Share Point Server Vs Share Point Online Final


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Differences between SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online.

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  • Tenant Admin on ‘help and how to’ TechNet: Terms Store resources:Managed metadata overview: Managing Enterprise Metadata: level OwnersCreate, edit, or delete a user viewCan manage user permissions at site levelInvite people into an extranet
  • Share Point Server Vs Share Point Online Final

    1. 1. vs.The differences between SharePoint Server 2010 and SharePoint Online
    2. 2. About Me – Brad Holt• IT Project Manager• Microsoft SharePoint Evangelist• Over 10 years of SharePoint Experience• 14 years in the IT Services Industry• Currently focused on Microsoft Office 365 for Small and Medium Business.• Follow me on Twitter and Facebook. – @SMB_Office365guy –
    3. 3. Why is this important?
    4. 4. Reason• This User group had questions regarding SharePoint online and answers had to be found.• Attended the Office 365 Partner Deployment in New York City same questions there.• Showcase where to find information about SharePoint Online and some of the features.
    5. 5. Overview• Hosted environment vs. Online (cloud)• Major differences between SharePoint Server and SharePoint online• Demo – Type of Control• SharePoint Online Features• Demo – Public Facing web Site• Search and Business Intelligence• Questions• Demo as time permits
    6. 6. Typical on premises Environment • What are some characteristics of On premise SharePoint 2010 implementations?
    7. 7. Typical SharePoint Online Environment What are some characteristics of implementation in the cloud?
    8. 8. Microsoft’s View• Microsoft’s plan - make the online version the same as the on premise version.• SharePoint Online - multi tenant installment. – The limits that it imposes is to protect the other tenants.• Even the biggest Medium Sized Companies - the limits are sufficient.• They are increasing.
    9. 9. “SharePoint On-Premises” vs.“SharePoint Online” Comparison Customize sites My Sites, Team BI, FAST to deliver Sites Intranet Search, business Sites Internet Sites solutions 11 | Office 365 Deployment Workshop
    10. 10. Who has control of what?• Farm and Central Administration is handled by Microsoft• Site Collection Administration is handled by a partner or the customer.
    11. 11. SharePoint Online Administration For more information, please go to: • The SharePoint Online Administration resource center (TechNet) • SharePoint Online Administration Guide • The Help and How to center • The SharePoint Online Planning Guide 13 | Microsoft Confidential13 | Office 365 Deployment Workshop
    12. 12. O365 Administrator’s Home Page
    13. 13. SPO Tenant Administration Create and manage site collections Easy administration of User Profiles Taxonomy management15 | Office 365 Deployment Workshop
    14. 14. Site Collection Admin Page
    15. 15. Office 365 SharePoint Service Plans Office 365 for Pro & Office 365 Enterprise Small Biz Office Web Pro &Exch. SharePoint Lync Exch. SharePoint Lync Apps Web Apps 1 Team 300 My Site for each Site Team Site Collection E plan user Collections Public Public Tenant Facing Facing Admin Site Site
    16. 16. The Simple, Lightweight, Public-Facing Site• One per customer/tenancy• Based on what people could do in Office Live for Small Business• New edit tool (ribbon based) called ‘Site Designer’ • You cannot use SharePoint Designer – on the main site• Vanity URLs supported• HTTP based• No WCM (Web Content Management) publishing workflow, no site variations 19 | Office 365 Deployment Workshop
    17. 17. Search Overview• Allows search across all site collections• No external search engine can crawl SharePoint Online content – at the moment• Crawl frequency cannot be modified – for SharePoint Search – Every 3 hours• The site collection administrator can – Decide whether the site should be indexed – Manage the term store and add/edit keywords – Add a new search scope and scope rules
    18. 18. Business Intelligence Capabilities• Access Services – Microsoft Access databases• BCS – External content sources with WCF end-point including SQL Azure and external lists as long as WCF interface exists• Microsoft Excel 2010 – End-user data creation, manipulation, and analysis• Excel Services – Share with large number of users; protect IP, offload processing• Secure Store – Credentials management• Visio Services – Build a visual representation of business structures that are bound to data
    19. 19. Developers• Developers can create SandBox Solutions• They can be uploaded into the Solution Gallery on the SharePoint Online Account. - must be an admin.• Give the Developer a way to Deploy solutions to SharePoint Online without being an administrator on the Online Account.
    20. 20. Questions
    21. 21. SharePoint Online ResourcesGet in on the action, get your own Office 365 trial account http://www.Office365.comRead the SharePoint Online service description the Office 365 service updates us/w/office_365_service_updates/default.aspxSharePoint Online Planning Guide for Office 365 for Enterprise enterprise-help/sharepoint-online-planning-guide-for- office-365-for-enterprises-HA101988931.aspx
    22. 22. Thank You
    23. 23. Feature Description Storage (pooled) 10 gigabytes (GB) base customer storage plus 500 megabytes (MB) per enterprise userFeatures subscription license (E1-E4) Storage per Kiosk Worker Zero (0). Licensed Kiosk Workers do not bring additional storage allocation. Storage per external user Zero (0). Licensed external users do not bring additional storage allocation. Additional storage Available at a cost per gigabyte (GB) per month. No minimum purchase. Please review the Office 365 price list at Site collection storage quotas Up to 100 gigabytes (GB) per site collection My Site storage allocation (does not count against tenant‘s overall 500 megabytes (MB) of personal storage per My Site (once provisioned) *Note: the storage amount on individual’s My Site storage cannot be adjusted. storage pool) Site collections (#) per tenant Up to 300 (non-My Site site collections) Total storage per tenant Up to 25 terabytes (TB) per tenant File upload limit 250 megabytes (MB) per file External Users (PALs) 10000 PALs are included per tenant. Microsoft Office support Microsoft Access 2010 PowerPoint 2007 and 2010 Microsoft Excel® 2007 and 2010 Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010 Microsoft InfoPath® 2010 Word 2007 and 2010 Outlook 2007 and 2010 SharePoint Workspace 2010 Microsoft OneNote 2010 Project Professional 2010 Browser support Internet Explorer 7 Firefox 3 and higher Internet Explorer 8 Safari 3.1.2 on Macintosh OS X 10.5 Internet Explorer 9 Chrome Mobile device support Windows Phone 7.5 codenamed "Mango" or later Windows Mobile® 6.1 or later Nokia S60 3.0 or later Apple iPhone 3.0 or later Blackberry 4.2 or later Android 1.5 or later
    24. 24. SharePoint Online CapabilitiesNotice anything . . . Show Comparison . . .
    25. 25. Differences . . .Features SharePoint server SharePoint OnlineCOMMUNITIES Same SameCOMPOSITES Developer Dashboard Yes No SharePoint Timer Jobs Yes No Business Data Yes No Integration with the Office Client Business Connectivity Yes No Services Profile PageCONTENT Records Center Yes No Audit Opening and Yes No Downloading Word Automation Yes No Services
    26. 26. INSIGHTS SharePoint 2010 Server SharePoint Online Business Intelligence Yes No Center Chart Web Parts Yes No Data Connection Yes No Library PerformancePoint™ Yes No Services Dashboards Yes No Decomposition Tree Yes No Excel Services and Yes No PowerPivot for SharePoint
    27. 27. Search SharePoint 2010 Server SharePoint Online Yes No Advanced Content Processing Tunable Relevance with Multiple Yes No Rank Profiles Business Intelligence Indexing Yes No Connector SharePoint 2010 Search Connector Yes No Framework Yes No Contextual Search Yes No Deep Refinement Yes No Federated Search Query Suggestions, "Did You Yes No Mean?” and Related Queries Yes No Relevancy Tuning Yes No Rich Web Indexing Yes No Enterprise Scale Search Yes No Windows 7 Search Yes No Similar Results Yes No Thumbnails and Previews Yes No Visual Best Bets
    28. 28. SITES Web Analytics Yes No Public Website Yes Yes (one per tenant) Office Web Apps Yes Yes – comes preconfigured integration Secure Store Service Yes Yes – Tenant Level
    29. 29. Free Trial of Microsoft Office 365 Send me an email at: I will send you the info.