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Social Media Training Pinterest (7/2014)


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A general overview of Pinterest demonstrating its functionality in education, business, social and private environments.

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Social Media Training Pinterest (7/2014)

  1. 1. Social Media Training Pinterest A Cyber Guardians Online Course ©Bradley W. Deacon 2014
  2. 2. Learning Objectives • To gain an appreciation of Pinterest • Identify the many uses of Pinterest • Identify the functionality of Pinterest • Pinterest for research • Pinterest in the classroom • Pinterest & covert ‘messages’ “Tell me & I will forget, show me & I may remember, involve me & I will understand” Chinese Proverb
  3. 3. Pinterest Pinterest is a social networking website that allows you to organize and share ideas with others. You can share your own content as well as things that other users have posted • Is free • Has over 70 Million Users (Smith 2014) • Is similar to a large corkboard • Is an excellent platform to share links, images and ideas • Can be used for pleasure, work and education • Great for planning trips • Is an excellent platform to store photos .
  4. 4. Pinterest Mechanics Pinterest is made up of Pins and Boards Pinning To A Board Think of your board as a large corkboard on your office or kitchen wall. Once you see an article, a picture, a recipe or take a photograph you simply ‘Pin’ the item to your ‘Board’.
  5. 5. Pinterest Advanced Search Capability The following short video shows you a sample range of what you can search for on Pinterest and how it can enhance your planning and research Adding The Pinterest ‘Pin It’ Pin To Your Browser The following short video of approximately 40 seconds shows you how to add the ‘Pinterest’ ‘Pin’ to your Browser to enable you to ‘Pin’ with just one click.
  6. 6. Your Pinterest Board • Boards are where you organize ‘Pins’ • Organize ‘Group or Class ‘Boards’ • You can also make ‘Boards’ ‘Private’
  7. 7. What Is A Pin? • Pins are like ‘bookmarks’ with images • Pins can be added with one click to your board • Pins link back to the site it came from
  8. 8. Sample Boards Boards are only limited by your imagination or projects
  9. 9. Sample Boards Upcoming trips or past trips
  10. 10. Follow Individual or Business Boards Boards are only limited by your imagination or projects
  11. 11. Create A #tag Project Get creative & create a #tag project and share it with your network Integrate your #tag with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Linkedin #
  12. 12. Pinterest Encourages Creativity Pinterest relies on sharing and creativity #
  13. 13. Pinterest & Research Create boards on research topics and ‘Pin’ articles #
  14. 14. Housekeeping Tip Be sure to turn off automatic feed to Twitter & Facebook as you may not want to share every ‘Pin’ to your network
  15. 15. Planning Your Pinterest Look at other ‘Boards’ Start ‘Pinning’ & sharing Set up free Pinterest account Share it on your social media network Set up a variety of ‘Boards’
  16. 16. Secret Boards You can create a ‘Secret Board’ and invite people to join the ‘Private Board’
  17. 17. Messaging & Private Messaging You can comment on ‘Pins and if the ‘Board’ is ‘Private’ & you have access your message is ‘private’ This feature is just another method that children can ‘chat’ privately that parents & law enforcement must be aware of
  18. 18. Great On Mobiles One Click Your Pin To Your Board Add Research Links Add Video Links Great Search Capability Can Message Privately Encourages Sharing Collaborate
  19. 19. References Smith, C. 2014, ‘By The Numbers: 100 Amazing Pinterest Statistics’ accessed at on July 24 2014