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  • Aging by telomere shortening accelerates because of toxicity, obesity, stress, and poor nutrition
  • Aging by telomere shortening accelerates because of toxicity, obesity, stress, and poor nutrition
  • Toxins are in our food, water, and air. They are stored in our bodies. They cause oxidative stress that shortens telomeres and is toxic to our cells (including neurons).
  • Toxins kill growing neurons.
  • Need a solution for all of these issues. What’s the solution? Isagenix
  • Convenient system, complete nutrition, best for healthy aging
  • Modernization has brought great things to societies: improved transportation, living conditions, information access etc.We can all agree that we like modernization and the ways in which it’s improved all our lives
  • Aging by telomere shortening accelerates because of toxicity, obesity, stress, and poor nutrition
  • We all know that America has been dealing with this problem for some time and its getting worseBut the same problem is catching on all over the world, including here in China and TaiwanAs you can see from these charts, the rates of obesity and its related diseases are increasing, but also, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), as of 2008 in China:Nearly 1 in 4 people are overweight and obesity is rapidly risingNearly 1 in 3 people are physically inactive1 in 4 are current daily tobacco smokers1 in 3 have raised cholesterolOver 1 in 3 deaths are caused by cardiovascular disease
  • Growing body of evidence is showing that for any given BMI Asians have the greatest percentage of body fat and a higher cardiovascular riskNon-alcoholic fatty liver disease is becoming increasingly prevalent in Asian-Pacific regions because of the westernization of the lifestyle. It’s also a condition afflicting non-obese Asians. Some studies are starting to suggest that this is because of Asians’ predisposition to higher visceral fat stores and increased carbohydrate intake
  • Age?Family history?Lifestyle?Where do you want to be?Are you overweight or obese?Do you need to Cleanse?Is your weight ok, but you’d like to extend your quality of life?
  • Age?Family history?Lifestyle?Where do you want to be?Are you overweight or obese?Do you need to Cleanse?Is your weight ok, but you’d like to extend your quality of life?
  • 300+ employees committed to your successA decade of financial stabilityMission to transform livesCumulative sales of over $1.5 Billion—consumable products that really workOwners and executive team has Network Marketing experienceAmbassador to Network MarketingOur science is real science
  • Plus, 8 distribution centers.
  • 80% of sellers say direct selling meets or exceeds their expectations85% of sellers report a good, very good or excellent experience with direct selling74% of US adults have purchased products from a direct seller15.8 million people in the U.S. are involved in direct selling$28.56 billion in total US salesWorldwide total industry sales over $125 billionWellness and Personal Care dominate the Direct Sales industry with 43% of its revenueNearly 82% percent of direct sellers in the US are women82% of women who make more than $100,000 or more a year do it through Direct Sales50% of adults in the United States purchase at least one product from a direct seller every yearThe fastest-growing segment in our global economyDirect sales has created more 6 and 7 figure earners for women than any other industryMultiple streams of incomeFree enterprise/ Residual incomeThis is the perfect business for the times. With layoffs and the recession dominating headlines, it’s time for direct sales.
  • The well-known success of our programs has come from the thousands of people who have lost the weight and kept it off
  • Can’t find a good picture of either of these two. This is the best I found. May just need to cut?
  • Still waiting on liquid sample size from designers
  • Age?Family history?Lifestyle?Where do you want to be?Are you overweight or obese?Do you need to Cleanse?Is your weight ok, but you’d like to extend your quality of life?
  • Age?Family history?Lifestyle?Where do you want to be?Are you overweight or obese?Do you need to Cleanse?Is your weight ok, but you’d like to extend your quality of life?
  • Telomeres are repeating sequences of DNA that act as protective caps at the end of chromosomes. They shorten with each cell division as we ageThe rate of telomere shortening is directly correlated with our rate of aging. New research shows that diet and lifestyle can affect the rate of shortening
  • Tool #4: Product B – our most innovative product yet
  • Devastating premature aging disease caused by gene mutationChildren with HGPS die at an average age of 12 years, usually from heart attack or stroke
  • Most of us would probably like to know our telomere length and if our strategies for keeping them long are working
  • We know what shortens telomeres: obesity, toxins, unhealthy diet, and It can be a vicious cycle of cellular aging
  • Telomerase is an enzyme that serves to re-lengthen telomeres and preserve their length, the example on the right shows healthy telomerase activity and the one on the left shows an absence of telomeraseStudies show a healthy diet and anti-stress behaviors such as meditation can help increase telomerase activity. Recently, exciting new evidence points to use of certain botanical extracts to stimulate telomerase.
  • Product B protects the telomeres by stimulating the body’s own antioxidant defense systemsMilk Thistle, grape seed, turmeric, green tea, a-lipoic acid, and N-acetlycysteine all provide antioxidant strengthOur proprietary herbal extract blend has shown in vitro to turn on the telomerase enzyme that increases telomere lengthTogether, which as this chart shows is better than alone, these ingredients support the best environment for your cells and protect delicate telomeres from oxidative damage
  • Essential nutrients such as these are those that the body cannot make on its own and that therefore, must be supplied through diet or supplementationIf absent the is constantly stressed and operating at less than optimal levelsThis is why a multi-faceted approach to health is so important and why Isagenix has developed the tools for you to take this approach
  • Tool #3: Ageless Essentials for Men or WomenOptimized doses and sourcesBacked by the latest scientific studiesEncompasses a “whole-body” approachOxidative stressHeart, Bones, immune, etc.Improved absorptionRapid disintegration technologyOptimal release technologyGluten Free, Wheat Free, Barley Free
  • Let’s be honest. Who has time to eat a fresh-food diet that supplies all of the necessary nutrients?This is info from the US, but I’d make a bet that data here is not too far off
  • Obesity is a complex problem caused by toxins, overeating, and sedentary lifestyle. It’s associated with several chronic diseases including coronary artery disease and cancer.
  • Obesity is a complex problem caused by toxins, overeating, and sedentary lifestyle. It’s associated with several chronic diseases including coronary artery disease and cancer.
  • Obesity is a complex problem caused by toxins, overeating, and sedentary lifestyle. It’s associated with several chronic diseases including coronary artery disease and cancer.
  • 2012年3月17日 愛身健麗大學培訓內容

    1. 1. 2012-03-19
    2. 2. 革命性的抗老新紀元 &新市場展望Isagenix Healthy Aging Concept&New Vision for the Global Markets
    3. 3. •掌管愛身健儷全球八大分公司的營運業務•20年以上財務、資訊科技、企業轉型和物流供應鏈等高級行政主管經驗•曾於多家財星500大公司中擔任要職,並於全球最大食品公司ConAgra Foods擔任資深財務長Sr. VP & COO資深副總裁暨全球營運長Kevin Adams凱文‧亞當斯
    4. 4. 健康老化Healthy Aging
    5. 5. 您希望擁有怎樣的老齡生活? 您健康嗎? How Is Your Health?And How Do You Want To Age?
    6. 6. 甚麼原因造成現代人快速衰老及提早死亡 What Causes Accelerated Aging and Premature Death?
    7. 7. 甚麼原因造成現代人快速衰老及提早死亡 What Causes Accelerated Aging and Premature Death? 過度飲食&缺少運動的生活型態 毒素Toxins Overeating & Sedentary Lifestyle 壓力Stress 營養不均衡Poor Nutrition
    8. 8. 老化Pre-mature Aging 心臟病Heart Disease毒素Toxins 脂肪肝Fatty Liver 早熟 Pre-mature肥胖Obesity 癌症Cancer 端粒變短 = 精神緊張Mental Strain = Shortening of壓力Stress Telomeres 腦力萎縮 Shrinking 提早老化不均衡的營養 Brain Pre-mature AgingPoor nutrition 骨質脆弱 Weaker Bones
    9. 9. 簡言之Let’s Summarize想要老的健康,你必須做到For Healthy Aging, you must1 維持適當的體重 Maintain proper weight2 排除體內毒素Help your body remove toxins3 免於壓力侵害Limit damaging effects of stress4 每日攝取足夠的營養Have proper daily nutrition including recommended levels of vitamins andminerals5. 避免端粒變短Prevent premature shortening of telomeres
    10. 10. 老的健康,健康的老 Healthy Aging• 聽起來很難嗎?Sounds Hard! 在愛身健儷能夠幫助你實現Is Easy with Isagenix• 我的們健康支柱Our Healthy Aging System -每天喝奶昔1 Shake per day -每天飲用愛活力1 Daily Ionix -每個月2次淨化2 Cleanse Days per month -早晚使用Product B/3D愛儷青春配方/ 愛儷至尊男/女寶維他錠/至尊深海魚有膠囊 2 Times per day – Product B, Ageless Actives, Essentials and Omega
    11. 11. 你的健康支柱選擇Healthy Aging System Pak Options
    12. 12. 現代人的健康危機Issues from Modernization
    13. 13. • 率領超過25名博士負責愛身健儷所有新產 品研發事項• 個人擁有30多項專利,曾發表過十多篇專 業學術論文並任職於多個科學顧問委員會• 曾在多個跨國大企業中擔任研發要職,包 括產品業巨擘聯合利華,以及美樂家擔任 研發副總裁Chief Science Officer首席科學研發總監Suk Cho.PhD周博士
    14. 14. 現代化Modernization
    15. 15. 全球性的流行病 There is a global epidemic 過度飲食&缺少運動的生活型態毒素Toxins Overeating & Sedentary Lifestyle壓力Stress 營養不均衡Poor Nutrition
    16. 16. 流行病學調查結果顯示 The EpidemicObesity rates have more than doubled since 1980!與1980年代相比,現今肥胖的人已經超過當時2倍以上 Source: World Health Organization (WHO) 資料來源:世界衛生組織Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 資料來源:疾病控制預防中心
    17. 17. 流行病學調查結果顯示 The Epidemic1/3的美國成人是胖子One out of three American adults are obese超過2/3的美國人是過重的More than 2 out of 3 are overweight孩童過重與肥胖的問題不但沒有得到改善而且日益嚴重Child overweight and obesity is not far behind and continues to increase Source: World Health Organization (WHO) 資料來源:世界衛生組織Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 資料來源:疾病控制預防中心
    18. 18. 亞洲也不能倖免於難 Asians are not immune許多發展中國家也面臨肥胖問題的挑戰The emerging epidemic of obesity indeveloping countriesInt. J. Epidemiol. (February 2006) 35(1): 93-99.
    19. 19. 現代化導致文明病(慢性疾病)嗎? Is it Contributing to Epidemics?中國的新興文明病:肥胖、糖尿病、代謝症候群(資料來源Shen et al, Cardiology Research and Practice 2012)The Emerging Epidemic of Obesity, Diabetes, and the Metabolic Syndrome in China(Shen et al, Cardiology Research and Practice 2012)
    20. 20. 肥胖和現代人主要死因有關Obesity is Associated with Increased Mortality! 身體質量指數與發病率高低風險的關係 身體質量指數(BMI)與發病率成正比 女性 男性 相 相 對 對 風 風 險 險 BMI[體重(公斤)/身高(公尺平方)] 第二型糖尿病 高血壓 冠心病 膽結石 Foster GD presentation
    21. 21. 即是看來纖瘦的人,也不見得是健康的 Being Unhealthy Doesn’t Always Mean Being Outwardly ObeseLi et al, Obesity 2011, “Asian college women had lowest BMI with 2nd highest body fat” 亞洲女性有最低的BMI以及第二高的身體脂肪
    22. 22. 較高的體脂肪容易造成 第二型糖尿病及脂肪肝的疾病威脅 Higher Body Fat Results in Greater Risk of Type 2 Diabetes and Fatty Liver Disease!肥胖與胰島素抗性:內臟脂肪的重要性 正常肝 脂肪肝 內臟脂肪 皮下脂肪 較多胰島素抵抗 較少胰島素抵抗“NAFLD [Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease] is found in over a quarter of the general adultChinese population” Wong et al, Gut 2012超過四分之一的亞洲成年人有著脂肪肝的問題
    23. 23. 文明病2Epidemic : 壓力Stress
    24. 24. 壓力會反應在身體上 Stress Response in the Body使能量生成系統血 減少蛋白質合成;液中的膽固醇和脂 腸道運動(消化);肪酸增加 免疫及過敏性反應 系統使血壓升高 增加新陳代謝,例 如:心跳和呼吸加 快局部發炎(發紅、腫脹、發 使血液更快凝固熱和疼痛)使血糖上升 胃酸增加
    25. 25. 受到壓力時的正常與異常反應 正常壓力反應生 反應過長理反應 反應不足 挑戰 復原 時間 資料來源
    26. 26. 全球疾病負擔 Global Disease Burden 1990 20201. 肺炎Pneumonia 1. 心臟病Heart Disease2. 腹瀉病Diarrheal Disease 2. 重度憂鬱症 Severe3. 新生兒疾病 Depression Disease of the Newborn 3. 交通事故Traffic Accidents4. 重度憂鬱症 4. 中風Stroke Severe Depression 5. 慢性肺病 Chronic Lung5. 心臟病 Heart Disease Disease 壓力也是造成這些疾病的原因之一 Stress is an associated factor for all of these conditions資料來源:The Global Burden of Disease Series. Harvard University Press, 1998
    27. 27. 可體松荷爾蒙跟腹部脂肪的累積有密切關係Cortisol Hormone in Relation to Intra-Abdominal Fat (IAF) 體內較高的可體松濃度跟較高的腹部脂肪有正向相關Higher levels of cortisol are linked to higher amounts of belly fat! 自由可體松 資料來源Reference: Purnell et al. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab 2009
    28. 28. 文明病3 Epidemic : 過度飲食但卻營養不足 Overfed but Undernourished「大部分的人無法單靠飲食攝取到適量的維生素。證據顯示,成人補充維生素等營養補充品是明智的決定。」“Most people do not consume an optimal amount of all vitamins by diet alone. Pending strongevidence of effectiveness from randomized trials, it appears prudent for all adults to take vitaminsupplements.”Fletcher et al, 2002
    29. 29. 80年來,礦物質含量的下降比例 Eighty-year Decline in Mineral 1顆中型蘋果的營養含量未削皮Raw, With Skin Content of One Medium Apple礦物質Mineral 1914 1963 1992 %變化Change (1914-1992)鈣 Calcium 13.5 mg 7.0 mg 7.0 mg -48.15磷 Phosphorus 45.2 mg 10.0 mg 7.0 mg -84.51鐵 Iron 4.6 mg 0.18 mg 0.18 mg -96.09鉀 Potassium 117.0 mg 110.0 mg 115.0 mg -1.71鎂 Magnesium 28.9 mg 8.0 mg 5.0 mg -82.70 Ref. Lindlaar, 1914; USDA 1963 and 1997
    30. 30. 什麼改變了?What Changed? 耕地的數量&牧場的尺寸
    31. 31. 過度處理的食物Over Processed Food
    32. 32. 減少礦物質的攝取以及疾病發生之間的關聯性 Possible Connection Between Decreased Minerals and Increased Disease? Changes in the Rates of Selected Reported Chronic Diseases, 1980-1994 (per 1000,000 people of US population) 1980 1994 % Increase Associated Mineral Deficiencies 增加百分比 缺乏相關的礦物質心臟疾病 75.40 89.47 18.67 鉻/銅/鎂/鉀/硒Heart Conditions Chromium, Copper, Magnesium, Potassium, Selenium慢性支氣管炎 36.10 56.30 55.98 銅/碘/鐵/鎂/硒/鋅Chronic Bronchitis Copper, Iodine, Iron, Magnesium, Selenium, Zinc氣喘Asthma 31.20 58.48 87.44 鎂Magnesium耳鳴Tinnitus 22.60 28.24 24.98 鈣/鎂/鋅 Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc骨骼變形Bone 84.90 124.70 46.96 鈣/銅/氟化物/鎂Deformities Calcium, Copper, Fluoride, Magnesium Ref. USDC, 1996; Werbach, 1993
    33. 33. 生活環境中的毒素 Environment Toxins約80,000種我們知道的化學物質在全球被廣泛的使用 -美國總審計局 Approximately 80,000 of recognized chemicals are in common use worldwide – GAO 76%的人身上都可以發現20種的有毒化合物 - 1990年國人脂肪組織調查Reported total of 20 toxic compounds were found in 76% of individuals - National Human Adipose Tissue Survey (NHATS)1990 取樣結果顯示,83%的人體內可發現多氯聯苯 -1990年國人脂肪組織調查 PCBs found in 83 percent of human samples - NHATS 1990
    34. 34. 文明病會加速老化 These epidmecis contribute to Accelerated Aging 氧化壓力 Oxidative Stress肥胖Obesity 細胞膜損傷 CELLS membrane damage, 粒線體損傷 mitochondrial damage, 蛋白質和DNA損傷 proteins and DNA damage, 端粒變短 telomeres shortened
    35. 35. 你過的是哪種生活? Where Are You in Life? Where Am I ? HealthyHealthy Aging Body
    36. 36. 你過的是哪種生活? Where Are You in Life? Where Am I ? HealthyHealthy Aging Body
    37. 37. 你想如何變老?And How Do You Want To Age?
    38. 38. 愛身健儷如何幫助我 How Can Isagenix Help Me?• 養生粉 Cleanse for Life®• 奶昔IsaLean® Shake• 愛活力Ionix® Supreme• 至尊男/女寶Ageless Essentials™for Men or Women• 3D青春配方Ageless Actives™• Product B™ 抗氧化配方加上端粒技術 Antioxidants plus Telomere Support
    39. 39. 創造事業的契機 Isagenix Millioniare SharingHow to motivate people to start their Isagenix Business
    40. 40. Renata Lee & Bob Newnam 八星金循環水晶經理 2010 年度傑出女聯營商 2010 Woman of the Year 百萬美元俱樂部 Millionaires 經營至今累計收入: 超過1000萬美元
    41. 41. 健全的公司 The Right Company 有長達幾十年的金融穩定 • A decade of financial stability 主要的使命為改善大眾生活創辦人-Jim&Kathy Coover • Mission to transform lives 累積銷售超過15億美元 • Cumulative sales of over $1.5 billion 有著世界級的產品 • World class products 業主都具有網路的營銷經驗 • Owners have Network Marketing experience 創造端粒PRODUCT B的配方大師
    42. 42. 我們的願景 Our Vision努力地去影響世界並且讓人們能免於生理及財務上的困擾和危機To impact world health and free people from physicaland financial pain.在這個過程中,去創造一個世界上最大最健康的保健公司And in the process create the largest health-and-wellnesscompany in the world.
    43. 43. 香港 墨西哥 台灣Hong Kong Mexico Taiwan 澳洲 總部 錢德勒,亞利桑那州 Australia Headquarters Chandler, AZ
    44. 44. 三大趨勢 3 Mega Trends 解決肥胖問題• Obesity 抗衰老• Anti-Aging 爭取更多的財富• Need for more money
    45. 45. 造就我們網絡行銷如此成功的事實 Why Network Marketing-Facts 全球銷售額超過125億美元• Worldwide sales over $125 Billion 以健康和美容稱霸直銷事業• Health and beauty dominate the Direct Sales Industry 花一年以上的時間賺取超過10萬美元的 82%美 國女性從事此直銷事業• 82% of US women who make more than $100,000 or more a year do it through Direct Sales 這是一個很棒的事業 This is the Perfect Business
    46. 46. 首要趨勢:解決肥胖Mega Trend: Obesity
    47. 47. 領導是一個高度的挑戰
    48. 48. 龍一般的領導人!
    49. 49. 愛身健儷是一間能幫助您免於財務危機的直銷公司! Isagenix Can Be Your Solution to Financial Freedom
    50. 50. 2011 前10大百萬富翁 63 Isagenix Millionaires Top 10 Millionaires - 2011 $14,500,000 $9,700,000 $13,000,000 $10,600,000 $9,100,000 $6,100,000 $6,400,000 $7,200,000 $5,700,000 $5,200,000Income claims should not be construed as representative of fixed or standard earnings. The income levels achieved by associates are not intended to imply that another associate will achieve the same level of income. Income levels achieved will be dependentupon the individual associate’s business skills, personal ambition, time, commitment, activity and demographic factors. For complete details on the Isagenix Compensation Plan visit www.isacompplan.com
    51. 51. 健康體重管理Weight Management
    52. 52. • 率領超過25名博士負責愛身健儷所有新產 品研發事項• 個人擁有30多項專利,曾發表過十多篇專 業學術論文並任職於多個科學顧問委員會• 曾在多個跨國大企業中擔任研發要職,包 括產品業巨擘聯合利華,以及美樂家擔任 研發副總裁Chief Science Officer首席科學研發總監Suk Cho.PhD周博士
    53. 53. 我們的真人實證結果 We Have Real Results for Real People Holly D lost 41 kilosPatrick D. lost 41 kilos Jill B. lost 60 kilos
    54. 54. 隨著年齡增加,身體組成也會改變 Body Composition Changes with Age 體脂增加 肌肉減少 25歲 70歲 骨礦物質含量 瘦肌肉組織 水分 脂肪 資料來源Reference: Schock et al. 1984.
    55. 55. Solution 解決之道 :愛身健儷養生粉 Cleanse for Life® 排出毒素,補充營養 “Toxins out, nutrients in” • 幫助身體排除環境毒素 Helps rid the body of environmental toxins • 降低氧化壓力 Helps reduce oxidative stress • 支持免疫功能,有益消化道健康 Supports the immune and digestive systems • 淨化日飲食可協助安全、有效的減重成果 Deep cleansing assists in safe & effective weight loss吸光度 Bilberry山桑子 Licorice root甘草根 Raspberry覆盆莓每一份可提供更多有效的植化素More potent phytochemicals per serving Burdock牛蒡 Turmeric薑黃 Aloe蘆薈
    56. 56. 淨化日Cleanse Days 擁有豐富營養素及高科技配方,養生粉能 到幫助您達到以下的健康效益 With its nutritionally and technologically advanced formula, Cleanse For Life attains these benefits when used as part of our programs: • 使身體更加窈窕有型 Support healthy weight loss • 降低氧化壓力及身體的發炎反應 Reduce antioxidant stress and inflammatory markers • 強化粒線體功能 Improve mitochondrial function
    57. 57. Solution 解決方案:愛儷蛋白營養粉混合飲料 IsaLean® Shake “Anti-Aging Superfood” 抗老化超級食物  營養密度高 Nutrient-dense  只有240大卡,可完全取代您的一餐 240-calorie meal replacement  改變身體組成並緊實線條 Ideal body transformation  美味好喝Delicious!每天1或2餐選擇愛儷蛋白營養粉混合飲料,做為您愛身健儷系統產品的一部分。加入冰水攪拌均勻,或加入您喜愛的水果一起拌打,可提供最佳的營養補充。Replace one or two meals daily as part of your Isagenix system. Blend withwater and ice. Or add in your favorite fruits for nutritional boost
    58. 58. 正確的蛋白質,正確的飲食量,正確的用餐時間 Right Protein, Right Amount, Right Time of Day Optimal Protein Distribution Typical Western-style Diet ≈23-30g 每餐最恰當的蛋白質是23-30公克 傳統西方飲食型態 60g Maximal Protein Synthesis最大量的蛋白質合成 20g 10g 早餐 午餐 晚餐 早餐 午餐 晚餐 資料來源
    59. 59. 乳清蛋白對脂肪燃燒是非常重要的 Whey is Superior for Fat Burning 受測試脂 的餐點肪氧 乳清蛋白化 酪蛋白 大豆 碳水化合物 時間(分) 資料來源 Reference Acheson et al. 2011
    60. 60. 乳清蛋白對減重是非常重要的 Whey Superior for Weight Loss脂肪量  – Whey 乳清蛋白 – Soy 大豆 – – CHO 碳水化合物 治療前 時間(月)腰圍 時間(月) 治療前 資料來源 Reference: Baer et al. J Nutr 2011
    61. 61. 為什麼要選擇愛身健儷的乳清蛋白 Why Our Whey?愛身健儷的牧場根據季節不同、牛隻產奶量不同 來決定取奶數量, 不像其他牧場以滿足業務需求來決定取奶量 Milked according to the season unlike other dairy farms 不使用荷爾蒙或抗生素 Not treated with hormones or antibiotics 低溫過濾流程 Cold filtered process 不是所有的乳清蛋白都是一樣的 Not all whey is the same!
    62. 62. Solution 解決方案: 愛活力草本營養飲料 Ionix® Supreme  「對抗壓力並達到最佳表現的答案」 “Nature’s answer for stress and optimum performance”  有助於增強身體的抵抗力,對抗身心壓力 Helps increase the body’s resistance to mental and physical stress  有效的植物適應原—南非醉茄、枸杞子、五味子、紅 景天和假馬齒莧 Powerful plant-based adaptogens—ashwagandha, wolfberry, schizandra, rhodiola and bacopa  抗氧化劑能抵抗自由基 Antioxidants that neutralize free radicals
    63. 63. 適應原如何發揮偕同作用? How do Adaptogens Work? 無適應原的壓力反應 Stress Response without Adaptogen 有適應原的壓力反應 Stress Response with Adaptogen 壓力保護 Stress Protection Response 反 應 正常 Normal 時間 Time面對壓力時,適應原能降低勞累和疲倦!Adaptogens decrease fatigue and exhaustion phasesin response to stress! Adapted from Pannosian and Wikman, 2010
    64. 64.
    67. 67. � 大家猜到了嗎?Who knows what I’m Talking About?
    68. 68. 電話作業的意圖 Why use telephone? �
    69. 69. 最佳電話作業方式 Best way to use telephone � 3 way callingONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT PRACTICES TO BUILDING A STABLE AND LUCRATIVE LONG TERM BUSINESS.
    70. 70. 其它電話作業方式other ways to use telephone � Conference Calls
    71. 71. 切記Remember �
    72. 72.
    73. 73.
    74. 74. 從一個決定開始Begins with a decision �
    75. 75. 培養心態Paradigm shift �
    76. 76. 竭盡全力的付出Give everything you’ve got �
    77. 77. 為了夢想永不放棄Never give up your dream �
    78. 78.
    79. 79. 問問自已Ask yourself �
    80. 80. 對自已說Declare to yourself �
    81. 81.
    82. 82. 健康老化新概念Healthy Aging Concept
    83. 83. • 率領超過25名博士負責愛身健儷所有新產 品研發事項• 個人擁有30多項專利,曾發表過十多篇專 業學術論文並任職於多個科學顧問委員會• 曾在多個跨國大企業中擔任研發要職,包 括產品業巨擘聯合利華,以及美樂家擔任 研發副總裁Chief Science Officer首席科學研發總監Suk Cho.PhD周博士
    84. 84. 你過的是哪種生活? Where Are You in Life? Where Am I ? HealthyHealthy Aging Body
    85. 85. 你過的是哪種生活? Where Are You in Life? Where Am I ? HealthyHealthy Aging Body
    86. 86. 你想如何變老?And How Do You Want To Age?
    87. 87. 關於老化的研究 50-yr Study on AgingPercent Functional Capacity 愛身健儷前所未有的目標 功 Unprecedented goal with Isagenix 能 百 分 Premature 比 提早衰老 評 平均值 估 Age in Years年紀 參考資料Reference: Heward CB. Kronos Group & Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging. 2005. NIA. USDHHS.
    88. 88. 老的健康和老的不健康的差別在…The difference between aging well and…
    89. 89. 解決方案Solution 5: Product B™ 抗氧化加上端粒保護 Antioxidants Plus Telomere Support劃時代的抗老產品“The revolutionary anti-aging product”  愛身健儷創辦人約翰安德生與比爾安德魯 斯博士的合作Collaborative effort between John Anderson and William Andrews, Ph.D.
    90. 90. 端粒(保護端)• 端粒的大小不一,並隨著時間變短Telomeres come in different sizes and shorten over time• 生活型態會影響縮短率Lifestyle can affect the rate of shortening• 端粒越長越好!Longer Telomeres are Better Telomeres!
    91. 91. 有些人天生的端粒就比較短 Some People are Born with Short Telomeres 早衰症 Progeria syndrome
    92. 92. 如何知道自己的端粒有多長? How Do You Know How Long Your Telomeres Are?• 端粒限制片段長度 (TRF分析法Telomere Restriction Fragment (TRF Analysis)• 敏感性評估,包括收集 白血球的DNA Sensitive assessment that involves collecting DNA from white blood cells• 過程中不會傷害DNA DNA is not damaged in the process
    93. 93. TRF平均值隨著捐贈者年齡上升而下降 Median TRF Values Decrease with Age of Donors 9 8 7 6 5TRF (kbp) 4 3 2 1 0 -10 10 30 50 70 90 Donor Age (years)
    94. 94. 你的端粒長度? How Long are Your Telomeres? 端粒變短 氧化壓力增加自由基增加 體內抗氧化物防禦 能力降低 粒線體功能下降
    95. 95. 什麼使端粒變長? What Lengthens Telomeres? 端粒酶Telomerase如果沒有端粒酶,端粒DNA 端粒酶維持端粒長度,會衰退,染色體最終將受損 使整個染色體被複製Without Telomerase, telomere DNA Telomerase maintains the telomereis eroded and the chromosome is length so the entire chromosome iseventually damaged copied
    96. 96. 端粒酶防止細胞老化 Telomerase Prevents Cells From Aging 80 70 Telomerized Cells 60 端粒酶化的細胞Cell Doublings 50 40 30 20 10 0 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 Days 100
    97. 97. 35 33 31 29 27 25 23 21 19 17 15 Ct I13 55.25 K13 68.63 None M13 61.89 C0112029 HIT O13 59.77 B21 81.31 D21 86.85 None F21 78.71 C0281549 H21 80.64 J19 64.82 L19 67.98 F002 N19 68.03 C0215631 HIT P19 73.56 J21 74.93 L21 86.65 None N21 63.95 C0314588 P21 85.43 A22 90.35 C22 93.97 None E22 96.07 C0112047 G22 92.92 J8 0.23 L8 0.24 None N8 0.24 C0112051 P8 0.24 I22 88.75 K22 98.47 None M22 90.78 C0312083 O22 88.22 J22 96.92 L22 112.69 Cytotoxicity (%DMSO) None N22 99.15 C0156048 P22 90.50 A23 102.87 C23 107.16 J23 87.75正控制 L23 93.08 F005 A24 96.12 C0057684 C24 99.06 Positive Control J24 98.96 L24 106.55 B23 102.77 D23 104.98 M23 108.20負控制 O23 111.00 T None B24 105.68 DMSO D24 113.70 HPR M24 101.26 Negative Control O24 100.78
    98. 98. 愛身健儷Product B中的抗氧化劑 Isagenix Antioxidants in Product B• 增加適當混合之草藥活性成分的攝取量,可減少氧化壓力的症狀Signs of oxidative stress may be reduced by increasing intake of the proper blend of herbal actives• 抗氧化補充品所提供的生物活性物質: Antioxidant supplements deliver bioactives that: – 具有內在抗氧化活性 Have inherent antioxidant activity – 增強體內抗氧化狀態 Increase antioxidant status in the body – 發揮協同作用,支持抗氧化酶生成 Support antioxidant enzyme production synergistically 即將出現複製產品 !!!! 它們沒有經過測試 !!!! Copy cats are coming !!!! And they’re not tested !!!!
    99. 99. Product B中的植物性藥物發揮協同作用 Botanicals in Product B Work Synergistically Combined ingredients 薑黃素 水飛薊素 假馬齒莧 南非醉茄 綠茶
    100. 100. 葉酸透過DNA甲基化來 影響端粒長度試管實驗中 B2、B6和B12有助於 DNA的適當甲基化 鈣為必需的輔助因子, 能防止DNA複製錯誤 錳為錳超氧化物 B3能延長人體細胞的壽 歧化酶中的必 命;藉由降低粒線體中的 需輔助因子,缺 活性氧來減緩端粒耗損率 乏則會降低端粒 酶活性 N-乙醯半胱胺酸幹細胞治 療能修復端粒中的DNA 損傷維生素D能抗發 端炎,因此能使端粒變長 鋅是DNA修復酶的重要輔助因 粒 子;能有效控制發炎維生素E增強DNA的修復力並移除受損的DNA。試管實 銅是有效的抗氧化劑超氧化物歧驗顯示,維生素E能恢復人 化酶中的重要輔助因子,能保護體細胞的端粒長度 端粒維生素C防止DNA氧化。試管研究顯示,維生素C能減緩人體皮膚細胞中會 穀胱甘肽抗氧化防禦系統的 鎂引發老鼠肝臟中變短端粒的造成老化的端粒變短速度 干擾會加速端粒衰退 硒的補充能延長肝臟細胞 缺乏;控制細胞複製的染色體 的端粒長度;硒蛋白能保 分裂在試管實驗中 護DNA
    101. 101. 解決方案 Solution 愛儷至尊男寶/女寶 Ageless Essentials™ for Men or Women 抗老新紀元“A New Era of Anti-Aging” • 最佳劑量和來源 Optimized doses and sources • 改善吸收 Improved absorption – 快速分解技術 Rapid disintegration technology – 最佳釋出技術 Optimal release technology • 不含麩質、 小麥、 大麥 Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Barley Free
    102. 102. 可達到維生素和礦物質的建議量It Is Possible to Get the Recommended Amounts of Vitamins and Minerals 食物 食物+補充品 食物+3D愛儷青春配方 維生素D 鈣 維生素A 維生素C 維生素E Adapted from Fulgoni et al, Journal of Nutrition 2011
    103. 103. 吸收的快慢與所補充的營養品 有密切關係Absorption Matters with Supplements
    104. 104. 過度飽和Oversaturation
    105. 105. 礦物質間的競爭Mineral Competitiveness
    106. 106. 螯合配方Chelation
    107. 107. 快速分解技術Optimal Release Technology
    108. 108. 維他命的迷思 Multi-Vitamin Tablet Myth 服用一天後的橫結腸X光服用當天的升結腸X光 服用二天後的直腸X光
    109. 109. <分解時間比較表> Disintegration Time Comparison 6 美 安 善 樂 麗 存 5 愛 家 紐 儷 活 崔 至 力 萊 4 尊 綜 男 合Time (Minutes) 為 / 3 女 他 寶 錠 維 Onset of tablet disintegration 2 他 錠 1 0 Isagenixs Essentials for Melaleucas Vitality for Nutrilites Double X Centrum Men Men Multivitamin Brand Name
    110. 110. • 必須的營養素補充品It is essential we are deficient我們是欠缺營養的一群,因 – Food process 加工食品 – Soil depletion 土壤貧瘠• 欠缺這 些維他命就會招致疾病 Lack of theses vitamins affects various diseases• 治療水平,來源,以及吸收效果的速率 Therapeutic level, sources and absorption
    111. 111. 解決方案 Solution : 3D愛儷青春配方 Ageless Actives™ 內含Contains: 輔酶Q10 / CoQ10 維生素D / Vitamin D 薑黃 / Turmeric 南非醉茄 / Ashwagandha 石榴 / Pomegranate 紅葡萄萃取物 (天然的白藜蘆醇) Red Grape Extract (with naturally occurring Resveratrol)
    112. 112. 輔酶Q10產量隨著年齡增長而下降 CoQ10 Production Declines with Age血漿中輔酶Q10濃度(微克/毫升) 出生 6-10歲 21-30歲 41-50歲 61-70歲 81-90歲 年齡
    113. 113. 為什麼你需要輔酶Q10? Why Do You Need CoQ10? 粒線體• 每個細胞中的脂溶性抗氧化劑 細胞 含有生成三磷 酸腺苷所需的 輔酶Q10Fat-soluble antioxidant in every cell• 細胞能量的關鍵介質Key mediator of cellular energy• 排除過氧化物,抑制自由基破壞細胞膜Removes superoxides and inhibits free radicals from destructing the cell membranes.• 降低低密度脂蛋白的氧化和核苷酸Reduces LDL oxidation and Nucleotides
    114. 114. 輔酶Q10的吸收是一大問題 CoQ10 Absorption is an Issue• 許多商業輔酶Q10補充劑是不容易吸收的! Many commercial CoQ10 supplements are not easily absorbable! 粉末 愛身健儷(專利審理中) 吸收
    115. 115. 維生素D Vitamin D• 大多數人缺乏維生素DMost, if not all, of us suffer from Vitamin Ddeficiency – 汙染 Pollution – 缺乏食物 Lack in food – 日曬 Sunscreen – 高緯度地區 Northern latitudes• 有益心臟 Heart Benefit• 有益骨骼 Bone Benefit• 有益血管 Vascular Benefit• 提升免疫力Immune Benefit
    116. 116. 白藜蘆醇Resveratrol• Studies show resveratrol helps maintain cardiovascular health研究顯示白藜蘆醇有助於維護心血管健康 – Grape skin extract 紅葡萄萃取物 – Turmeric 薑黃• Helped to protect middle-age mice against high-calorie diet* 有助於幫助 中年的白老鼠對抗高熱量的食物 – Gained less weight 不易發胖 – Better lipid profiles 更好的血脂指數 – Extended lifespan 延長生命期限*Ref: Baur et al, Nature 2006
    117. 117. Solution 解決之道:至尊深海魚油膠囊 IsaOmega Supreme™  Maximum-concentration of omega-3 DHA and EPA 最大濃度的奧米加3脂肪酸~EPA跟DHA  Sourced from small fishes in deep, unpolluted waters 選用未受污染海域的深海小魚  Each batch molecularly-distilled and third- party tested for heavy metals, PCBs, and dioxins 每一批都使用分子蒸餾法取得最純淨魚 油,並有第三方檢測確認魚油中不含重 金屬、多氯聯苯及戴奧辛
    118. 118. 歡迎來到體重管理以及健康老化的新紀元 Welcome to a New Era of Weight Management and Healthy Aging
    119. 119. •掌管愛身健儷全球八大分公司的營運業務•20年以上財務、資訊科技、企業轉型和物流供應鏈等高級行政主管經驗•曾於多家財星500大公司中擔任要職,並於全球最大食品公司ConAgra Foods擔任資深財務長Sr. VP & COO資深副總裁暨全球營運長Kevin Adams凱文‧亞當斯
    120. 120. 愛身健儷獎金計畫 Base Compensation Plan• Team Bonus 團隊獎金 –One Cycle – US$541個循環 – 新台幣$1,600• Matching Team Bonus 團隊配對獎金 –10% on PE for Executives經理可以領取所有直推顧問循環總數的10%獎金• Product Introduction Bonus 產品介紹獎金Earn Money when you sponsor someone w/ qualified Product paks當推薦購買符合資格的產品套裝,可領取PIB獎金30 Day Program – NT$625300 BV Pak – NT$1,000Gold Program – NT$4,140
    121. 121. 近期促銷計畫 Current Promotions & Incentives• Double PIB 雙倍推薦獎金• Consultant Matching Bonus 顧問對等獎金- When you become a Consultant: US$50 / NT$1,475 成為顧問可領取US$50 (NT$1,475)- Each time you personally enroll someone becomes a Consultant: US$50 /NT$1,475 (up to 10 Consultants) 每次個人推薦晉升顧問可領取US$50 (NT$1,475),最多10位顧問
    122. 122. 推薦高手俱樂部 Enrollers Club• Receive Free Products when you enroll 5 new Associates推薦累積五位新人加入即可獲得以下免費產品獎勵!Awards 獎勵內容:- Ageless Actives x 1 (3D愛儷青春配方)- Essentials for Men/Women x 1 (愛儷至尊男女寶維他錠)- IsaOmega Supreme x 1 (至尊深海魚油膠囊)- IsaWater x 1 (負離子鹼性濃縮液) <<以上獎勵內容以實際活動公告為準>>Total Value: NT$3,662總值高達 NT$3,662 Coming Soon! 即將推出,敬請期待!