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What You Need To Know About The Driving Test In The UK


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If you are applying for a full driving license in the United Kingdom, you will have to pass three tests, namely the theory test, hazard perception test, and also driving test.

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What You Need To Know About The Driving Test In The UK

  1. 1. Answers To Commonly Asked Questions About The British On-Road Driving TestAutomotive
  2. 2. If you want to have a full driving license in the UK, youll need to pass three tests, which are thetheory test, hazard perception test, plus the driving test. Among the three, applicants are mostnervous about the driving test especially that this component is more rigorous than it was in thepast. It also takes longer to complete, the roads are more congested, and testing is generally morecomprehensive. Below are answers to some of the popular concerns that applicants have aboutthe test.How long will the test last?This test is approximately less than an hour. The test includes approximately 10 minutes ofindependent driving where youre fundamentally asked to drive in your normal manner, whichimplies following the road ahead except if road signs or markings direct otherwise or unless theexaminer asks you to execute a manoeuvre.Which manoeuvres would I be expected to perform?You may be instructed to do any of the following: reversing around a corner, doing a three pointturn, parking in line to other vehicles, and reversing into a parking bay. Your examiner may alsodirect you to do an emergency stop.What kind of roads will I drive on?During your practical test, keeping you and other motorists free from danger is a priority of theexaminer. Having said that, even though the examiner will evaluate you on how you drive in awide range of road and traffic conditions, he will not take you to places where there is a risk ofAutomotive
  3. 3. hurting yourself or others. The usual routes will include town centres, suburban roads, dualcarriageways, and rural roads.How will my mistakes be noted?The examiner will keep track of your driving using a form which displays items related to yourcontrol of the car, its equipment, and how you drive on the road. Errors can either be noted downas dangerous faults, serious faults, and driving faults. You will fail the test if you commit a singledangerous or serious mistake. Nowadays, you are allowed a maximum of 15 driving mistakes,but if you have prepared properly for the test, it is not likely for you to make as much mistakes.What can I do to increase the likelihood of me passing the test?Statistically speaking, those who have trained with approved driving instructors fare better in thedriving test. There are plenty of driving lessons in Glasgow, and these are different in terms offees,duration of programs available, and quality. The wisest way to look for driving lessons ortuition in Glasgow would be to get recommendations from people you know and trust. In theAutomotive
  4. 4. absence of personal recommendation, you may go to the Department for Transport website touse their “Find your nearest instructor” tool.Automotive