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Tobacco power point

  1. 1. TOBACCOWellness
  2. 2. Tobacco – Facts Numbers = Facts: 6,000 teens light up first cig everyday 3,000 become regular smokers Approximately 9 in 10 adult smokers start as teens 1/3 will eventually die from smoking related causes. About 2.6 million packs are illegally sold to minors everyday. 420,000 Americans die from smoking per year
  3. 3. Tobacco – What’s Inside What is Nicotine: addictive drug in cigs and a stimulant which increases action of the CNS. It is used in insecticide What is Tar: thick, sticky dark fluid produced when tobacco burns. Contains carcinogens: cancer-causing substances.
  4. 4. Tobacco – What’s Happening Tar & drying effect of smoking paralyzes or destroys cilia that work to keep respiratory tract clear Carbon Monoxide: Colorless, odorless, poisonous gas in cigarette smoke. Auto fumes. Contain formaldehyde, paint, toilet cleaner, antifreeze chemicals
  5. 5. Tobacco – Smokeless Smokeless Tobacco  Tobacco sniffed through nose or chewed  Over 12 million Americans use regularly  Start at age 13-15  Addictive drug is nicotine  Mouth sores, cancer of lip, mouth or throat  Damage to teeth and gums  Damage to digestive system
  6. 6. Tobacco – Smokeless Smokeless Tobacco  7,800 oral cancer deaths per year  Leukoplakia: Thickened, white leathery spots on inside of mouth  30,200 new cases per year  Discovered too late = only 50% survive 5 yrs or more
  7. 7. Tobacco – Diseases Respiratory Diseases Chronic Bronchitis: Bronchi irritated Emphysema: Destruction of tiny air sacs in lungs that allow gas exchange (O2 vs. CO2) Lung Cancer: direct link to smoking  Leading cause cancer death in males  Over 157,000 deaths 2003  Over 171,900 new cases reported per year
  8. 8. Tobacco – Diseases Circulatory Diseases Nicotine = Plaque buildup in blood vessels Increased risk of arteriosclerosis/atherosclerosis  Hardened arteries Increased risk of heart attack and stroke Smoking during Pregnancy =  Small fetal growth, spontaneous abortion/prenatal death, and stillbirths  Growth, developmental, intellectual and behavioral problems
  9. 9. Tobacco – Nonsmoker Effects to nonsmoker Passive smoke: Smoke inhaled by nonsmoker and that remains in area after smoker done Includes mainstream and sidestream smoke Mainstream smoke: Smoke the smoker blows off Sidestream smoke: Smoke from burning tobacco
  10. 10. Tobacco – Rights Rights of Nonsmoker Ask others not to smoke around you Choose places that are smoke free Ask people not to smoke in your home Ask people not to smoke at public meetings or events you attend
  11. 11. Tobacco – “JUST SAY NO” Be tobacco free!!!!!!!! FIRST OF ALL: DON’T START!!!!! Nicotine Withdrawal: Occurs when nicotine no longer used Nervous, moody, difficulty sleeping Not long lasting
  12. 12. Tobacco – Treatments Treatments Filters: Reduce tar & nicotine gradually Nicotine Substitutes: Deliver small amounts of nicotine while user trying to quit. Gum = Over the counter Patch = Dr. prescription Nasal Spray = Dr. prescription and faster Learn stress management skills to deal!