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Short film analysis


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Short film analysis for media

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Short film analysis

  1. 1. Shot 1 During the initial start of the film, there is a close-up on the main character being “Harvey”. This automatically connotes to the audienceThe close-up enables the that he is the protagonist ofaudience to focus on the the film, being the mainattitudes and expressions of character with the mostthe main character, with this significance and importanceshot showing the that for throughout the course ofsome particular reason he is the film.happy. Within this shot you are not able to see anything or anyone else apart from what appears to be a female which could be his mother. This shows that she plays a particularly important role throughout the course of the film, possibly could even be a supportive character within the plot.
  2. 2. Shot 2 There is very different body language given off by the two characters of male and female. The woman is lying in bed with covers and a head- scarf on, which represents her femininity. On the other hand the man You can see the is standing up beside the bed with a work-man type uniform on which contrast in the highlights his masculinity. clothes worn by each individualThere are two character. The mansources of is dressed in whatlighting coming seems to be as afrom a oil lamp uniform, thereforeand the connoting that hewindow, which may be theemphasis the father/provider ofproperties of the the household. Theroom. You are woman is dressedable to see that in a vale whilstthere is not many sitting in bed, thisfeatures within may connote thatthe room the she plays more of acharacters are wife/house-wifecurrently in, this role within themay connote that This establishing shot household. Thethey are of a low- provides a basis by child is dressed inincome family which all the wraps which seemsand live a very characters and features to me that he is asimplistic within the room can be possibly a new bornlifestyle. shown. baby which is being catered to by his two parents.
  3. 3. Shot 3The character hasan expression ofconfusion uponhis face, thispossiblyrepresents that heis lost or does notknow what to dowithout receivinginstructions. This particular shot is an establishing shot which again provides an insight into the character and features of the room, within this particular one you can see that the main character stands alone in a room with his book of facts which hangs around his neck. This possibly connotes that he can be classified as a outcast of society or geek.
  4. 4. Shot 4- The main The shot above showscharacter is a close up of whatholding an axe seems to be a picturewhilst being of the main characteraccompanies by along with his father.his father, this The background is ashows that he is wooden wall so thispossibly ready clearly shows that theto imitate his picture has been hungfather and up as a souvenir orenter a similar memoir. Thereforeline of work this shows that thewhich his father family is clearly happycompleted, thu and proud about theirs following his achievements.footsteps. -The father has a smile on his face, with his armed placed around his shoulder, clearly showing that he has a sense of satisfaction about his son and what he has achieved.
  5. 5. Shot 5The lighting within The ash tray seems to bethe room where the full with cigarettemain character is butts, which connotes thatlocated is very he is a regular smokerdark, this depicts a possibly meaning he livesenvironment which a lifestyle which brings ais lonely, sad and lot of stress and confusiondepressing. upon him. The character seems to have a cigarette in his mouth, as well his feet up and a cup of tea which is located several steps away from the chair he is sitting on. This connotes that it is the night-time where he is relaxing and reflecting on the events which took place during the day.
  6. 6. Shot 6 The nurse within the film is dressed inThe two characters glasses and redwithin the lipstick, whilstestablishing shot Harvey is dressed inare looking at each overalls and hasother face to stubble. This showsface, with a heart that the mainlocated on top of character has athem. This depicts sense ofthat they possibly vulnerability, whilstshare a romance in the nurse seems toeach other. be of a promiscuous nature. Located within a bed in overalls is Harvey along-side what seems to be a nurse, this clearly shows that the main character is suffering from an illness and is receiving treatment.