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January 2010 Professional Services Group newsletter

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January 2010 PSG Morris Networker

  1. 1. Volume 1, Issue 7 January 2010 A note from the facilitator... Dear Friends, TABLE OF CONTENTS With the end of Hanukkah and Christmas and the New Year rolling in on us, I realized that I have not taken time to enjoy this Inside This Issue, Media beautiful time of the year. I’m missing the spirit of the holidays! Communications Contacts, Christmastime is now often associated with New Year’s Resolutions ............p2 making wish lists to share with relatives in Landing Success Stories ..........p3 expectations of getting what you really want Selling Yourself .......................p3 without any surprises and shopping from others’ wish lists. All holidays now are Time Management ...................p4 focused on shopping for gifts. Holiday Job Searching .............p5 My New Year’s resolution is to start new Your Finances .........................p7 family traditions and to teach my little Job Hunting Online ..................p8 granddaughters the lessons of compassion, joy of giving and sharing, unselfishness and Book Review ...........................p9 forgiveness. November Landings ...............p10 Enjoy the spirit of the holidays, think about all good things that Clothing Drive Success ..........p11 you enjoyed during the year and look forward to a healthy and Committee Chairs .................p12 prosperous next year. Quote of the day: “An optimist stays up until midnight to see the New Year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the Old Year leaves.” ~ Bill Vaughan With all that said: I wish you a merry, joyful Christmas, Kwanzaa and a Happy New Year. At the PSG Holiday Party on December 9, Elena recognized over 50 of our volunteer members with gifts or certificates of recognition. More photos from the event can be found on following pages. PSG Dover Networker, January 2010 Page 1
  2. 2. INSIDE THIS ISSUE We kick off our first issue of 2010 with New Year’s resolutions from some of our staff members. Caroline Bucquet writes about the recent landing of one of PSG’s members, then shares with us Andy Daino’s techniques of selling yourself. Stephen Matthaey returns with Part 3 of his tips for tackling the job market, then we have some tips on job Brad Schweon, Co-Chair Bruce Goldman searching during the holiday season from Lawrence Alter. We’ve got some great Bob Loder, Co-Chair Peter Herbst suggestions for keeping your personal finances Andrew Brandt Alison Kamage together from Monisha Khadse, followed by Caroline Bucquet Etya Novik our own cyber guru Andy Brandt walking us Carolyn Cohn Joyce Poff through job searching on Facebook. Joyce Suzanne Elward Lisa Chenofsky Singer Poff writes a review of a book on promoting yourself, followed by a report from Caroline on the recent clothing drive. November landings and photos round out the issue. And finally, thanks to Suzanne Elward for designing a new committee logo. The MEDIA COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE meets following the Morris County Networking Group at In the coming year, we hope to hear from more 70 Maple Ave., Morristown on the 2nd and 4th of you with your ideas and stories. The PSG Monday of each month at 11:00 am. Please join us! Networker is YOUR resource - please share your experiences with us! -Brad and Bob NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS From the staff of PSG NETWORKER BRAD: To help five people land via a personal connection or job lead in 2010. CAROLYN: To become successful enough for my family and me to become much more financially comfortable than we were in 2009. JOYCE: To never take anything for granted. Not my family, not my time, not my job, and not my friends new and old. LISA: To add value to whatever I am doing – helping others to see the humor and/or light in a situation. BRUCE: To use LinkedIn and Facebook much more effectively in enlarging my network and improving my chances of finding a job. BOB: To maintain a strong, positive and fun attitude for myself and for those with whom I’m working while we work to achieve our goals. PSG Dover Networker, January 2010 Page 2
  3. 3. LANDING SUCCESS STORIES in differentiating as much as possible to aid in the interviewing process. “I spoke about all of the areas in my career. For example, my first career Smooth Landing — Claudia Sandonato was in social work and I find that this helps in Boosts Training Services for DOL what I do now. So does my background in HR and organizational development. All of this is relevant By Caroline Bucquet to my new role — including supervising staff and If you have questions about training while coaching.” collecting unemployment insurance, Claudia Sandonato credits PSG with helping her to Sandonato just may be able to help you. network. She said, “You never know who you are Sandonato was hired in October 2009 by the New going to talk with; a connection could lead to your Jersey Department of Labor as the coordinator of next job. It can be pleasantly surprising.” The operations for employment and training services PSG courses were helpful to Sandonato because for Morris, Sussex and she learned new things that she had not known Warren counties. She and before. However, most of what she gained was her team of 14 counselors through active networking and operating in small and teachers are responsible groups. “Through PSG, I learned how to utilize for administering training networking and my skill set while unemployed and grants to help people this fed my self esteem and allowed me to make a become more employable. valuable contribution,” confirmed Sandonato. “A lot of people are eligible Sandonato believes one thing that might help for grants up to $4,000, but people is reconciling themselves to the possibility they are not aware of this or of trading off. “By trade-offs I mean easy how to go about getting the commute, less stressful job and wonderful people. grant money,” said I was not seeking a career change. I was seeking Sandonato. “The first step is a management position in either training or attending reemployment orientation,” she workplace learning, similar to what I had before. continued. The training is meant to help people But this opportunity with the government expand their present skill set and enhance their presented itself and it’s fantastic. Most portfolios. Programs can include anything from importantly, I really feel that I am truly helping Microsoft Office to professional project people,” she said. management courses or other relevant classes. Sandonato notes that some people are eligible for additional unemployment when taking time out for training. Counselors help people get the SELLING YOURSELF documentation they need to enter a program and they also assist in researching programs that Sales Boot Camp With Andy could be advantageous. In certain situations, Selling Your Best Self in Every Situation tuition waiver programs and grants allow people to attend a class at a university, but only if there By Caroline Bucquet is an opening. It is not just about making a sale or landing a job. Sandonato learned of the job opportunity through It is about selling your brand. And when selling, a contact at Dover’s Professional Services Group the power of persuasion is broken down into four (PSG). Her background in human resources and main personality types — DISC — high training was a fit. She followed up on the Dominance; the Influencer; those who like information she received, had a couple of Security; and those who keep Control. If you have interviews and landed the job. Sandonato taken Andy Daino’s Sales Boot Camp course, you acknowledged that without networking at PSG, know what quadrant you are in. But do you know she might not have gotten the appointment. what quadrant your “buyer” is in and how to read him or her? “I was lucky. I have heard of people having numerous interviews; some have had hours of Perhaps, the core of successful selling is not only interviews over a long period of time; generally, to understand how you come across to others but it’s a long process.” However, Sandonato believes also walking in your prospect’s moccasins to grasp PSG Dover Networker, January 2010 Page 3
  4. 4. the situation from a panoramic perspective. meeting at Target-X company, tap into your According to Daino, President of 21st Century network to see who knows decision makers at Sales Training, and a one-time PSG member, true Target-X with whom you might be able to selling is not necessarily a natural process for network. If you are able to network with decision most people. To succeed at sales requires makers pursuant to the hidden job market, they behavior awareness and, often, a change in could eventually hire you. Some people believe mindset. It requires being attentive to nonverbal that more than 60 percent of positions are found behavior – not just your own, but the person with this way. whom you are meeting. Here’s where Sales Boot Finally, knowing when to “ask for the Camp comes in. order” should take place at the Being aware of and reading body language is a conclusion of a good interview. In step in the right direction. Recognizing “steepling” fact, the interviewer would expect for example – elbows on desk with fingers pushing you to show enough interest to ask, on each other pointing skyward or interlocked – “Am I more than your average indicates self-assurance. Sitting cross-legged, candidate?” swinging a foot, could indicate boredom and Your pipeline of targeted pulling on the top of the nose with eyes closed organizations should be indicates that one is deliberating over what is full (five companies at a being said. time) to land a new Another rule of sales is opening doors of position or sale. Not opportunity – following up on contacts provided every call or email will through your network for interviews and result in an interview; approaching targeted companies about that however, understanding that perfect, hidden job. After all, Daino stresses that this process is part of the “you can’t lose what you don’t have.” He also sales dance makes the encourages people to ask for what they want. pursuit easier. There are Once you open a door of opportunity, you will many essentials and need to know where you rank before the meeting dimensions to selling one’s closes. Thus, you also need to know how many best self, but one last pearl of other people will be interviewing for the position, wisdom that Daino imparts is where in the lineup you fall and if there is remembering that the success anything to preclude you from being their of the interview is “all in the candidate of choice. At the end of the interview, setup.” If we can remember inquire about how long it will take until a final this, we are poised for success. Andy Daino decision is made (unless it is an informational interview); it should be within two weeks. Ask questions so that your meeting is a discussion and TIME MANAGEMENT that you get the information that you need to determine if the job is a true fit for you. Time Management Tips for Transition Furthermore, Daino, who originated PSG’s Circumstance/Problem, Action, Result CARs/ PARs By Stephen Matthaey, PHR course, advocates telling your successes in story Part III: Work Your Plan format when emphasizing results achieved. For example, increasing profits by 50 percent and In the last installment, we outlined the construct explaining how you did it. However, listening of a weekly prioritized plan. As each day starts, acutely — about 75 percent of the time — is and throughout the day, we need to make essential to winning at sales. With this on the decisions as to what to do next, and how to forefront of your mind, selling your interviewer is structure our time. We can get the most out of a a process that encompasses psychology and day by following some simple guidelines to help us intuiting your prospect’s requirements. be nimble: In an interview or meeting, make sure that the 1. Follow the two-minute rule. If a task can conversation is interesting to your prospect and be completed in under two minutes, bang it addresses what he or she does and the “what’s in out. Slug through the quick emails and phone it for me” concept. When arranging a first-time calls so they don’t linger. PSG Dover Networker, January 2010 Page 4
  5. 5. 2. If you have a bunch of frogs to eat, pick coach and mentor; you may reach him at the biggest one first. Your calendar really is matthaey@optonline.net . to record appointments and meetings. In over viewing a day, if a block of four hours is free on your calendar, fill it with high priority, larger HOLIDAY JOB SEARCHING tasks. Schedule time for your larger tasks first. Dispelling the 4 Great Myths of a 3. Synergistically group like items together. Holiday Job Search Make all of your phone calls in a single block of time, if possible. By Lawrence Alter Answer emails together. Myth: Employers don’t hire in December. You’ll realize greater productivity if you don’t Truth: December is a wonderful time to search switch from one task to for a new job. Since candidate pools dry up and another. job seekers quit looking during the holidays, many hiring budgets go unspent and a good many jobs 4. Always scan your list remain unfilled until the New Year. Also, according when you complete a to human resource consultants and executive task or appointment. recruiters, many companies, because of the Choose your next task nature of their business, are not impacted by the based on context holidays at all. Business continues as usual. Many (where you are and professionals will also use this period to resign what tools you have their position, especially if bonuses are not a available), priority, time, and your energy. factor, in order to start a new job in January. This 5. Be flexible. Plans should be malleable, so creates additional opportunities as vacancies need that you can be opportunistic when an to be filled. important event presents itself. You will Myth: It’s hard to network during the holidays. probably not complete all of the items on your weekly plan, but you should make a concerted Truth: Actually the reverse is true. People tend to effort to complete all of your high-priority be motivated by the holiday spirit and since they items. often have less to do, are usually more receptive to spending time with aspiring job seekers. You 6. Note changes. As an unplanned opportunity will also find that holiday events are wonderful arises that you decide to execute, note it on networking occasions. With all of the religious, your plan. As you review the week, you’ll be family, and social events, you have a great able to see everything you’ve accomplished, opportunity to expand your contacts and maintain and thus be able to assess total effectiveness. impetus going into the new year. Tell people about 7. Protect personal time. No one can do yourself, ask for advice and contacts, and collect anything well 24/7. Make sure you reserve business cards for follow-up. time to exercise, to regenerate, to spend Myth: The chances of finding a job are much quality time with family and friends. You’ll be better after the holidays. much more effective and responsive if you are rested and relaxed. Truth: If an employer has a need for someone, it won’t make any difference whether it’s December, 8. Reach out to one person each day who is January, or any other month. Hiring is usually important to you. No one goes through based upon a need for someone, and not on the transition alone. Give your peeps a call or time of year. If you have the qualifications, it is shoot them a quick email to let them know very likely the company will be receptive to your that you are thinking about them. candidacy and your aggressiveness will help you Next Installment: Reviewing your stand out from the crowd. Another large accomplishments. advantage is the much smaller number of competitors during the holiday season. Our © Stephen Matthaey. Reproduction rights experience shows that throughout most of the granted to PSG for internal use only. Stephen is a year over 200 job seekers respond to help wanted PSG Dover Networker, January 2010 Page 5
  6. 6. advertisements. However, during the Christmas 5. If you are seeking the assistance of career season, that number dwindles to less than 50. As counselors or outplacement professionals to a result your chances of generating interviews help you in your job search, December is an through published ads alone are dramatically excellent month to form that relationship increased. because their fees are usually tax deductible. Myth: Companies have depleted their budgets Unfortunately, many of the unemployed become and won’t have money until January. bitter, angry, or depressed during the holidays and often let their emotions control their actions. They Truth: Executives and department managers may fail to take advantage of the wonderful want to use the remainder of their annual budgets opportunities that exist only at this time of year. before they lose them at the end of the year, or Don’t let that happen to you. You have the ability they may be in a recruiting mode to select the to influence many of the events that shape your candidate to hire early in January when funds are life. The following quote by Ralph Marston available. The people they typically select are the expresses quite succinctly how important it is to ones who were being recruited in December. If maintain the right mental attitude and push you stop your job search over the holidays it could forward with determination and an unwavering cost you dearly in January. commitment to achieving your goals. Some helpful hints: The month of December presents numerous Send holiday cards to hiring managers with whom opportunities for the job hunter. This is a time to you’ve recently interviewed and enclose a short strengthen, not reduce your efforts. The rewards note reinforcing your interest and indicating that are immense and there is no downside. Stop you will contact them shortly after the first of the looking for excuses and year. You should also send holiday cards to those reap the rewards of people with whom you have met with for continued activity. networking meetings. 1. If you have a real need for income, many Author Lawrence Alter is retailers such as Best Buy, Target, Marshall president of L.D.A. Fields, Wal-Mart, Home Depot and others hire Enterprises, Ltd.; a extra departmental help over the holidays. Minneapolis-based Temporary agencies also have increased outplacement and career requests for talent during this period. An management firm. He is a interim source of income can help you recognized expert in generate some well-needed earnings, present career growth techniques. numerous opportunities to network with Send ideas or questions people you meet, and restore your self- via email to: confidence. LDA@EmploymentClinic.com. Website address: www.EmploymentClinic.com 2. Continue your schedule and job search routine without abatement. It will help you to maintain a positive mental attitude and minimize the traditional tendency towards despondency during the holiday period. 3. Do charity work and volunteer your time. It will help you to stay mentally active, maintain a positive spirit, and probably present you with some excellent networking opportunities as well. 4. Use holiday get-togethers with family and friends to remind them about your job search. Attend church events and other social gatherings. Job leads can come from places you would never expect. PSG Dover Networker, January 2010 Page 6
  7. 7. YOUR FINANCES Habit Yearly Alternatives Cost Personal Financial Planning in 2010 Daily cup of $547/yr Home-made coffee By Monisha V. Khadse, CFP®, MBA coffee out Breakfast out 3 $780/yr Make a wholesome During job transition, we may now be tempted to days/week @ breakfast at home for less use our savings accounts, 401(k) or other accounts to finance activities and unforeseen $5/day than $2/day expenses. 1 hardback & 3 $690/yr Free - Use the local According to the Chicago Tribune, nearly 87% of paperback library Americans do not have a written budget. Twice as books/month many budgeters vs non- Lunch take-out $1,750/yr Home-made healthier budgeters feel confident 3 days/wk @ lunch about achieving their financial goals. Budget, $7.50/day however, is sometimes Gym $1,200+/ Free - Walk outside/in the considered a bad six-letter membership yr mall with a friend/use Fit word – so let’s call it a TV to spur you on spending plan. Rented movies $260/yr Netflix or other at $120/ The objective of a spending once a week @ year plan is to understand your cash flow situation, establish $5/movie financial goals and recognize Avoid impulse purchases by using shopping lists ways to save. and sticking to them. Remember these four Elements of a Spending Plan questions before buying. 1. Understand your spending. Identify your Do I need it? sources of income (unemployment income and Do I need it now? other household or consulting/part-time income) and necessary expenses (fixed – mortgage/car What happens if I don’t buy it? payment; variable – utilities, groceries) and How have I gotten along without it so far? discretionary expenses (even if it is going to the movies). Use cash allowance to set aside expenses for the month in different envelopes. Once the envelope 2. Outline short-term and long-term financial has been spent, you are done in the expense goals and then track your spending to make sure category. that it stays within those guidelines. Set goals so that they are specific, measureable, actionable, 5. Use coupons. realistic and time-bound (SMART). 6. Purchase generic brands. 3. Use a personal-finance program like Quicken or 7. Buy in bulk. Microsoft Money to track monthly expenses and then compare them to the spending plan created. 8. Sell items no longer needed through eBay or consignment shops. Tips for Managing a Spending Plan 9. Reevaluate your housing and consider 1. Live within your means – even if it is tough. downsizing or taking on a roommate You really won’t miss the weekly dinners out next year when you have mastered the art of home- 10. Find inexpensive or free activities such as cooked meals. nature hikes/walks or free courses at the library. 2. Eliminate luxuries with more practical 11. Tackle home projects yourself - by doing it alternatives, as indicated below. yourself, you may save money (as long as it is done right!). 12. Review insurance coverage PSG Dover Networker, January 2010 Page 7
  8. 8. Comparison shop and bundle to get better rates. and Pirate English (Arrr, vos ingredior tabula, ye scurvy dog!). Auto - raise deductible, take defensive driving class. Many people working in the arts, the entertainment industry, nonprofits and Disability-review to determine if coverage is valid nontraditional businesses are active on Facebook during unemployment. and not LinkedIn. Life – buy term; invest the rest. Until this December, many job coaches urged Medical – if not sick, consider high deductible avoiding Facebook for various reasons, including: plan. • Anybody connected as a “friend” can see your Debt – pay highest interest rate debt, minimums profile, all your posts and all your photos, on the others. • Other people can “tag” you (ID you) in photos Call your lender to see if they will renegotiate to they post, including those which could make you lower rates (it does not hurt to ask). unattractive to a hiring manager, Use deductible debt – home equity lines. • Your posts to friends and family would also go to your professional ones, Consolidate debt • Your game updates, notices of online gifts, Just some sites with coupons: pokes, video posts and other entertainment Freebies4Mom.com. were all available for others to see your frivolous side. Restaurant.com; DinnerBroker.com. In the past few weeks, Entertainment.com – get the book for buy one get however, Facebook instituted one free deals. new privacy features that let RetailMeNot.com and CouponCabin.com - before you customize whether the you buy online, check for online coupon codes. public or only friends can see your comments, your photos, Mysavings.com. your groups, your game If you have questions, please contact me. updates and much more. You can also organize groups of You should discuss all personal finance friends and only send matters with your tax professional, financial messages to family or friends, advisor or attorney. and NOT to business contacts, Wishing you financial health, or vice versa. Although they Monisha V. Khadse, CFP®, MBA take a bit more time and trouble, these privacy Financial Services, Consultant tools make it possible to socialize on Facebook mvkhadse@verizon.net without letting potential employers see your family or fraternity photos and other aspects of your private life. JOB HUNTING ONLINE Unfortunately, Facebook’s search tools are primitive compared to LinkedIn's. For example, if you search for “jobs,” you’ll see hits for the game The Frugal Job Hunter’s Guide to “Mafia Wars,” a Steve Jobs page in French, over a hundred groups just called “Jobs” and a few useful sites. By Andrew Brandt However, if you are targeting or researching a Launched as a social networking site for Harvard particular company, chances are it has a Facebook students in 2003, Facebook is today the world’s business or fan page and is building an online largest social media network with 350 million community. If you find a business site of interest, users. It is also now being used by thousands of click on “Become a Fan” or “Join,” read the posts, businesses and nonprofits as their public face to write comments, ask questions and find people consumers and even job hunters! You can access you can send friend requests to. This is actually a Facebook in about 60 languages, including Latin PSG Dover Networker, January 2010 Page 8
  9. 9. bit more like real-world networking than on on your email signature file. To update, just go to LinkedIn. one site to make the changes. Facebook does have applications for job hunters MeetingWave could be a potential winner. It from third-party programmers, but some of them allows you to create an invitation to meet live with are, frankly, not terribly sophisticated and a few other FB users for either a standing regular simply don’t work. meeting (such as a job hunting or networking club) or a private meeting. Unfortunately, the app Some job search apps are for regional specialties: still needs work. Another option might be to jobs in Britain, Egypt, Singapore and India, and IT create a fan page for your networking group and or teaching jobs in Australia. A recent search list the state, region, county, city and zip code so found the apps: HeadHunting Jobs, Frontline other users can find it. Retail Jobs, Construction Jobs, Digital Journalism Jobs, Work at Home Jobs and Teen Jobs. Some If you're looking for a job as a software engineer, employers (AstraZeneca, Citi, Randstad and there is still time to garner fame and recognition others) have built their own hiring applications on creating some useful job hunting tools on Facebook. Many more may soon add jobs tools or Facebook. simply make announcements from their Facebook Other social media (such as LinkedIn) restrict page. third parties’ ability to build applications for their To find applications on Facebook, use the search sites. Facebook, on the other extreme, requires box on top of the page, or look on the bottom of users to be careful about which applications they your FB page and click on “Applications.” Note that sign up for (caveat emptor, if you use Facebook in search results may include applications, fan Latin). LinkedIn is social media’s old boys’ club to pages, organization pages, games, individuals Facebook’s wild, wild West. and, sometimes, incomprehensible hits. LinkedIn probably should be every business Some widely reported Facebook apps include: professional’s’ primary online networking site. Facebook, however, has a larger presence in My LinkedIn Profile allows you to Post a certain job fields, a more interactive corporate LinkedIn button on your Facebook profile. presence (especially with consumer and nonprofit Business Cards puts a “signature” on your organizations), easier communications and over Facebook messages, like an email sig. six times the members. (Plus, if you need a break from job hunting, you can plan a bank heist in CareerBuilder, Razorfish, and Jobvite have Mob Wars.) If those advantages look attractive to Facebook applications to send job openings you, give it a try. directly to your Facebook account. Unless Facebook is the center of your online universe, You can request expanded and updated versions though, it may make more sense to have your of the first three Frugal Job Hunter articles about search service send results to your email account free and cheap office software, online productivity or as an RSS feed, or directly to your smartphone. software, party planning websites and e-card Inside Job is potentially the best resource for job resources. You can also request the author's hunting on Facebook if the provider ever ebook, The Job Seeker's Guide to Online reprograms the software so it works. In theory, Networking and Using LinkedIn. Email Andrew you can search for companies people work for, Brandt at andybrandt531@yahoo.com, introduce where they used to work or where they’ve yourself, and state which info you're interested in. interviewed. We’ve been waiting impatiently for version 2.0 for several months. Professional Profile and EasyCV both allow you BOOK REVIEW to create a formatted résumé for your Facebook account. However, a better solution would be to Too Modest to Brag? Get Over It! create an online résumé using VisualCV www.visualcv.com/, Raveal raveal.com/ or By Joyce Poff Emurse www.emurse.com/. These three sites can In her book, “Brag! The Art of Tooting Your Own also host downloadable work samples, videos and Horn Without Blowing It,” author Peggy Klaus recommendations. After you create your online teaches the reader the fine art of bragging without résumé, post links to it on Facebook, LinkedIn and PSG Dover Networker, January 2010 Page 9
  10. 10. coming across as egotistical, self-centered and bomb,” which you will have to read for yourself. obnoxious. For transitionists, mastering this art is The book offers great advice on how to develop a an absolute necessity as we seek out the next positive story about you. Writing that story, the great opportunity. We all have accomplishments brag bites and bragologues is a self-affirming of which we are justly proud. We just don’t journey all by itself. PSG members will be all always know how to share them. ready to adapt their CARS and PARS into the Our family and society has process. taught us that modesty is a She also warns against believing in traditional virtue, and we have all met thinking such as, “My resume will speak for itself.” people who do nothing but talk And how often have you heard yourself saying, “It about themselves endlessly. was really nothing,” or “It was a team effort,” or “I Does anyone actually believe don’t want to make a big deal of it.” Well, when those people? But we have to you stop to think about it, there are probably be ready to talk about ourselves people out there who want to hear about all the and our successes in a way that accomplishments you think are small, because engages, enlightens and excites they are not as small as you think they are. a listener rather than repelling them. Her advice is practical and her suggestions for language usage, attitude, timing and practice can Klaus’ dictionary includes items like: lead the reader to an entirely new approach to “Bragologues,” which range from the thirty-second self-promotion; a positive one that lets your elevator pitch to a three-minute monologue; audience know how creative, diligent and “Brag bites,” snippets of impressive information accomplished you really are. And they will want expressed in a brief, quotable manner; “Brag to know you better. After all, “brag” is not a four- bag,” your collection of information that can be letter word. easily accessed when you need it and “Brag November 2009 Landings CONGRATULATIONS 1. Veronica Carroll - IT Auditor (Valley National Bank) 2. Gerbert Barrera - Chief Engineer (Rex Forge, CT.) 3. Monisha Khadse - Financial Analyst (Ernst & Young) 4. Beth Tutty - Supervisor (UPS) 5. Jason Howard - Project Manager (Wachovia/Wells Fargo) 6. Charlie Seals - Principal Engineer (Armel Electronics) 7. Irina Vinyarskaya - Application Developer (First MCO) 8. Wayne Eichler - Consultant (Resources Global Professionals) 9. Holly Akers - Account Executive (Wholesale Lighting Services) 10. Uday Bhoopalam - SQL Server Developer/DBA (AWE) 11. Sheryl Hompesch - Customer Support Analyst (Staples) 12. Cindy Madison - Department Secretary (NYU Langone Medical Center) 13. Debra Gerhard - SR. Administrative Assistant (Prudential International Insurance) 14. Karri Tonnesen - Cost/Document Controller (Troy Chemical) 15. Carol Khoury - Director of Marketing, Membership and Development (NY Society of Security Analysts) 16. Ronald Kulhanjian - Software Support (Acclivity) PSG lead PSG Dover Networker, January 2010 Page 10
  11. 11. Holiday Drive Hits Home Run By Caroline Bucquet Recently, the Morris County Career Network (MCCN), staffed with members of the Professional Services Group (PSG) of Dover, conducted a holiday food and clothing drive for the less fortunate in New Jersey. Led by Marion Heller, donors gave dried beans and canned vegetables, low-salt and sugar-free foods, high-quality winter clothing, diapers and more. The donations took the space of approximately seven fully covered cafeteria-sized tables. In Morristown, the Community Soup Kitchen staff kept everyone moving through a large room to collect goods. For example, People were provided with a large bag and were allowed to take all they could wear or carry out. “After 30 minutes, there wasn't much left,” said Beth Kujan, a former PSG member who also helped with the drive. Despite these severe economic times with NJ unemployment at 9.7 percent (10.2 nationally - not including those who have exhausted benefits), PSG members were able to think beyond their own needs to the concerns of those who have much less. “We are very pleased with the collection of goods from this drive in support of the community,” said Heller. Pictured from left to right: Marci Ritter; MCCN co-chair, Barbara Irene Such; MCCN Drive Chair, Marion Heller; MCCN co-chair, Caroline Bucquet; and Jan Hruska. PSG Dover Networker, January 2010 Page 11
  12. 12. SCENES FROM THE PSG HOLIDAY PARTY Photos courtesy of Elena Collins PSG Dover Networker, January 2010 Page 12
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