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MHS Motives 2012


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MHS Built Environment

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MHS Motives 2012

  1. 1. MHS MOTIVES MHS MOTIVES DESIGN SAMPLESSustainable School, Models Study
  2. 2. • Flexibility /Operability• Natural Light Natural Light• Air Quality• Materiality and Color• Personal Space with Group Learning Personal Space with Group Learning• Indoor/Outdoor Relationships
  3. 3. Materials:M t i l• MHS 6061 extruded aluminum frame system• St t l MHS b ildi Structural MHS building components t• Hybrid Aluminum, Metal Structure• SIP FSIP ll SIP , FSIP wall, roof panels  f l• Fiber cement screen panels• FSC C tifi d FSC Certified wood, cladding d l ddi• Insulated roof, wall, floor finishing• I di t li hti MHS l Indirect lighting, MHS louvers• US SYSTEMS LLC, USA , Manufacturer/Supplier
  4. 4. Copyright: US SYSTEMS LLC