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RS4 Marketing Group company presentation on how we can help SME grow their business through more effective marketing and strategic planning

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RS4 Marketing Group Presentation

  1. 1. Helping Small Businesses Become Larger Businesses Through More Effective Planning & Marketing
  2. 2. Looking to take your business to the next level?> > > > Managing a business that needs better processes & procedures? Getting the returns you should from your investment in marketing? Having trouble closing new business? Lacking real innovation on your business? If so, then we can help....... > ARE YOU... Uncertain about how to navigate these challenging business conditions? Copyright RS4 Marketing Group All Rights Reserved © 2015
  3. 3. A Toronto based consulting firm established in 2007> > > > Serving small and mid-sized growth oriented companies Specializing in strategic planning & marketing solutions Providing cost effective expertise to multiple industries Executive level business management experience> > Extended network of specialized resources Applying leading edge business practices to client problems > ABOUT US Copyright RS4 Marketing Group All Rights Reserved © 2015
  4. 4. DIVERSE CLIENT BASE Copyright RS4 Marketing Group All Rights Reserved © 2015
  5. 5. PROJECT PORTFOLIO Copyright RS4 Marketing Group All Rights Reserved © 2015
  6. 6. Define & size new market opportunities> > > > Develop & facilitate strategic planning process Conduct competitive intelligence & analysis Develop pricing strategy & models Conduct market research (qualitative & quantitative)> > Develop new product concepts Conduct innovation workshops & ideation sessions > HOW WE CAN HELP Copyright RS4 Marketing Group All Rights Reserved © 2015 Conduct marketing training workshops Create new business momentum! > >
  7. 7. HOW DO WE DO IT? 4 Point Process Copyright RS4 Marketing Group All Rights Reserved © 2015 Customer Research Secondary Research Product Lifecycle Analysis Competitive Analysis Employee Feedback Market Analysis > > > > > > Research / Analysis Ideation Plan Execution Brainstorming Session Customer Feedback Employee Input Channel Partners Business Partners > > > > > Business Plan Cross Functional Input Financial Analysis Market Forecasts Issues/Risk Assessment Go/No Go > > > > > > Prioritize Activity Organization Focus Dedicate Resources Track & Measure Customer Feedback Enhance & Improve Processes > > > > > >
  8. 8. Multiple industry experience> > > > Broad perspective of business solutions Leading edge business practices & discipline Executive level management experience Strong strategic and operational skills> > Extensive new product development experience Telecom, technology & consumer packaged goods > WHY WE ARE QUALIFIED Copyright RS4 Marketing Group All Rights Reserved © 2015 Proven track record of revenue/business growth Extensive experience facilitating management team discussions and planning > >
  9. 9. CLIENT/PROJECT TESTIMONIALS Copyright RS4 Marketing Group All Rights Reserved © 2015 “Brad was a pleasure to work with in developing creative solutions and putting together a final product that helped generate new business for our company. I would recommend Brad and the RS4 Marketing Group to anyone looking for strategic marketing input as well as exceptional execution.” Mobile Solutions ITS “The RS4 Marketing group provided great strategic insight and tangible recommendations that I am currently implementing. I would highly recommend Brad Munro to any company/ manager that is looking to expand their business or needs help in marketing their product or service.” Execuspace Inc. “Brad has an excellent mix of strategiser and implementer. As a business partners Brad was exceptional at articulating his needs so that IT could deliver the required solution with minimal change request. We implemented many projects as a team that contributed to increased sales and revenue.” MTS Allstream
  10. 10. CONTACT INFO Copyright RS4 Marketing Group All Rights Reserved © 2015 OUR OFFICE 45 Sheppard Ave East Suite 900 Toronto, ON M2N 5W9 Phone: (416) 435-5290 Email: