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Congressional Citation (Certificate)


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Congressional Citation (Certificate)

  1. 1. ISAGENIX INTERNATIONALRECEIVES U.S. CONGRESSIONAL RECOGNITIONIn August 2005 at the Annual Convention held in Phoenix - the State ofArizona recognized the OUTSTANDING Success of Isagenix Internationalby awarding the Company a US Congressional Citation.This is the first time the U.S. Congress has honored a NetworkMarketing company for its excellence and contribution to society !Congressman John Shadegg (via his representative) proudly presentedIsagenix with a very prestigious Congressional Award in recognition of thegrowth and contribution of Isagenix International – particularly in thefollowing areas . . . • Isagenix International is the fastest-growing company in Arizona . . . contributing significantly to the Economic Development of the State. • Isagenix International’s outstanding Cleansing and Nutritional Products and Entrepreneurial Business Opportunity have had a profound impact on the Wellness and Economy of the Nation. • Also recognized was Isagenix International’s Leadership . . . specifically John and Cher Anderson (Founders and Co-Owners of Isagenix International). The high points include the following areas of leadership: • Isagenix has demonstrated a high level of Business Leadership, Ethics and Principles that stand as a role model for Corporate Development. • Isagenix demonstrates Management Skills and Nutritional Research Leadership that sets a high standard of excellence.