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Tweet Beam Explained


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As part of the Grow Your Business By Being Social (GYBBBS) Series this Tweet Beam Explained Powerpoint gives you a short overview with a 2 minute sample video of a #tag in use.

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Tweet Beam Explained

  1. 1. GrowYour BusinessGrowYour Business By Being Social:By Being Social: #GYBBBS#GYBBBS A Cyber Guardians Online CourseA Cyber Guardians Online Course ©Bradley W. Deacon 2015©Bradley W. Deacon 2015 Topic Visual Tweet Wall ‘TweetBeam’
  2. 2. TweetBeamTweetBeam  VisualTwitterWallVisualTwitterWall  Real-Time UpdatesReal-Time Updates  #tag Promotion#tag Promotion  AdaptsTo Screen SizeAdaptsTo Screen Size  Wow FactorWow Factor
  3. 3. TweetBeamTweetBeam
  4. 4. TweetBeamTweetBeam
  5. 5. Suggested UsesSuggested Uses .  At Sporting EventsAt Sporting Events  AtYour Café/RestaurantAtYour Café/Restaurant  InYour StoreInYour Store  InThe ClassroomInThe Classroom  Charity EventsCharity Events
  6. 6. #Tag#Tag  Get your audience to engage with #tagGet your audience to engage with #tag  Audience can see posts liveAudience can see posts live  Great in seminars to run a conversationGreat in seminars to run a conversation  Great at tourist sitesGreat at tourist sites  Limited to your #tag creativityLimited to your #tag creativity
  7. 7. FinalTipsFinalTips  Engage your audienceEngage your audience  Promote your #tagPromote your #tag  EncourageTwitter photographs with the #tagEncourageTwitter photographs with the #tag  Enjoy your interactive wallEnjoy your interactive wall