. Some ingredients to help you nose dive... Thrive Survive Style Content Medium Noticably nervous Endless drivel Uncomfortable temperature Nose Dive Arrogant Out of date Death by PowerPoint Rude and confrontationable Wrong Sound system ineffective Distracting habits Boring Equipment not working Not prepared Transparent Room too dark Patronising No value Over complicated Trying to be someone else Irrelevant Room too crowded
  23. 23. What are some of your ingredients... Thrive Survive Nose Dive Style Content Medium
  24. 24. Question: What to do about your own presentation?
  25. 25. NO! Ignore them. Yes, really!
  26. 26. choose to focus on thrive
  27. 27. secrets to thriving # 1 : Get some great feedback # 2 : Be ‘you’ plus 20% - amplify yourself – give more and you’ll enjoy it more! # 3 : Choose one or two things to focus on doing better # 4 : Take some risks! # 5 : Be the best possible you # 6 : Model the people you admire # 7 : Dare to thrive
  28. 28. Be Thriving that’s what your audience really, really, really wants you to be!
  29. 29. Brad Waldron blog 44(0)7925 905007 See more possibilities, make better choices, live a better life!