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How To Make Money From Books


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How To Make Money From Books

  1. 1. The new way to buy & sell books online How to make money from your books
  2. 2. About us Simply, the Perfect Book Store buys We provide our customers with the most attractive and sells books. From the rare and discounted prices whilst desirable, to the best sellers list, being recognised as via our technology our books are the most respected and available for sale on every major comprehensive online book retailer. book store online. What we do The Perfect Book Store’s mission is to be the leading online bookseller providing customers with the widest choice, great value and expert advice from a dedicated customer services team who are passionate about Books. We aim to spark interest and excite our customers with our comprehensive range of quality books. Some of our channel partners
  3. 3. Two models to suit your requirements Online Sales programme Solve the problem of what to do with your books (min. 1000) 1. You send us your books 2. We will do all the work to sell your books 3. You get a share of the retail value Sell us your books 3 easy ways to sell us your books 1. Online at 2. In our stores 3. By arrangement
  4. 4. (Option 1) Online Sales programme The Perfect Book Store looks to help everyone, such as libraries, schools, charities and retailers to establish online sales programmes for used and new books. We rely on custom software and many years of online sales expertise to maximize revenues for our customers by selling as many books as possible at competitive prices in a wide range of online marketplaces. The Perfect Book Store online sales programme allows you or your organisation to take full advantage of the global nature of online sales with none of the upfront expenses of purchasing software, hiring staff and maintaining an order processing facility. Who is it for Charities Public Personal Academic & Libraries Collections Special Libraries The Perfect Our programme We offer a sales Academic and Book Store’s for library discards platform using special shoppers unique online and donations gives custom built are especially sales programme turnkey access software, allowing likely to use our helps you raise to leading online you to list items online resource more funds than marketplaces, with for sale to all and are willing to traditional methods, no investment in leading on-line pay top prices for increasing revenues software, staffing marketplaces the resources they and solving the and space. with no upfront need. problem of what to investment costs. do with unwanted donations.
  5. 5. How it works 1. We grade all books and enter them into our database and upload for sale. 2. We pick, pack and dispatch sales orders and handle all payment processing and customer services. 3. We e-mail you a detailed activity report with payment of your share of the proceeds. The Perfect Book Store’s online sales programme will put your books in front of hundreds of millions of customers throughout the world and return you the best possible prices. Schools Wholesalers Publishers & Retailers Our online sales We offer The Perfect Book programme will wholesalers & Store’s online help your school retailers a unique sales programme take full advantage choice of a physical can help liquidate of the worldwide / virtual model, overstock of new marketplace, tapping into the / used books, or turning unwanted & power of online expand your direct- discontinued class sales, putting your to-consumer sales room textbooks into inventory in front of efforts beyond much-needed cash millions of shoppers existing channels. for the school. worldwide.
  6. 6. (Option 2) Sell us your books What do we pay for used books? We will only buy books we can resell. Our offer price will be based on the expected retail value of the books. How do you get paid? We will make a direct payment via PayPal or we can provide a cheque. What we won’t buy It’s impossible to say exactly what we’ll be interested in at any one time. However, we can say what kinds of books we’re not interested in: damaged books (ripped), family bibles, outdated textbooks, old encyclopaedia sets, book club editions, magazines, original software users manuals. 3 easy ways to sell us your books 1. Online at 2. In our stores 3. By arrangement For more information email The Perfect Book Store on
  7. 7. FAQ’s 1. Where will you list our items for sale? 9. How much will the shipping cost? You will get turn key access to our websites and also Pallet–based shipping costs will vary based on the all the major online marketplaces including, Amazom, volume shipped and the originating postage code. eBay, Alibris, ABE Books, Barns & Noble and Play Limited access and special need pickups (requiring among others. a tail lift or pallet trucks) generally incur additional charges. 2. How long are our books allowed to sell? Your items will remain listed for a maximum of four When you are ready to ship, our Customer Services months. Team will be able to help you get a competitive quote for your individual needs. 3. How do you set the prices for our books? We use powerful custom build technology to compare We offer a collection service and can organise the competitive pricing across all the sales channels. collection and delivery of your books and also pay the costs so you have no out-of-pocket expense. The 4. What happens if the books don’t sell? shipping charges will then be deducted from your Any remaining unsold books will be recycled into future proceeds. reusable raw materials. None of our books go to land fill. 10. Do we have to sign a contract? No. Only if you want to. We are happy to enter into an 5. How much money do we make on each book? agreement for a specific period of time, but you won’t The Perfect Book Store pays 25-50% of the net be required to sign any long-term commitments to do proceeds. These are the sale cost after commissions business with us. and fees ranging from 15 - 25% charged by the online marketplaces. 11. What kinds of materials do you accept? Books in all genres and almost all binding types 6. What is the payment and reporting cycle? are acceptable. All items should be in at least good Monthly activity reports and payement are sent on the condition. 10th of each month. 12. Who else in my area is using The Perfect Book 7. What will our costs be? Store? Your only costs will be those involved in getting the The Perfect Book Store works with a range of shipment to us. You will be responsible for packing the customers. Your account manager can give you books in sturdy boxes (recycled used boxes are fine) references of librarians, schools and charities in and preparing them for shipment. your area. 8. Is there a minimum quantity we’re required to ship? 13. Won’t this conflict with the book sales held by No. You can tailor the programme to suit your ourselves? requirements. However, most customers find that Many of our most successful partners find that The overall net proceeds improve dramatically when you Perfect Book Store programme complements their ship 100s at a time. in-house bookstore. 14. How should we package shipments to The Perfect Book Store? Books should be sent in sturdy, sealed cardboard boxes. For a lot more FAQ’s please visit
  8. 8. Get started... Write to: Head Office The Perfect Book Store Ltd 265 King Henry’s Drive Croydon, Surrey CR0 0AE E-mail: Online: Our business development / Sales number: 020 8123 7037