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December 2009 Professional Services Group newsletter

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December 2009 PSG Morris Networker

  1. 1. Volume 1, Issue 6 December 2009 A note from the facilitator... Count those blessings: each day, count three good things about the day. Dear Friends, Exercise: physical activity burns adrenaline, which our bodies produce when we feel stressed, I was thinking about what to write in my note so burning it allows you to feel positive. when one of our members stopped at my desk and gave me a copy of the Use “What’s the good word?” as a greeting, article “7 Tricks to Stay not “How are you?”: that will encourage Positive in an Often Negative positive responses. World.” I found the article Savor the positive: discuss your enjoyable very empowering and moments with others; speaking about experiences decided to share the helps us to absorb them. (If nobody else is information with you. around, send an Email or call me). During the Holiday season, Create a list of the most positive experiences it is important to stay of your life: Label each with the primary feeling positive and feel happy and that it provided and when you feel trapped in learning how to do it is well negativity, choose the feeling that you need most worth the effort. from the list. That way, you can trick the brain People who have a positive outlook not only enjoy into believing that you are experiencing it again, their lives more but also live seven to nine years triggering the same reactions and moods as the longer, on average. They also tend to exhibit first time. better intuition, more creativity and improved Spend time with nature: being in nature problem-solving abilities. You need all that to land refreshes the spirit and reminds us that we belong you next job! to something larger than ourselves. Even if life gives you a challenge, you still can be So, be in control and enjoy your life! happy—if you learn the mental strategies that create positive feelings. Happy Holidays! Ways to become positive: Trigger the laugh effect: even a fake laugh can produce endorphins, which will make you feel more upbeat (I didn’t know that myself). TABLE OF CONTENTS Gold Box Experiences ...................................p2 Networking Viewpoints ................................p12 Landing Success Stories ................................p3 Recent Landings .........................................p14 Recruiter’s Perspective of Job Search ...............p4 Hiking at Apshawa Preserve .........................p15 Career Coaching ...........................................p7 Surviving the Hike at Apshawa Preserve ........p16 Financial Tips ...............................................p8 Committee Reports .....................................p18 Frugal Online Tips .......................................p10 Committee Chairs, Newsletter Contacts .........p19 PSG Dover Networker, December 2009 Page 1
  2. 2. INSIDE THIS ISSUE GOLD BOX EXPERIENCES Welcome to our last issue of 2009. Where does By Joyce Poff the time go? On a shelf in the Opportunity Center, sits First off, please take note of our new name and Elena’s gold box that contains written masthead, courtesy of Suzanne Elward. The reflections on the positives of being in thoughts of fellow PSG’ers during their periods transition. This is the of transition are told by Joyce Poff, while fourth in a series of Caroline Bucquet shares another in-depth articles inspired by the success story about a new job for one of our gold box and its members. Contributor Brian Walker writes purpose. We about his views on the job search process from transitionists are the recruiter’s side. Alex Freund returns to sharing the positive our pages with a look at different career changes and developments in our lives as a coaching types, and fellow PSG’er Monisha result of being in transition. Recognizing the Khadse lends some end of the year financial positive and valuing it is important as we ride advice. Andy Brandt looks at frugal holiday the roller coaster of interviewing, waiting, party planning with a wealth of online applying, waiting, interviewing and waiting resources, and Lisa Chenofsky Singer some more until that right job comes our way. discusses how networking relates to life I asked our members to share their experiences during transition. In our own experiences, anonymously, if they wished. version of Point-Counterpoint, Stephen Connelly recants the adventures of PSG hikers Anonymous has been meeting great friends, on one of his recent journeys, followed by learning how to network and has discovered Brad Schweon’s tongue in cheek view of the that their ideas about social networking have outdoor activity. Please read the article about changed. They have discovered LinkedIn! the New Business Committee goals by Ira Anonymous went back to school this year and Kaplan. If you have the skill set or are has successfully completed the course of study. motivated, join this committee’s very important Congratulations! work. Working behind the scenes, Carolyn Cohn and Bob Loder manage editing and Barbara Such joined several buddy system layout, respectively, while Peter Herbst and groups connected to PSG and is developing Alison Kamage are making sure this new relationships. newsletter reaches your inbox. Lastly, in Anonymous is making friends with others in addition to Suzanne and Lisa, we want to PSG. (They underlined it, not me! That’s how welcome new team members Bruce Goldman important it is.) and Etya Novik. Another member gave us a quote, We hope to see many of you at the holiday “Everything begins with a good foundation. It’s breakfast on December 9. To you and your a process after that.” PSG provides the tools families, we wish you peace and happiness and the foundation. What we choose to build during this holiday season. depends on us. -Brad and Bob I would be remiss if I did not tell you that one anonymous contributor to this project wrote just one word on their slip of paper. The word was, “Nada.” We have all felt it at one time or another; denying it would be a lie. When you We want to hear from YOU! find that person, take the time to help out, listen, give encouragement and support and Please submit your success story to assure them that they are not alone. “Find a rainbow in your cloud; Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.” - Maya Angelou PSG Dover Networker, December 2009 Page 2
  3. 3. LANDING SUCCESS STORIES She also is happy to work for a well-known, global company that is continuously striving for new initiatives to improve in order to stay ahead of the Staying the Course, Terri Ciccodicola curve. The icing on the cake was when Lands Choice Job at Hertz Ciccodicola began collaborating on a project with a fellow networker she had met while in transition By Caroline Bucquet who also had landed at Hertz. “We had discussed Former PSGer and Morris County Career Network the positives about Hertz before I landed,” she (MCCN) meeting planner, Terri Ciccodicola landed said. “Now we are colleagues.” at Hertz Corporation as senior director of finance Understanding the power of differentiation, and project management office (PMO) in Ciccodicola put a presentation together for her September of 2009. Ciccodicola, who came to this first interview, laying out her understanding of the job through the Robert Half Agency, had visited job and how she stood up to the criteria for the them one year before being ideal candidate. Preparing this presentation hired. “During this time, I helped Ciccodicola to bring her thoughts together saw a lot of postings from clearly about her personal brand. “I had put Robert Half, but they were presentations together for a couple of interviews not the right fit or niche for and each time I did this, I got called back. I also me,” said Ciccodicola. attached my presentation to my thank you notes,” Because Ciccodicola she said. Furthermore, her Email correspondence approaches her work with contained hyper links to her LinkedIn profile and long-term vision and visual CV. “Because there are numerous maximum contribution in candidates for every job in today’s market, mind, it was important for differentiating yourself and reminding a her to hold out for the right prospective employer, or business contact, of who position. Eventually, you are is a plus,” noted Ciccodicola. Ciccodicola found a perfect posting with Robert Ciccodicola also appreciates the skills that she Half and called them about it. The gentleman gained through PSG Dover, offering a place where from Robert Half, with whom Ciccodicola had been professional, highly skilled people congregate with working, immediately submitted her resume. The common causes to share honestly and assist each hiring process took three months from her first other in finding meaningful employment. interview to contract. “I have never experienced networking on this Ciccodicola’s first interview was with Hertz’s scale. It is different from networking at a human resources department and a potential company, which can be more insular,” Ciccodicola peer. Later, she interviewed with her new boss, a pondered, “At first, it was tough, but I learned to senior vice president in charge of process enjoy networking and it helped to build my improvement. Her third and final interview was confidence. I care about what happens to the with the chief financial officer, the treasurer and contacts that I have made and want people to another human resources manager. know that they can land their ‘Plan A’ jobs; that After interviewing with the hiring manager, these positions are attainable. Don’t sell yourself Ciccodicola knew that she wanted to work for short. I took encouragement from hearing other Hertz. There was a simpatico with the people she peoples’ positive stories,” she smiled. “Those in had met — plus Hertz’s progressive management transition have not lost their skills; they come approach and openness to fresh ideas made them right back.” a choice company. Ciccodicola knew that she “Volunteering at PSG helped me to keep my skills would be able to apply both her PMP and finance fresh while boosting my self-confidence and self- background in this new role. “I have complete worth. This is the most competitive job market understanding of the project management side that most people have ever experienced and I am and the financial/IT side and felt that it was a willing to help anyone in the search,” good fit. I think people perform best when they acknowledged Ciccodicola. feel passionate about what they do,” Ciccodicola noted. PSG Dover Networker, December 2009 Page 3
  4. 4. RECRUITER’S PERSPECTIVE TO these, feel free to contact me via any of the methods below. I’ll be happy to speak with you THE JOB SEARCH myself or help you to schedule time with someone from my office. Job Hunting 2.0 1 - Important Stuff Enhancing Your Odds of Employment Discuss all of these matters with your partner or in a Twisted Economy family, if applicable. While not technically a job By Brian Walker of The Wise Group hunting technique, you’ll need and appreciate any support that you can get as well as any ideas or As I write this, the unemployment stands at a rate contacts that they may provide. of 10.2%! Roughly 16 million Americans are out of work and many are searching feverishly for the Weigh what is important in your life. Are few jobs are available. Gone is the myth that only finances most important or is quality time with deadwood get cast off in the job market, as many, your family more highly valued? The reality is that many talented people have this can be a double-edged sword, meaning that lost their jobs through no you need money to support your family, etc. The fault of their own. Those key is to think about it seriously. that still have jobs are Get a makeover—an attitude makeover. I know thankful for them and that it is hard to not feel depressed or dejected, businesses are taking but you need to project a positive image and I’m advantage of this fact by not saying to fake it. You need to remind yourself having them work harder about all of the things that you have accomplished and longer than ever in your career and of which you feel proud. before. Think about where your strengths could be As an executive search best used or about where your skills could be consultant, I know all too well what people are perceived as transferable. facing since I receive calls from work-starved candidates everyday. I try to counsel them, to Determine acceptable commute times. help in any way that I can by dispensing advice to Consider relocation options. the best of my ability through direct interactions or via my website, blog, and newsletter as well as Think differently. You may find another through media such as the Wall Street Journal. somewhat related career path suitable to your When I was approached by Brad Schweon to talents. When I was laid off the first and only share job-search techniques from the executive time in my life, I was in materials management. recruiter’s perspective, I was thrilled at the After a week of moping, I got out of my funk and opportunity to be able to be of some help. So, it began a recruiting business. I haven’t looked is with pleasure that I offer you the tips and back since. insights that have proven successful for others Learn something. Enroll in school or pursue with whom I have shared them. I have shared your passions; you may find a new career path as many of these with the journal but only a few a result. made the cut. The premise of the WSJ article was to come up with some creative job hunting tips Create a folder (or several). Be prepared to and while I agree that creativity could work in track all of your activity from the contacts that your favor, your odds will be better if you you have made yourself to those made by others approach the process methodically. on your behalf so that follow up, which is key, will be timely and effective. There are a number of steps to the process and they represent many of the best practices when it 2 - Finances comes to job hunting. These will be presented in Chart you financial condition and obligations so a checklist format to follow with details, as that you know what you need to make ends meet. needed. Simply follow the list line by line and you will at least be in a better position than the Decide upon the minimum compensation that majority of job seekers with whom you are you will accept to meet these. competing. If you have questions after reading PSG Dover Networker, December 2009 Page 4
  5. 5. Plan your fallback options, such as what you will whom you have long forgotten. This can—and do to make up for your lost compensation. You’ll should—include friends, relatives and Colleagues need to ask yourself whether you will work a part- (past and present) as well as any professionals time job, consult, or start your own business. with whom you deal (attorneys, accountants, doctors, bankers and consultants who sell to the 3 - Resume and Branding people who would hire you). Create a formal resume, whether it is 5 - Job Boards, Recruiters and Associations chronologic or functional. Use whichever format best highlights your expertise and talent the most. Register with your industry or discipline-specific association for networking purposes. Often, these Also, create a one-page resume with a narrative are open without cost to workers in transition. on what you bring to the table for generic as well as specific employers Register with a handful of recruiters (not a hundred) who specialize in your industry and Make up business cards—QUALITY CARDS!—Not discipline. the “make it at home” type. Put it in writing that they should not forward Consider an online profile (resume / video your resume to any company without checking resume / portfolio of work), which is good for with you first because it could cost you an initial presentations as well as follow-up. I’m a opportunity if you both try to get your hat into the big fan of video resume—if the person is same ring. presentable enough to pull it off. Video and audio are nice because you can shorten an employer’s Retained versus Contingency? Many high-level learning curve as to how you present yourself. executives (and many who simply think they are) ask if I’m retained Create an individual site per employer. It is when I proffer easy to do by adding pages customized for each them an company that you are targeting. You can create opportunity. (My hidden pages and send a link to that particular firm does both, by company, just as you would with a cover letter. the way.) There Regardless of the site, whether it is generic or are reasons for specific, talk about how your experience and asking this skill set will benefit them. Pull in information question, which about their company and why you are a good fit space doesn’t and how you can add a positive impact. allow me to address, but my Also, think about sending multimedia packages advice is, don’t be instead of just a plain paper resume. These too a snob. You could can be valuable in setting you apart from others in miss an the field. opportunity as a Send it on a business card CD, thumb drive, or result. via Email, or again, as a link to your online Register with profile—even YouTube! applicable job 4 - Contacts boards and set up job search agents on monster and any sites specific to your interests. This is an Join LinkedIn at a minimum, Facebook and obvious one, but I didn’t want to leave it out. A Twitter to cover the bases. Keep ALL online question often arises whether you should list your profiles professional and eliminate those that name or go confidential. I’ll tell you my personal aren’t. People will Google you and photos and view. If you’re a high flyer and you want a little comments depicting you as a party animal will privacy, people will seek you out to get more likely not give you the edge over another information despite the mystery but not because candidate unless it is for CPO (Chief Party Officer). of it. If you’re unsure, simply list your name for Create your list of known people who could help more transparency. Recruiters are more apt to you in your search. I have put this second call or Email you as a result. because joining LinkedIn, Facebook and the like Join ExecuNet or TheLadders if you’re pursuing will probably reconnect you with many people a 6-figure job. There are others like these, but PSG Dover Networker, December 2009 Page 5
  6. 6. just keep in mind that you have to pay for these and used without cost at your local library or even services. remotely from home. NEVER, NEVER give Social Security numbers on 8 - Approaching Potential Employers job boards. Again, obvious, but people have done Plan your approach to these companies. Will it and paid the price. Also, while we’re at it, no you use recruiters, the listed contacts in the HR need to list home addresses either. It is department or third-party recruiters who may unnecessary; a zip code is fine for giving have ties to key hiring managers? employers the ability to find you within a given proximity. Tailor every communication BEFORE it goes out. 6 - Getting the Word Out to People I suggest researching your targets if you want I put this before contacting companies because I to stand out from the pack. Imagine receiving believe (and history has proved me correct) that two resumes for the same role: One is generic regular everyday people fill more jobs more often and the other talks about the company’s than HR departments. By getting the word out to opportunities and challenges and how this person your contacts, you are capitalizing on the can influence each. Who would YOU hire? experience, knowledge and contacts of your friends. This trumps the HR clerk who has dozens Write a letter to the target person inside the of requisitions on company specifying a date you’d like to have a his or her desk discussion and call on the appointed date and and thousands of time. LinkedIn and the other services can assist applicants. you in gathering names. Some recruiters will either assist or sell name lists for this purpose. Send that shortened Create a presentation for a company that you version of your are targeting. If you’ve got the time and a true resume that you understanding of a problem that a target created to every organization is facing, prepare a presentation contact you can outlining how you can solve or mitigate the think of. problem, open new markets, enhance revenue, cut costs, streamline operations, etc. Send it in. Generate and comment on Offer yourself as a consultant to companies you discussions on respect and want to work for as well as to those LinkedIn and the with whom you may have lost a job. like. Demonstrate your knowledge in your Collaborate with others in same way. Think of particular area. complimentary service providers who work in your Send interesting information to people who industry and offer your expertise on projects that could have influence or help to get you hired. The they may be working on. If you are an point: Stay Top of Mind. organizational development professional, align yourself with other HR consultants. You may find Create a monthly newsletter and mail it to that you love consulting. prospective employers and partners, giving them the ability to opt out if they so choose.—Again, 9 - Other Avenues name recognition. Invest in an Executive Marketing services 7 - Companies company, such as David Lerner’s, where they will market you within your chosen industry. Make a list of the companies where you want to Warning: This costs a lot of money and is not work. Again, LinkedIn will help here. Do this for something that I recommend to people who are all companies on your radar regardless of whether not working simply because they should be they have openings or not. conserving their money. If you can’t do it yourself Hoovers, Reference USA and Duns Million Dollar or are uncomfortable doing it, work with a Database are also great for compiling a list of recruiter who would be willing to market you. companies based on SEC classification and Prices will vary, depending on the size of your proximity. These resources can often be found target industries as well as the level of service. I PSG Dover Networker, December 2009 Page 6
  7. 7. know some firms that will do it for an investment Brian Walker is the Founder and President of The of $5-6k. This involves mailings, follow-ups, Wise Group, an executive search and assessment weekly progress reports, mock interviews, etc. firm whose practice areas include Life Sciences, Consumer Goods, Financial Services, Industrial Contract yourself out as a consultant on Markets and the Technology sector. He is a and eLance, to name a few. frequent contributor to The Fordyce Letter, a Give of yourself: Donate time and talent to leading Recruitment Industry publication and has charities/foundations, etc.—show your capabilities been cited in leading business periodicals such as and you might land a new gig through serendipity. the Wall Street Journal, Pharmaceutical Formulation & Quality, Medical Device Daily and Publicize your good deeds. The objective is to the CareerSmart Advisor newsletter. For more build name recognition. You want your name information on The Wise Group, LLC and its mentioned so much in a positive light that it will services, please visit the company web site at: be the first thing that people think of when they have a need in their area. 10 - Follow-up Follow-up. Whether you follow all these tips or CAREER COACHING only a few, be sure to follow-up on every contact made. This, above all, is paramount because it So, How about a Career Coach? shows your follow-through and you fortitude. By Alex Freund, Principal, Landing Expert–Career Coaching A Word on over “40” Bias The Four Types of Career Coaching: I hope that these tips prove helpful. In closing, I No Career Coaching would just like to say a word about older workers (I count myself among this group). Many people Some people belong to this group. Their previous with whom I have spoken suspect that there is a employers have not entitled them to career great deal of bias in the hiring process. The truth coaching, and they decide not to seek such is that there is bias but no one will tell you this. assistance. Two of the There are clever answers to some of the questions primary reasons are that they ask that point to this bias and many think (1) they say that in the that these quips will get them the job when in fact past, they were able to you won’t change their thinking. If they’re secure employment and prejudiced, they’re going to be that way no matter (2) they’re in such how good your answer is. Instead, you must be emotional torment that positive and fight, within reason, for the they feel that they are in a opportunity to show your value to the fog and can’t make logical organization. decisions. They still mourn their loss. Their success is If that fails, fall back on these: thus hindered and grossly Contract yourself out as a consultant on limited but not impossible. and eLance to name a few as well as to Limited Assistance the organization that has just shot you down. Some people are entitled to several months of a Form a consulting company made up of full package of outplacement services based on “seasoned” professionals. Younger workers lack their positions in their previous companies and on the experience that you’ve gained. Make this their tenures there. Paid in full by that past known and be proud of that fact. The group’s employer, the service may entitle the person in various skills and experience can be brought transition to limited, one-on-one coaching; group together to solve company problems on a networking; seminars and workshops; assistance consulting basis covering all (or many) facets of a in resume writing; and access to the business. Give of yourself: Donate time and outplacement firm’s online databases to search for talent to charities/foundations, etc—show your potential employers. This type of service offers capabilities and you may just land a new gig that value for the first three weeks or so; thereafter, you enjoy. PSG Dover Networker, December 2009 Page 7
  8. 8. the benefit curve turns down drastically. make a job change. Half of the two-hour session Separately, or in conjunction with outplacement is devoted to mock-interview practice while the services, some people in transition join one or remainder of the time is spent on subjects such more of various job search networking groups as: the resume, the proper use of LinkedIn and and/or state-run organizations such as one of New other social networking, learning how to overcome Jersey’s 11 One-Stop Professional Service Groups. perceived liabilities and even how to effectively Some of the groups, such as the one in Dover, are negotiate your compensation, among many truly effective for job seekers; others are less others. My website helpful. includes the Job Search Networking Database visited by over 2000 people per month. Career Marketing Firms A career marketing firm is an organization that hires a sales force to recruit candidates who are FINANCIAL TIPS typically job seekers in desperate stages of the job search. Payment is made up front and varies, 2009 Year-End Financial Tips but it’s in the range of 5% of a candidate’s annual salary. Career marketing firms provide one-on-one By Monisha V. Khadse, CFP®, MBA career coaching; they produce personal marketing material for the job seeker; they offer access to As this challenging year comes to an end, let us one or more paid-for databases; and they render see the silver linings in the clouds and take the assistance with resume writing. The degree of time to review tax credits and deductions their success varies, and their reputations by and available for 2009. I have large are questionable. Most of them close up also noted those that will shop within a few years because they get sued; expire at the end of 2009, others morph into differently named shops. Before so if appropriate, use them you engage a particular firm, speak with people to reap the benefits and you trust who have knowledge of it; get leverage your lower income recommendations for good ones if you can; and tax bracket (hopefully, not then check them out yourself online at for too much longer!). Here are some ways in which you can reduce your taxes: Independent Career Coaching Independent career coaches vary greatly in terms Increase Tax Deductible of the fees that they charge and the services that Expenses they provide. Your best bet is to thoroughly check • Make an extra mortgage payment -- the extra out a coach’s reputation. Talk to several people interest paid will be added to this year's who have used that coach’s services, visit the mortgage interest, increasing your itemized coach’s website, and interview several coaches deductions. I recommend that you do it by before making a commitment. Learn what your mid-December and confirm with your lender total expense will be and find out what to expect that your payment will be credited as paid in once the coaching is done. An independent career 2009. coach tailors a program specifically to your needs. • Pay your property taxes – if your property tax The coach assists with resume writing, provides bill is due in early 2010, you may want to pay marketing materials, gives unbiased opinions and it in 2009 and take the deduction this year. advice regarding next steps and how to • Donate to charity - clean out your clutter and accomplish them, and assists in teaching the skills donate good-condition household goods, for negotiation of a better compensation package. clothing and other items to charity. Get a A career coach holds your hand until you land and written receipt for all charitable donations provides you with emotional support to get you (including cash). You can also deduct mileage through job transition. Above all, a coach typically at 14 cents per mile when driving for volunteer speeds up the job search process. activities. You cannot take a charity deduction for the value of volunteer time or services. “Landing Expert” is an integrated career coaching • Medical expenses -- pay doctors’ bills, service with the objective of helping and insurance premiums, buy eyeglasses, or stock supporting those in transition or those seeking to up on prescription medications. You can take a PSG Dover Networker, December 2009 Page 8
  9. 9. deduction for medical expenses exceeding • Option not to take a minimum 7.5% of your adjusted gross income. With a distribution amount from an IRA only lower adjusted gross income (AGI) for some in applies to 2009. 2009, a few major doctors’ visits can exceed the 7.5% threshold. For those who have some other household • Maximize your Flexible Spending Account income: (FSA) - use up any funds in your FSA or risk losing that money forever. Buy eyeglasses, • Postpone income – If possible, postpone medications, or get a checkup. the receipt of income until 2010 to lower • Organize your financial records - AGI for 2009, and the ability to claim Entrepreneurs should use accounting software larger deductions, credits and other tax such as Peachtree, QuickBooks, or Microsoft breaks such as IRA and Roth IRA Office Accounting to ensure that all of their contributions and conversions, child income and expenses are recorded properly. credits, and higher education tax credits, Individual taxpayers may want to use that are phased out at certain income Microsoft Money or Intuit's Quicken to keep levels. track of their personal spending. These • Max out your retirement savings as programs provide reports that summarize your contributions to a retirement plan reduces tax deductions for faster tax preparation. taxable income. • Boost business expenses – if you can afford it • Home – Tax credits are available at 30% and have a small business or are an of the cost, up to $1,500 in total, in 2009 independent contractor. Buy office supplies or and 2010 (ONLY for existing homes, NOT invest in new equipment. Review retirement new construction, that are your “principal plans or decide about setting up a retirement residence”) for: plan by the end of the year if owners want to o Windows and Doors, insulation, make tax-deductible contributions for the year. roofs (metal and asphalt), HVAC • Sell losing investments to offset capital gains. and solar water heaters. Losses offset gains dollar for dollar, and losses in excess of your gains can be deducted, up to Review for $3,000 per year. additional details. • Wait to invest until after the ex-dividend date • Make energy improvements – For those – Do not buy mutual funds held in taxable who own a home, making energy saving accounts until after their ex-dividend date to improvements – such as putting in energy- avoid paying capital gains tax on the dividend. saving windows, extra insulation or solar • Standard or itemized deductions - equipment (take advantage of rebates) – Homeowners should also review whether it will provide additional tax credits while would be advantageous to take the additional reducing energy costs. standard deduction for property taxes instead • Buy a computer for school – If you have a of itemizing. qualified tuition plan ('529 plan') to save • Job search expenses – any such expenses that for education expenses, for 2009 and 2010 can be pushed back to 2009 will increase your only, you can use funds from these itemized deductions. Note that job search accounts to pay for computer technology expenses related to your present and equipment and Internet access and occupation, including automobile mileage, related services. can be deducted • Purchase a new car – Take advantage of the federal income tax deduction for state/ Expiring Tax Opportunities after 2009 • Option to deduct state sales taxes instead local sales and excise taxes paid on new (not used) vehicles that are purchased, not of income taxes • Deduction for state sales tax on purchase leased, between February 17, 2009, and December 31, 2009. The write-off is of motor vehicle (see below) • Above the AGI line deduction for higher limited to the amount of taxes on the first $49,500 of purchase price. The tax break education expenses • The $8,000 first-time homebuyer credit can be claimed even if you don’t itemize or if you owe AMT. has been extended to April 30th. PSG Dover Networker, December 2009 Page 9
  10. 10. • Give to loved ones (maybe your loved ones Invitations and Ecards can give to you!!!) – Make use of the $13,000 per donee annual gift exclusion by Invitastic making gifts before year-end. Gifts made free, no registration directly to the creditor for education or If all you want to do is send a simple Email medical purposes do not count against the invitation, Invitastic's your site because that's just annual exclusion amount and are not about all that it does. It's one of several eclectic subject to gift taxes. Jackson Fish Market applications that includes They're Beautiful (http:// As you start anew in 2010, the 2010 New Jersey to Email flowers to a Society of CPAs Financial Fitness wall calendar friend (or daily bouquets for your website); serves as a financial literacy resource guide, with They're Ugly ( is the handy tips and tools for improving your financial same, but not beautiful; and sites for selecting a health. Order your FREE 2010 calendar now! baby's name, checking your carbon footprint, and You must be a New Jersey resident to request a learning a few dance steps. calendar. resources/calendar.cfm enclude (beta) free Please note, I hope I have given you some “food Enclude offers very tasteful, artistic Ecards and for thought" and led you in the right direction to invitations, which you can customize with your get more information as related to your finances. own photos. The invitations You should discuss all personal finance also offer RSVP management; matters with your tax professional, financial guests can upload photos and advisor or attorney. videos before and after the event. Unfortunately, it only Stay tuned for information on Roth IRA has a limited number of conversions in January of 2010. If you would like Christmas/holiday cards. me to review a particular topic or have a specific question, please Email me at someecards http:// I will try and address a few questions in the next newsletter. free Want some unusual, snarky Wishing you financial health, ecards and invitations? With the motto When you Monisha V. Khadse, CFP®, MBA care enough to hit send, someecards combines Financial Services, Consultant traditional black and white clip art with contemporary themes (including adult). You register for free to send invitations and use guest lists and RSVPs. This includes Google Map links and the ability to leave comments. Some FRUGAL HOLIDAYS invitations have commercial sponsors. The site also has a store for various gift items as well as The Frugal Job Hunter's Guide to an iPhone app. Holiday Party Planning Online Manvite By Andrew Brandt free The winter holidays are coming and you want to Tired of sites with pretty cards, ladies-night-out celebrate a bit more frugally this year. There are invitations, and teas? Here's a site just for guys! online apps to help you send holiday greetings Manvite offers specialized invitations for bachelor and plan your party! These sites can also be used parties, poker games, beer drinking, golf games, for wedding planning, anniversary parties, football parties, trips to Vegas, lap dance parties business meetings, fund-raisers, even selling out (yep, you read that right) and much more. It’s the your New Year's Eve extravaganza. Whether only invitation site that offers pinup calendars. you're planning a simple dinner, sending Email cards, or planning a fundraiser, there's a site for you! PSG Dover Networker, December 2009 Page 10
  11. 11. Other invitation and Ecard sites: support for recurring events and mobile phone tweetvite invitations for support. It offers an impressive collection of party offline meetings of Twitter fans. planning ideas, including holidays ranging from Crusher another invitation Cinco de Mayo to Hanukkah. and social organizer. Blue Mountain Mypunchbowl ecards and downloads, 7-day free membership. free with additional fee services, but free 123 Greetings invitations may include advertising. animated and musical Ecards. This site offers Ecards and invitations (up to 500 Hallmark Ecards and free) and party planning tools, including Date print cards; unlimited Ecards for $9.99/year. Decider, date announcements, invitations, post- American Greetings http:// event photos, Twitter and Facebook integrations, a Ecards, some free, birthday database, reminders, to-dos, even a pot- free trial before subscribing. luck dinner tool. Special events include Girls Night E-Cards As the name Out, engagements, bridal and baby showers, says, Ecards. block parties, dinner parties, Victorian teas and holiday planning from Christmas to Rosh free Ecards. Hashanah. The site also markets party supplies Care2 A nonprofit from paper plates, custom-designed candy and support site for activists, donations, and 25,000 + soda, T-shirts, tags, pens, totes, holiday items free Ecards. and gifts. It also offers personalization services, Yahoo! Kids ecards priority tech support, advertising-free invitations ecards free Ecards for kids. Some TV show tie-ins. and yearly memberships for a fee. Impressive! Serious Party Planning Sites Party Planning and Social Media pingg Socializr free with advertising; fee for ad-free invitations free (some paid services?) and some other services In addition to ad-free invitations (with music and If good taste is your goal, this site exudes it. It video) and party planning tools, the site offers includes Ecards and invitations created by name social media tools, including cell phone invitations, designers. You can send customized invitations via slideshows, chat rooms for guests, viral marketing Email, text/SMS, through social networks (Twitter tools, list management, event statistics, and Facebook) or have pingg print, address, organization profiles and photos and RSS feeds. It stamp, and mail invitations via snail mail (for a integrates with Facebook, Friendster, MySpace and fee). Services include: event list management Flickr. Looking for a party? The site lists events in tools, custom event home page, donations, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San tickets, event and RSVP management. It includes Francisco, San Jose, Seattle and Washington, DC. cards for the usual family celebrations, many Jewish and Christian holidays, special events, Zoji grand openings, charity fundraisers, business free announcements, change-of-address Zoji is a social networking site that includes announcements, and much more. extensive event planning tools, including services to businesses, nonprofits and government groups; Purple Trail think Facebook or LinkedIn for party-goers. The home site includes social networking tools, profile free no-ad invitations; some fee-based services pages, organization pages, personal blogs, instant Purple Trail is an impressive site for invitations, messaging, event calendars, and private and Ecards, and party planning. You can send group chat. You keep a contact database and can invitations via Email, SMS, and Facebook as well tag people for different types of events. Events as traditional print cards and invitations. You can can range from movie and dinner dates to design and add audio and video clips to your corporate events. No pretty cards or designer invitations. Tools include event planning, RSVP offerings. reports, online address book, event management, ticket sales, tips and ideas, newsletters and blogs, PSG Dover Networker, December 2009 Page 11
  12. 12. Professional Event Tools The Job Seeker's Guide to Online Networking and Using LinkedIn evite A PDF book on using online tools for job hunting free with some fee-based services and a store and networking online and exploring the special PSGers have already used evite for our PSG tools for job hunting on LinkedIn. events. Evite offers Email invitations (up to 1000 free), party planning, RSVP management, photo To offer feedback, comments, ideas or to describe viewing, maps, mobile phone support (text your favorite web tools, write the author at messages, calendar info and directions) and more. For copies of the It also has a large collection of Ecards (some with above works, send an Email and state where you sound files) for most major holidays, including learned about it. Christian and Jewish celebrations. It includes an online party supply store. It's one of the older event services, but is still popular. NETWORKING anyvite free, with paid premium business services Thinking, Believing and Networking Think evite with a few hip media tools. Build an By Lisa Chenofsky Singer invitation database from Email and evite lists; Certified Executive and quickly create an invitation with lots of invitation options; send via Email (up to 1000 free); use Career Management Coach text messaging tools; add public announcement Chenofsky Singer & Associates, LLC tools to your website or blog; use RSVP tools; The nature of our relationships is dependent on export guest list (to Excel or text files); share how we present ourselves. And how we present Flickr pictures and YouTube video with guests after ourselves is dependent on how we see ourselves the event. Can merge guest lists. Premium and the world around us. Life services are available for business events. is a journey! As we travel along our path, do we let our eventbrite lives teach us who we are or free for no-charge events or percentage of ticket do we determine our sales direction along the way? For business events (fundraisers, meetings, When one is in transition, concerts or big parties). Services include whether it is a job loss or a personalized invitations; mailing list management; position change that we were RSVP reports; event web page design and not ready for, how do we hosting; marketing; online ticket sales and react? Do we recognize our donations; multiple ticket types; discount codes; own loss or change? Are we bar-code-embedded etickets; credit card reactive with strong emotions processing; day of event planning; sales reports; and possible denial? Or are customizable URL links; Facebook integration. we proactive, reflecting on what we can do next? What story are we sharing with others? How are we telling our story? Are we Don't forget the tools we discussed in the first two the victim or the creator of a new beginning? Are Frugal Job Hunter articles, including To Do lists, we in the right frame of mind to be networking? calendars, Email and office tools. Missed them? Email and ask for: Let’s begin with one’s story. When transitions occur, we need to ask ourselves, how does this fit The Frugal Job Hunter's Guide to Software with our life’s plan?. How does it feel? What (Parts 1 & 2) possibilities can come from this change? When we Part 1 is a guide to free and cheap software take the time to reflect, we are able to reframe downloads for your computer; Part 2 explains on- our thoughts and prepare our stories. Sometimes, line office and business tools. These articles are the distinction between what really happened and expanded and updated from the newsletter how the story is told differs. This may be an versions. attempt to capture the listener’s attention, to cause others to laugh, or the result of our perception that we have come to believe is true. PSG Dover Networker, December 2009 Page 12
  13. 13. We need to ensure that our stories are based on recognize them. So, we should plan our job search positive beliefs to network effectively. Networking strategy but be flexible enough to let it flow when is a year-round activity. We are always networking the opportunity presents itself and see the – formally or informally. Our stories provide a is full of surprises – enjoy them window into who we are and who we want to be. – treasure life’s successes no matter how small or These windows are visible to both ourselves and large they are. those we engage – consider one’s reputation, how So I leave you with words of wisdom from a fifth we present and how we profile ourselves in grader... ". . . i believe everyone should be conversations and online. Our social identity or themselves, because everyone is unique and reputation is based on perception – social different . . . i believe in following your dreams, interactions that happen in person, on social and listening to your heart . . .i believe everyone networking sites and by others who talk about us should take a step back and look at the world when we are not there. This identity determines every now and then . . . i believe richness isn’t how others interact with us. about money, it’s about who you are inside . . . i When we listen to a friend, colleague or neighbor, believe all people are equal, and prejudice is just we can hear their energy if we truly listen. Some plain not knowing . . . i believe if someone doesn’t present with a sense of doom, frustration or like you, it’s their loss . . . i believe family and apathy. Others communicate with enthusiasm, friends are the best things on earth . . . and there optimism and personal commitment. Think of the should be no such thing as money . . . oh yeah, i law of attraction – what one gives is what one do believe a stranger is a friend you haven’t yet receives. The impact of our thoughts, both met . . . i believe in leaning on those nearest and conscious and unconscious, has an impact on our dearest to you and…i believe life was meant to be reality. If you really want something and truly enjoyed . . ." believe it’s possible, you’ll get it. Keep in mind that this can also work against us. By spending a Chenofsky Singer & Associates offers executive lot of time and attention on something that we and career management coaching, human don’t want means we will probably get that too! resources consulting, training and development. Thinking about what we do not have may manifest My website lists itself in not having it, while avoiding negative speaking engagements and other writings. One is thoughts and focusing on positive thoughts is welcome to use information contained in this more likely to get us what we desire. We need to article as long as they credit Lisa Chenofsky be careful about what we wish for. Figure out what Singer and reference to ask for before asking. Changing our thoughts can change our reality. Our thoughts have energy. This energy will determine the nature of our relationships and our achievements. When we speak with other people, how many times do we hear, "I love my job"? Or do we hear more often, "this position is so draining"? If it is the second, can we change our energy flow? How can we cope with our day? How can we reorient our thinking? How can we change the lens through which we HAPPY NEWS...Dover PSG was recognized are seeing the world? Is the glass half full or half recently with a donation from a local empty? Do we see life through positive thinking or are we pessimistic and ask what else can go organization for the work we do to help wrong today? How many times have we had a day the job search process for our members. when things are not going the way that we want them to – but at some point, we choose to go with Katherine Ritchey added her own donation the flow and laugh it off as a new lesson – maybe to schedule less in our day or by chance, we in honor of her husband, a PSG alumnus. happened to meet someone along the way in our not-so-perfect day that opened our eyes to Thank you! something new? What possibilities can come our way when we have a positive outlook? Life is full of opportunities – we just need to learn to PSG Dover Networker, December 2009 Page 13
  14. 14. October 2009 Landings CONGRATULATIONS • Christian Hansen - Benefit Consultant/ERISA Paralegal (White & Case LLP) • Ernest Easty III – Inventory Analyst (Tangoe) • Christoppher Ryan – Property Claims Analyst (York Claims Services) • Eric Lang – Infrastructure Planning Consultant (Prudential) • Jeanne Gigli – Receptionist (Pediatric Dental Associates) • Mary Harrington – (Johnson Controls) • Diane Zanowicz – Benefits Admin. Temp. (NBA) • Marc Schoenholz – Consultant (Information Resources) • Lori Sternhal – Senior Project Manager (Thomson Reuters) • Peter Herbst – Instructor P/T ( Dover Business College) • Janice Erzmoneit – Controller (Liberty Science Center) • Claudia Sandonato – Coordinator of Operations (Morris/Sussex/Warren Workforce Investment Board) • John Livanos – Consultant (JH Cohn) • Chuck Iannacone – Print Supervisor (Infinitive Visions) • Sandra Rosenfield – Assistant P/T (United Jewish Communities) • Michel Quinn – Senior Accountant (Morgan Certech) • Maureen Byrnes – Faculty (Seton Hall University) • Jodie Lerner – unknown • Eric Seldin – Senior Practice Consultant (EMC Corporation) • Joyce Poff – Claims Adjuster (Gallagher Bassett) • Jennifer Deng – SAP Functional Consultant (Quantum Integrators) • Luoise Plate – Financial Analyst (Cadbury) • Phil Glawe – Associate Director of Weatherization Services (Bergen County Community Action Partnership) • Sara Tompkins – Medical Assistant (David Najarian, M.D.) • Mark Toma- Information Systems Developer (Coface North America) • Jennifer Bergmann – unknown • Frank Magdits – Adjunct Professor P/T (Sussex Community College) • Pam Pearce – Project Manager (Millennium Communications) A message to PSG members and alumni... Last month, a father participating in our program lost a son to injuries sustained in a terrible car accident. His son was not driving the car. When the end became unavoidable, the family was asked if they would consider organ donation. Knowing the young man’s attitudes and values, they agreed to allow their son’s organs to be donated. As they promised to do, the New Jersey Sharing Network (the organization matching the need for and availability of organs) later told the family how their son’s gift actually helped other people. This healthy teenage boy saved four other people through the transplant of his heart, liver and both kidneys. Other lives were also enriched, as the organ recipients have six children among them. The recipients are doing well. No identities were exchanged in this situation, not will they be divulged unless the people involved agree to do so. Please, drive safely throughout this season—and always. Avoid tragedy and a need for the donation question to ever be asked. But the unexpected and unimaginable can happen to us in our lives, both for the better and the worse. Reflect on giving this gift. Is it a gift that you could want to give—but when you can no longer be consulted? Can you conceive of ever needing an organ transplant, or your loved ones ever needing a transplant? If you think that organ donation is a worthy cause and are willing to direct that your organs be donated to help another person, please let your family and friends know of your wishes. Indicate them on your driver’s license. PSG Dover Networker, December 2009 Page 14
  15. 15. PSG’ers GO HIKING New Jersey, including the wolf and cougar, have been wiped out due to sprawl so the deer, in turn, reproduce at a higher rate due to both lower rates The Apshawa Preserve PSG Hike, of fawn mortality and to better food sources. This October 31, 2009 also increases the live-birth rate so that two to three fawns per birth cycle are not uncommon. By Stephen Connelly, The Walkabout Group Many species of plants have arrived from Europe The car moved through the rain as we traveled and Asia with no natural predator base. In this north to the morning's hike; windshield wipers pristine environment, the Japanese Barberry, marking our pace. Earlier that morning, weather Russian Olive, Canada Thistle and Purple alerts and a pre-hike report on the conditions of Loosestrife have flourished. All of these plants the trail were sent out to all hikers. We pulled have invaded the woods, swamps and fields to into the parking lot create noxious and persistent blights on the promptly at 8:45 landscape. Although one may find a particular am to find that the invasive plant pleasant looking, it could be rain we had driven deceiving. The Norway Maple is invasive. through had become Imported from a heavy mist at the Europe as an Apshawa Preserve. ornamental plant, it Apshawa derives takes over its from the Algonquin habitat. The Stephen and Mary Beth language of the monotypic stands Lenni Lenape create eroding Indians and means "covered ground." The patches of soil, preserve is a result of a partnership between the causing denuding of New Jersey Conservation Foundation and Passaic the forest floor and County. The development in the area was permanently The Hikers threatening the buffer zone of the Boonton displacing native reservoir and these two organizations joined plants. forces to preserve the natural landscape and the The next time you go for a hike, look into the “natural infrastructure” that safeguards drinking woods. A healthy forest will have low, short- water quality. cropped growth in the under story and then varied Led by Stephen Connelly, the hike had five tree trunks and full “upper story.” There will be a participants — Mary Beth, Brad and Terry, Bill and natural progression. In a healthy woodscape, as John. The purpose of these you look in, you will not be able to see more than hikes is to get out in nature and 20 to 30 feet into the forest during the summer. to learn about the area in which Varied bushes and plants will make up the ground we live. The changing cover and under story. The upper story and woodlands and forests were canopy will be varied and have a heterotypic discussed and how the invasive planting shared by several species. plants and animals are Take notice of the natural world in which we live. destroying the natural New It is changing due to our own belief that one small Jersey woodscapes. plant will not make a difference. We are often Some examples of invasive seduced by the images of deer gamboling across species include starlings, which John Greider the road with the innocent fawns following. These appropriate nests from native are the destructive agents of change, which will species including woodpeckers, great-crested drive out the native species that call New Jersey flycatchers, common flickers, bluebirds and other home. Find out what you can do to make a cavity-nesting species. Deer, although native, due difference. to no natural predators, have proliferated to an To learn more about the New Jersey Conservation unforeseen density of 750 and more per square Foundation and their mission to protect open land mile. This was brought on by the creation of and preserve water quality, go to better food sources through overdevelopment of and learn more about this land and woodland-open space habitat in which vital guardian of the natural landscape. deer thrive. Also, species that used to be native to PSG Dover Networker, December 2009 Page 15
  16. 16. The Apshawa Preserve PSG Hike mineral water and nibbling on natural foods. They had barely perspired. An Out of Shape Hiker’s Point of View After yet another hour, we stopped to observe a By Brad Schweon big pool of water. Our guides called it a dam. I My wife and I participated in the PSG version of didn’t care what we were the Bataan death march on Halloween Day. The observing, as long as we could ground was slippery with hidden surprises of mud rest. It was time for a buried under piles of decaying leaves. A “separation”… experienced combination of cooler hiker terminology for a potty temperatures and the light break and a tick inspection. rain chilled participants to Yes ticks…yet another the bone. As the wind wonderful experience howled and rushed through associated with exploring the the trees, the remaining wilderness. moisture from remaining My prayers were answered as tree-bound leaves fell to the we turned for home after our earth to settle on the top of separation. My heart was my cold, hair-challenged literally jumping out of my Bill Weber head. chest as we negotiated our way up a hill in the Stephen and Mary Beth are middle of the leaf strewn, wooded hell. My wife experienced in surviving the brought oranges as a snack. We wanted to leave New Jersey wilderness. the peals in the forest. Our wilderness guides They suggested that we use dead branches as suggested that “we need to bring out what we walking sticks. After my first slide in the mud, I brought in”. I had a silent suggestion for the quickly realized the utility of the smelly, rain- wilderness guides. drenched, fat twig. I felt like the powerless Another hour through the slimy leaves and mud, Gandalf, in transition. the windswept rain falling on my brow, and the We learned about the little diamond trail indicators waves of perspiration… Civilization approaches… attached to the trees to mark the trail. I quickly redemption and two hours on IV fluids. realized that if one turn was missed, we would be On a serious note, Stephen’s The Walkabout lost forever…a tasty meal for a hungry bear. Group is a great experience. The group had a Mary Beth and Stephen taught us how to use the wonderful time dealing with the elements, walking stick and small trees for support as we laughing, and looking out for each other. Stephen traversed down hills sideways to maintain our estimates that one can burn off up to 1,500 equilibrium. We learned additional techniques as calories during one of these hikes. I can believe the trail went in a that. After a few hours of rest after the hike seemingly endless uphill ended (and aspirin), my wife and I felt wonderful. direction. I learned a lot about the environment from this Thank goodness we trip. Please note the details from Stephen’s article reached the first rest and the New Jersey Conservation Foundation stop. I gulped my first ( bottle of water as I I am looking forward to the next The Walkabout silently cursed the Group expedition. Join us. people who caused my former company to Photos by Brad Schweon close. If I were still working, I would not be sweating my butt off in the middle of a black What is your New Year’s Resolution for forest on a wet, cold your job search in 2010? Please share it Saturday morning. I with us for next month’s issue. Send it to: finished my water while observing Stephen and Mary Beth sipping their special high protein PSG Dover Networker, December 2009 Page 16
  17. 17. PSG’S ANNUAL HOLIDAY BREAKFAST Wednesday, December 9 9:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. Meadow Wood Manor 641 Route 10 East Randolph, NJ Please R.S.V.P. by December 2nd at PSG Fee $12 per person paid in advance. All members and alumni welcome! Don’t Miss It! PSG Dover Networker, December 2009 Page 17
  18. 18. Committee News The NBC’s goal is simple: to methods will be constantly identify hiring companies with revised as we brainstorm and jobs PSG members want and measure our efforts and Career Events Committee persuade these companies to results. We need your energy The second round of “Sales send us job announcements. and talent. Too shy to present Training Skills Boot Camp” How will we do this? We will to hiring and HR managers? workshops (seven four-hour figure it out as we go along and Then join our committee and workshops) was held at the we do have some initial ideas: conquer your fear. As a child Morristown Headquarters Plaza did you make funny prank • Create a brief presentation to - County College Of Morris phone calls (I did)? Then we be given by NBC members to (CCM) facility between October need you to give Web hiring and HR managers at 27th and November 17th. presentations. Excel at medium size companies (100 strategic thinking and analysis? Upcoming PSG Morris speakers - 1000 employees). We need you to identify hiring and events: • Meet with hiring and HR companies who want a Dec. 2 - Lisa Chenofsky Singer managers and give the relationship with PSG but do presentation. This can be not yet know it. Are you a Dec. 9 - Holiday Breakfast done in person or as a Web crackerjack salesperson? Then Dec. 16 - Kenny Moore, meeting. As we do it we will teach us how to sell. Do you “Keeping Your Sanity, Sense Of determine which approach is want to contribute but not sure Humor & Soul - While Looking more productive. how? Then please join as For A Job” everyone has something • Ask PSG members with sales valuable to add and together Dec. 23 - No Meeting experience to train committee we will discover it. members on presenting and If you are a PSG member who selling PSG. Interested PSG members has heard a great presenter should send an email to both that you feel would benefit the • Use U.S. Bureau of Labor John Bolland PSG membership, please Statistics to identify industries ( and contact Mark Muschko via email and job titles experiencing Ira Kaplan at or hiring growth. ( directly at 973-222-3190. • Seek in-kind data donations Please tell us how you want to -Marc Muschko, Chair from Dun & Bradstreet, help and the best way to NJBIZ, and other information contact you. The New, New Business providers so we can better Committee identify target companies. We want to be employed. We • Crunch the PSG database to want jobs which fit our skills determine industries and job and passions, have a future, titles desired by our members and at which we can excel. We and seek out matching don’t want to settle for jobs companies. only to pay our bills, although • Determine, with the having food and shelter are Opportunity Center, how to extremely important. maintain the relationship The Opportunity Center between PSG and members, with boundless hiring companies energy, repeatedly call and We need members to write to potential employers make this happen. As and withstand countless an anonymous rejections. A new committee business consultant which will work closely with the said, “I reserve the Opportunity Center, the New right to get smarter Business Committee (NBC), is as the project forming and we need members. progresses.” Our PSG Dover Networker, December 2009 Page 18
  19. 19. MEDIA COMMUNICATIONS STAFF Committee Chairs PSG Steering Committee: Brad Schweon, Co-Chair Bruce Goldman Thomas Brankner ( Bob Loder, Co-Chair Peter Herbst Brad Schweon ( Andrew Brandt Alison Kamage Documentation Committee: Caroline Bucquet Etya Novik Thomas Brankner ( Jeffrey Johnson ( Carolyn Cohn Joyce Poff Career Events: Suzanne Elward Lisa Chenofsky Singer Mark Muschko ( ) Alumni Events: Ira Sieber ( Contact us here with your story ideas or Mark Muschko ( Andy Brandt ( comments. Computer Committee: Peter Katzenbach ( Bart Zoni ( Instructors: The MEDIA COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE meets Steven Johnson ( following the Morris County Networking Group at Tom Martin ( 70 Maple Ave., Morristown on the 2nd and 4th Monday New Business: of each month at 11:00 am. Please join us! Ira Kaplan ( John Bolland ( Marketing: Julie Smolin ( Membership: Dan Harrison ( Opportunity Center: PSG - Driving Employment Through John Regan ( Member and Organizational Strength Lauren Anello ( ) Joanne Goodford ( ) OUR VISION: Steve Shemonis PSG will dedicate membership resources to become ( ) the leading provider of services to help fulfill our Media Communications Committee: mission. Through active participation, members will Brad Schweon ( obtain valuable new knowledge, expand personal Bob Loder ( and life experiences and leave each meeting Sustainability Opportunity Committee revitalized for the tasks of securing gainful Sharon Garr ( employment and enhancing our economy. These Bob Delpizzo ( efforts will create the organization of choice for linking job seekers to employers and alumni. PROFESSIONAL SERVICES GROUP 107 Bassett Highway, Dover, NJ 07801 OUR MISSION: Phone: 973.361.1034 Fax: 973.361.8727 PSG is a self-help volunteer organization for Email: professional level job seekers. Members pursue PSG Website: three goals: Sponsored by the NJ Department of Labor • To find employment as quickly as possible and Workforce Development • To help other PSG members find employment © 2009 Professional Services Group, Dover, NJ • To help the group as a whole PSG Dover Networker, December 2009 Page 19