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Online Sales Program How To Make More Money From Your Books


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Online Sales Program How To Make More Money From Your Books

  1. 1. PresENTATIONHowtomake more moneyfromyourbooks<br />The Perfect Book StoreLtd<br />The new way tobuy and sell booksonline…<br />
  2. 2. Introduction<br />Brad Smith – ManagingDirector<br />Michelle Ashmore – Customer Service Director<br />
  3. 3. Agenda<br />Brief company overview<br /><ul><li>Online salesprogram
  4. 4. Howmuchmoneywillyoumake
  5. 5. MonthlyReporting
  6. 6. Forms & guidelines
  7. 7. Nextdaycollection service
  8. 8. Why The Perfect Book StoreLtd?
  9. 9. NextSteps
  10. 10. FAQ’s</li></li></ul><li>Brief Company Overview<br />
  11. 11. Brief Company Overview<br />About Us:<br />Simply, The Perfect Book Store buys and sells books. From the rare and desirable, to the best sellers list, via our technology our books are available for sale on every major book store online. <br />*Achieving month-on-month growth since launch (Oct. 08)<br />*Operating from the UK, America, Canada, Germany and France<br />*Operate from over 28,000 sq ft (main processing centre in Surrey)<br />*Environmentally friendly - no books go to land fill<br />Our Mission:<br /><ul><li>Our mission is to be the most respected Bookseller on the internet providing customers with the widest choice of quality books, on all formats available and at the best possible prices.
  12. 12. Our aim is to spark interest and excite our customers with our comprehensive range of new and used books.</li></ul>Our Aim:<br />
  13. 13. Brief Company Overview<br />Custom built, world leading operational model<br />Each book re-priced hourly (we move and benchmark the market)<br />Leading Systems:<br />Quality Assured:<br />Environmental: <br />Catalogue Range and Scope:<br /><ul><li>We are working to achieve ISO9001 accreditation
  14. 14. Business focussed on continues improvement
  15. 15. Registered members of Book Sellers Association
  16. 16. None of our books go landfill
  17. 17. We stop tons of reusable materials from going to landfill per year
  18. 18. Used book holding of up to 560,000 (will increase to 1.4m)
  19. 19. New book catalogue of over 2.8 million titles (will increase to 4.8m+) </li></li></ul><li>Brief Company Overview<br />Financially Sound:<br />Our Values:<br />Month-on-month growth since launch<br />Over £235K invested in infrastructure<br />£1.4m turnover <br /> We don’t do 1 thing 100% better than anyone else but we do 100 things 1 % better – that's our key to sustainable, profitable, growth<br /><ul><li>Business Focussed: We provide value for money books
  20. 20. Team Players: We enjoy working together with our suppliers and customers
  21. 21. Dynamic: We are driven to finding the titles/authors our customers want
  22. 22. Open and Honest: We build customer confidence by being honest and fair
  23. 23. Determined to succeed: We achieve success through providing value for money</li></ul>Great Customers - Great People – Great Company<br />
  24. 24. The Perfect Book Store’s Online SalesProgram<br />
  25. 25. Online SalesProgram – Overview<br />The Perfect Book Store looks to help everyone such as libraries, schools, charities and retailers establish online sales programs for used and new books. We rely on custom software and many years of online sales expertise to maximise revenues for our customers by selling as many books as possible at competitive prices in a wide range of online marketplaces. Whether you're dealing with old books your don't want due to inventory overstock, returned open-box inventory, weeded collection materials, or donations from the community, we can help you find a home for your books. <br /> All you do is supply the books and were do the rest! <br />
  26. 26. Online SalesProgram – ForCharities<br /> Program features & benefits:<br />EARN MORE. Get more of a return on your books. As you are not selling your books on the internet we can guarantee that you will receive more funds <br />Increase you sales with exposure to the worldwide online marketplace. <br />We are an environmentally friendly company and work within strict guidelines. None of our books go to landfill.<br />Establish a proven online sales program with none of the upfront costs.<br />Measure your results on a shop-by-shop basis with monthly activity reports and proceeds payments statements.<br />You can enjoy the best split of proceeds in the industry (50% - 50%).<br />There is no other company able to give your books the best possible chance of selling on the internet or offer this program.<br />
  27. 27. OnlineSalesProgram - How does it works<br />How much money will you make on each book?<br />The Perfect Book Store will pay you up to 50% of the net proceeds*. The net proceeds is the sale cost after the commissions and fees ranging from 15 - 25% charged by the online marketplaces. <br />For example, if a book sells for £20 on one of our channels that charges 15% then the net proceeds would be £17.00. You will receive 50% of this, or £8.50. <br />Formula:<br />Book Sale Cost - Marketplace Fee = Net Proceeds This formula is applied to each item that sells, and the net proceeds may vary depending on the fees charged by the on-line marketplaces. The Perfect Book Store cost-and-revenue-sharing model ensures that we operate as true partners in your sales efforts. If you don't make money, we don't make money. <br /> *Volume Tariff<br />
  28. 28. Online SalesProgram – Packaging up yourshipments<br />Packaging up your shipments plays an important part in preserving your books. <br /> Simply follow this process:<br />Things to remember<br />Make up your boxes so there 100% full and stackable. <br />Boxes must weigh below 25KG and be no bigger than 1m x 1m. <br />Each box must have a barcode<br />One of the boxes in your shipment must have part 2 of the stock record card clearly attached and visible. <br />Step 1<br />Step 4<br />Step 2<br />Step 5<br /> Sources of Value<br />We can provide boxes<br />We can provide tape and tape gun<br />National collection service<br />Step 6<br />Step 3<br />Next Day<br />Collection Service:<br />020 8123 7037<br />
  29. 29. Online SalesProgram – Completing Stock Record Cards<br /> The Stock Record Cards plays an important part of recording and tracking your outbound shipments.<br />Simply follow this process:<br />1.<br />2.<br />3.<br />5.<br />4.<br />6.<br />7.<br />8.<br />9.<br />10.<br />11.<br />12.<br />13.<br />14.<br />To download a copy of the stock record card please visit:<br />
  30. 30. Howmuchmoneywillyoumake?<br />
  31. 31. Online SalesProgram - How much money will you make?<br />
  32. 32. Online SalesProgram – Maximise your success <br /> Critical success factors: <br />Success of using our online sales program is near enough guaranteed if you don’t already sell your books via the internet. However, to maximise your financial results there a number of areas where if managed properly will greatly enhance your financial results.<br />Key Objectives:<br /> Smooth transition <br />Business continuity through a phased approach<br />One Team philosophy<br />Approach<br /> Book validation and inventory management<br /> Strategic focus on pricing and inventory management <br /> Ownership and accountability<br /> Full reporting<br />Value for money – Getting the most from your delivery charges<br />(we recommend you carry out a feasibility study to see if our collection service will cost you less then using your own methods).<br />Sources of Value<br /> Committed resource<br /> Collection service<br /> A full open book accounting<br /> Dedicated Account Management<br />Preserve – Look after your books<br />(the condition of your books will increase you financial return greatly. Generally, a book in ‘very good’ condition will fetch more on the market then an ‘acceptable’ book. Pack your books neatly and in sturdy, sealed boxes)<br />
  33. 33. Online SalesPrgram - MonthlyReporting<br />
  34. 34. Online SalesProgram – Monthly Report<br /> Monthly Reporting<br /> The true partnership our program brings is fully demonstrated in the full open book accounting we provide in the monthly report. <br /> Monthly reports are issued on the 10th of each month and are very comprehensive. Your report will contain all the information your need to track your results. <br />Customisation <br />We can also provide high level summary reports for a portfolio of accounts.<br />Payments<br />Payments are also issued on the 10th of each month via your chosen method.<br />
  35. 35. Online SalesProgram – Monthly Report<br /> The monthly report is split into 8 sections and is issued in one .pdf document:<br />Summaryofmonthlyearnings (Section 4)<br />Balancecarriedforwardfrom last month<br />Yourearnings<br />Total collectioncharges<br />Total earnings (last 120 days)<br />CollectionCharges (linebyline) (Section 7)<br />Date ofcollection<br />Numberofboxescollected<br />Numberofpalletscollected<br />Customersrecrdnumber<br />Summaryofyourbooks (Section 1)<br />Total numberofbookslisted on account<br />Total numberofbooksactive on your account<br />Total market valueofactivebooks<br />Averagevalueofactivebooks<br />Perfrmanceanalysis (Section 5)<br />Total quantityofbooks sold<br />Ttalearningsfrom the books<br />Averageearnings per book<br />Averageearningsby total books on account<br />Your sale through rate<br />Sales (linebyline) (Section 8)<br />OrderId<br />Order Date<br />Ship Date<br />Title<br />Account No.<br />Condition<br />Price<br />Summaryofsales (Section 2)<br />Total numberofbooks sold<br />Total valueofbooks sold<br />Averagevalueofbooks sold<br />Total Sales<br />MarketplaceFees<br />Total Net Proceeds<br />TPBS Net Proceeds<br />Your Net Proceeds<br />Yourbooks (linebyline) (Section 6)<br />LocatorCode<br />Title<br />Quantity<br />Condition<br />Price<br />Account No.<br />Last recieved<br />Summaryofcollectioncharges (Section 3)<br />CollectionCharges<br />
  36. 36. Forms and Guidelines<br />
  37. 37. Online SalesProgram – Forms and Guidelines<br />We have a number of forms and guidelines readily available for download from our website, these include:<br /><ul><li>Forms:</li></ul>OSPF01 – Account opening form <br />OSPF02 – Account extension form<br />OSPF03 – Stock record card form<br />OSPF04 – Stock record card register form<br />OSPF05 – Change of payment form<br /><ul><li>Guides:</li></ul>OSPG01 – Condition guidelines<br />OSPG02 – Packaging up your shipments guidelines<br />OSPG03 – Completing stock record card guidelines<br />OSPG04 – Completing account opening form guidelines<br />OSPG05 – Completing account extension form guidelines<br />OSPG06 – Volume tariff guidelines<br />OSPG07 – Manual handling guidelines<br />OSPG08 – Completing stock record card register guidelines<br />OSPG09 – Maximise your success guidelines<br />OSPG10 – Monthly report guidelines<br />OSPG11 – Getting started guidelines<br />OSPG12 – Collection service guidelines<br />OSPG13 – How much money will you make guidelines<br />To download please visit:<br />
  38. 38. Online SalesProgram – Completing Account ExtentionForms<br /> The Account extension form is designed for customers who already have an online sales program account and want to open up a new account for an event or new collection point.<br /> Simply follow this process:<br />1.<br />2.<br />3.<br />4.<br />5.<br />6.<br />7.<br />8.<br />9.<br />10.<br />11.<br />To download a copy of the account extension form please visit:<br />12.<br />
  39. 39. National NextDayCollection Service<br />
  40. 40. National Next Day Collection Service<br />The Perfect Book Store has teamed up with APC (Alternative Parcels Company) and is able to offer you a flexible and easy to manage next day national collection service.<br />Our per box collection rates are the cheapest in the country with rates starting at just £3.10 per box.<br />We can also fully tailor solutions to meet your requirements i.e. if you need a weekly or monthly collection at a schedule time. <br />Call 0208 123 7037 to arrange your collection.<br />Box prices are fixed as long as your shipments are inline with our <br />packing up your shipment guidelines (Please refer to: OSPG07) <br />*Prices do not cover Scotland, Wales or the Isle of Wight. Please call us for a quote.<br />
  41. 41. Why The Perfect Book StoreLtd?<br />
  42. 42. Why The Perfect Book Store?<br />People Excellence<br />Increasesaleswithexposureto the worldwide online<br />World leading software platform<br />Enviromentallyfriendly. No books go tolandfil<br />No upfrontcosts<br />Trustedbrand<br />Increasedreturn on investment (more forless)<br />Proventrack record<br />Innovation – New waysofworking<br />Wewillsuceedthroughourcommitmentto partnership <br />
  43. 43. NextSteps / GettingStarted…<br />
  44. 44. Online SalesProgram – NextSteps/ The Process<br />Getting started with the program is easy.<br />Simply follow this process:<br />Once your shipment has left your facility all you have to do is wait for your monthly report and proceeds payment.<br />
  45. 45. FAQ’s<br />
  46. 46. Online SalesProgram – FAQ’s<br />1. Where will you list our items for sale?<br />Your books will get turnkey access to our websites and also all the major online marketplaces<br />including, Amazon, eBay, Half, Alibris, ABE Books, Barnes & Noble, Play and their international <br />affiliates among others. <br />All of these sales channels combined represent the vast majority of new and used books sales online. By listing your items for sale on all these websites, The Perfect Book Store exposes them to millions of shoppers worldwide and greatly increases your sales potential.<br />Our program will put your books in front of hundreds of millions f customers throughout the world and return you the best possible prices.<br />2. How long are our books allowed to sell?<br />Your items will remain listed for a maximum of four months. Our in-depth analysis of sell-through data reveals that, when priced correctly, the vast majority of books that can be sold will be purchased within 2/3 months of listing.<br />How do you set the prices for our materials?<br />The Perfect Book Store uses our powerful custom built software to compare competitive pricing<br />across the sales channels. <br />By using internal pricing parameters that accounts for the different requirements of the channels, The Perfect Book Store sets prices to give you exposure to the most shoppers while ensuring maximum sell-through at the best possible price.<br />Our software monitors and re-prices our books continually to ensure that your books remain competitive in an ever-changing marketplace. <br />4. What happens if the items don't sell?<br />Even in the worldwide marketplace, there are books that simply won't find a buyer. <br />Unsold materials are recycled into reusable raw materials. Books may be recycled into raw paper pulp, animal litter, or even home insulation. <br />None of your books go to landfill.<br />5. How much money do we make on each book?<br />The Perfect Book Store will pay you between 25-50% of the net proceeds*. The net proceeds is the sale cost after the commissions and fees ranging from 15 - 25% charged by the online marketplaces.<br /> <br />For example, if a book sells for £20 on one of our channels that charges 15% then the net proceeds would be £17.00. You could receive 50% of this, or £8.50.Formula:Book Sale Cost - Marketplace Fee = Net Proceeds This formula is applied to each item that sells, and the net proceeds may vary depending on the fees charged by the on-line marketplaces. The Perfect Book Store cost-and-revenue-sharing model ensures that we operate as true partners in your sales efforts. If you don't make money, we don't make money. * Net proceeds25 to 50% of the net proceeds will be yours. The percentage applied to your account will depend on the volume of books supplied, the frequency, and the quality of the books. The percentage split will be set using our ‘volume tariff’ and in discussion with you. <br />
  47. 47. Online SalesProgram – FAQ’s<br />6. What is the payment and reporting cycle?Monthly activity reports and payments are sent on the 10th of each calendar month. <br /> <br />Payments are typically made by bank transfer, although other payment arrangements can be made i.e. PayPal or cheque. <br />7. What will our costs be?Your only costs will be those involved in processing the shipment to us. You will be responsible for packing the books in sturdy boxes and preparing them for shipment. We can fully organise and manage the collection and delivery of your books and also pay the costs so you have no out-of-pocket expense. The shipping charges will then be deducted from your future proceeds. <br />8. Is there a minimum quantity we're required to ship?No. You can tailor the program to suit your requirements. However most of our customers find that your overall net proceeds improve dramatically when you ship 100's at a time. This is because the shipping cost per book decreases when you ship enough to take advantage of volume discounts. The less you ship, the more carefully you will want to screen your materials to ensure that your only sending us saleable items.. <br />9. How much will the postage cost?Pallet-based shipping costs will vary based on the volume shipped and the originating postage code. Limited access and special needs pickups (requiring a lift lift) generally incur additional charges. <br />We can fully organise and manage the collection and delivery of your books and also pay the costs so you have no out-of-pocket expense. The shipping charges will then be deducted from your future proceeds. <br />10. Do we have to sign a contract?No. Only if you want to. We are happy to enter into an agreement for a specific period of time if you or your organisation requires it, but you won't be required to sign any long-term commitments to do business with us. We prefer to earn your loyalty and long term business with strong monthly results and great service.<br />11. What kinds of books do you accept?All books available. From new to acceptable and in all binding types are acceptable. <br /> <br />All books should be in at least acceptable condition. We operate on a high efficiency, high volume model and because we are selling items "sight-unseen" over the Internet, we grand the condition of books conservatively to preserve your reputation and ours. <br /> <br />We encourage you to send items that are in good, clean, gently acceptable condition — items that you would be happy to receive from an online vendor.<br />12. What should we avoid sending?We strive to give every book the opportunity to sell on the internet. However, since collection and delivery costs are netted against your future proceeds, you can improve your results by excluding items that cannot be sold. <br />We do accept all books, but as a general rule we would ask you to only exclude books that you would not be happy to receive if purchased.<br />13. Who else in my area is using The Perfect Book Store?The Perfect Book Store works with a wide range of customers and would be please to provide you with references so you can talk to them directly about their success with The Perfect Book Store. <br /> <br />In the mean time you can review our webiste.<br />
  48. 48. Online SalesProgram – FAQ’s<br />14. Won't this conflict with the book sales held by ourselves?Many of our most successful partners find that The Perfect Book Store program perfectly complements their in-house bookstore and community book sales. <br /> <br />If your books don't sell locally through your channels, send them to us and we will give them maximum exposure on multiple worldwide marketplaces reaching millions of customers at competitive market prices. A few partners have stopped selling books locally altogether after seeing their success with The Perfect Book Store. <br />15. How should we package shipments to The Perfect Book Store?Books should be sent in sturdy, sealed cardboard boxes. Recycled boxes in good condition work well as long as they are of uniform size and retain their structural integrity when stacked on pallets or shipped individually. In either scenario, each packed box should be completely filled.<br /> <br />Please click here for our guide on packaging up your shipments.<br />16. Do I need to sort books by genre or binding?No. Our book management system assigns every book a locator code to help us find an item when it sells, so you don't have to organize your shipments in any particular order. <br /> <br />Just pack the items however they best fit in the boxes and leave the rest to us! <br />17. How can we be sure that the reporting is accurate?We offer professional partnerships and build relationships built on trust. We operate to achieve long term business success and work within strict quality assurance guidelines and offer full open book accounting.<br /> <br />18. What do I receive upon account opening?<br />Once we receive you online sales program account opening application form we will open you an account.<br /> <br />You will receive an email confirmation with electronic .pdf templates of the stock record card and barcode labels associated with your account. We will also post out via 1st class service the following:<br /> <br />1 no. Account opening confirmation letter<br />1 no. Welcome pack <br />10 no. Stock record cards<br />120 no. Barcode labels<br />