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Isamune Hi Bi

  1. 1. 愛身妙口噴 Isamune® 強化免疫功能 天然香草味的愛身妙口噴含有優質的牛初乳,採用特殊 製法以保存牛初乳中最珍貴的成分 - 脯氨酸 (PRP) ,可有效調節體內機能,並提升自我防衛抵抗入侵者。 牛初乳配合檸檬酸可為您提供最大的益處。方便的噴霧 瓶裝透過口腔容易吸收,口味溫和。愛身妙口噴所採用 的的牛初乳來自不受牛海綿狀腦病(BSE)影響地區,不 含牛生長激素,不受荷爾蒙、除草劑和殺蟲劑的污染, 最適合在流行性感冒及過敏季節期間全家使用。 牛初乳的益處有: 減輕過敏症狀 增強抵抗力* 減少傷風感感冒的症狀 全家適用 Bovine colostrums help strengthen immune response and ease allergic symptoms. Natural vanilla flavored Isamune® is formulated using an exclusive process to extract the precious naturally occur- ring bovine colostrums and preserve the greatest amount of the boosting nutrient in it proline rich 營 polypeptide (PRP). This helps to regulate the health network in the body, along with strengthening 養 | the immune system. The colostrums along with citric acid offer you the greatest benefit. 愛 Convenient spray bottle quickly delivers the benefits of Isamune® through the mucus membrane in 身 mouth. Colostrums is collected from BSE free, BST-free, hormone-free milk for Isamune®. The dairy 妙 also uses no herbicides or pesticides. It is perfect for the entire family during cold, free & allergy 口 噴 seasons. Bovine colostrum benefits: Reduced allergy symptoms Stronger immune health* Fewer cold and flusymptoms Great for the whole family 您將會體驗到: You may experience: * 健康的日子更多 More well days* 過敏症狀減輕* Reduced allergy symptoms* * 傷風及感冒的症狀減少 Fewer cold and flu symptoms* Isamune (Food) 愛身妙口噴 (食品) 使用方法 Direction for use: 直接噴入口中吞食。成人及3歲以上兒童:1次噴3下,每天兩次。 Nutrition Facts / 營養標示 Serving size: 2 ml (3 sprays) or 0.66 ml (1 spray) / 3歲以下兒童:1次噴1下,每天兩次。請存放在涼爽乾燥處。 每一份量: 2毫升 (3次噴壓量)或 .66毫升 (1次噴壓量) 避免日光直接照射。開瓶後請置於冰箱冷藏。 Servings per Container 62 or 189 / 本包裝含62或189份 Amt Per 3-spray Serving Amt Per 1-spray Serving Spray directly into mouth and swallow. 每3次噴壓量 每1次噴壓量 Bovine colostrum / 牛初乳 Adults and children over age 3: Take 3 sprays, two times daily. 6 毫克 2 毫克 (from fresh grade A bovine colostrum / 採用新鮮特級牛初乳) Children under 3: Take 1 spray, two times daily. 成分︰ 乳糖,香草香料,牛乳礦物質,苯甲酸鈉(防腐劑),己二烯酸鉀(防腐劑),過濾水,檸檬酸. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of direct sunlight. refrigerate after opening. Contains milk ingredients. / 本產品含牛乳成分.