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Instagram Mug of The Week Photo Promo


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Instagram has redefined how we capture the moment, and our morning coffee/hot beverage ritual at various coffee houses, grab and go coffee shops and at home offer some fantastic photo opportunities.
Whether it be the store, the coffee mug, or the view from your favourite hot beverage location we would love you to share your images with us by tagging the photos in instagram with #mymotw and include your location/venue with a #tag as well.
The 'mug of the week' with the most 'likes' will be shared on our Instagram page as a regram and on our Facebook page.
Happy snapping.

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Instagram Mug of The Week Photo Promo

  1. 1. Mug Of The Week #mymotw Of O rd er l The at Wil Top 5 Be? Wh he T Work 2014 ALL TIME Coffee Shop Favourite Mug & Location Take Away Instagram Pics Home Vacation Which Mug & Location Gets The Most 'Likes' How Good Is Your Mug? #Work #Recreational
  2. 2. At your #desk Under a #tree At #home At your fav #cafe At the #beach On the #train/bus/ferry Hot Choc coffee/tea Enter with #mymotw & a location/type #tag work (13%) home (25%) vacation (38%) commute (25%) How does your mug compare? " Life is short. Stay awake for it! " Anon bradleywdeacon #mymotw + #location/style