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Lively sponsorship presentation


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Audience participation at live events can be branded to increase engagement and deliver more value to event sponsorships.

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Lively sponsorship presentation

  1. 1. Interactive Experiences that Add Value to Live Event Sponsorships
  2. 2. Event Sponsorships are All About Engaging Audiences to Reinforce Brands, Drive Action and Improve ROI.
  3. 3. Lively helps organizations increase the value of event sponsorships.
  4. 4. We remember 20% of what we hear and 80% of what we experience. - William Glasser #1 #1 need among planners & sponsors of marketers say engagement is biggest need in maximizing success 84% Lively Increases Audience Participation by 5X
  5. 5. how Lively Gets People ACTIVELY Participating in Shared Experiences Shown on any Screen There are contests for participation. Sponsors can give away prizes. Branded Polls Branded Trivia Games Responses turned into Imagery
  6. 6. Participants Receive Text Messages from the Sponsor Reminders Content Lead generation Contests 95% of text messages are read immediately.
  7. 7. (Sponsors want it. Lively provides it). Source: GES Sponsorship Study 2016 70% of event organizers do NOT provide reporting to sponsors
  8. 8. Lively Reporting WHO said WHAT – with Participant Names Audience Responses (Tabulated or Not) HOW they feel – with Sentiment Indicators Social Media Profiles, Names and Interests of Attendees Lively’s Reporting Shows Interests & Attitudes of Specific Attendees
  9. 9. Making Live Events More Lively for Leading Organizations PREFERRED VENDOR GES leading event producer with 3000 events/yr. George P. Johnson leading event and experiential agency Reed Exhibitions largest show producer in U.S Various event marketing/production agencies “Lively was AWESOME. The interactivity drew some big attention. It’s a great tool for any event.” “FUN and INVENTIVE” “LOVED using Lively as it allowed us to break the ice before our customer meeting started, and pose questions where they could anonymously answer.” Benny Garcia, SIGGRAPH a 5K+ attendee conference Vincent Onorati, InDemand Jason Knudsen, Nvidia
  10. 10. Partner with us.