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The Changing American Electorate


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The Changing American Electorate

  1. 1. The Changing American Electorate Brad Settle, Kristen Ladd, and Lindsey Sullivan
  2. 2. Voters In America• More than 228 million people qualified to vote in 2008. • Yet only 131 million voted• In other words, 60% of those eligible voted• Nearly 100 million people did not vote
  3. 3. Identified Registered Voters• There are roughly 55 million registered Republicans• There are roughly 72 million registered Democrats• There are roughly 42 million registered Independents
  4. 4. DemographicsGENDER AND SEX50.95% of US inhabitants are Men49.05% of US inhabitants are WomenRACE AND ETHNICITY16.4% (50,477,594) of Latino or Hispanic descent.12.6% (38,929,319) of Black of African American descent.72.4% (223,553,265) of White or European descent.4.8% (14,674,252) of Asian descent.
  5. 5. Hispanic/Latino Profile
  6. 6. 1980 Election• Gender:Ronald Reagan (R) 46% women, 54% menJimmy Carter (D) 45% women, 37% menJohn Anderson (I) 7% women, 7% men• Race:Ronald Reagan (R) 56% whites, 14% blacks, 37% HispanicsJimmy Carter (D) 36% whites, 83% blacks, 56% HispanicsAnderson (I) 8% whites, 3% blacks, 7% Hispanics
  7. 7. How did the changing make-up of the electorate affect the 2012 presidential election?How did the changing make-up of the electorate affect the 2012 presidential election?America is becoming more diverse every year. Hispanics, blacks, Asians, and Europeansare moving to the United States and obtaining citizenship every day. America is a “meltingpot” even more than it ever has been. Because of this, the Unites States Electoral College ismade up of multiple ethnicities. The political parties in America now must reach out to allethnicities. Most of the population is not white people like it used to be. In order to win anelection, the political parties must appeal to all races and religions in America in order to win anelection.
  8. 8. How did the changing make-up of the electorate affect the 2012 presidential election? (cont.)In the 2012 election, the Democratic Party truly focused on speaking to all of the raceswithin America. They related to every race individually, and made sure that equality was at theforefront of their campaign. The republicans attempted to reach out to these different ethnicities;however, they did not make it the center of their campaign. This was a mistake. Politicalanalysts are now saying that it was the “minority groups” that won the election for Obama. Theterm “minority groups” is used lightly now because those ethnicities are becoming larger thanthe white race. Because of the changing electorate make-up of the U.S., Obama won the election.
  9. 9. How will the change in electorate affect the two primary political parties?The republicans now realize that they cannot win the election without gaining thesupport of all the diverse ethnicities. The Democratic Party has been doing an outstanding jobspeaking to all races, so in the future they will not alter their campaign in this aspect. However,republicans must learn how to relate to all races and religions in order to keep their party alive.The republicans must become more open to new ideas in order to attract more people. TheUnited States is becoming more accepting every year, and the Republican Party must adapt tothis changing America.
  10. 10. How will the change in electorate affect the two primary political parties? The Republican Party will shift to take a more openviewpoint on social aspects. The traditional way of theRepublican Party is to have a strict opinion on social issues;however, this will have to loosen in order to win futureelections. If the Republican Party does not change, then theDemocratic Party will carry elections for a long time.
  11. 11. Did You Know?• 10% of Democrats in the 2008 election voted for the Republican nominee. The same happened for 10% of the Republicans• The most common religious affirmation among presidents has been Episcopalian• Eight presidents were born British subjects.• Lincoln was the tallest president, Madison was the shortest• James Buchanon was the only president never to marry
  12. 12. Questions: As of 2012, are there more registered republicans or democrats in the US?a) Republicans b) Democrats In terms of race and ethnicity, which is the most prevalent in the U.S., other that White?a) Hispanic b) Black c) Asian In terms of race and ethnicity, which of the two is the least prevalent in the U.S.?a) Hispanic b) Asian c) Asian Which political party is having difficulty targeting the youth of the U.S.?a) Republicans b) Democrats c) Independents Independents make up what percentage of the electorate?a) 24.85% b) 37.93 c) 49.12%
  13. 13. BIBLIOGRAPHY Government Text Book