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Elastoplast Presentation

  1. 1. ready to transform
  2. 2. 3 CONTENTS. We Are 4 The Opportunity 5 Existing Campaigns 6 The Competition 7 Band-Aid: Their Advantage 8 Band-Aid: Past Ads 9 Band-Aid: Aus Campaign 10 Band-Aid: Int. Campaign 11 The Competition 12 Strengths 13 Weaknesses 14 Opportunity 15 Threats 16 The Stats: Primary 17 The Survey 18 The Stats: Secondary 19 The Target 20 Point of Difference 21 Market Map 22 The Big Idea 23 Our Method 24 Brand Extension - ‘Ready To Wear’ 27 Print & Street - “Ready to...” Campaign Phase 1 28 QR Codes & Events - “Ready to...” Campaign Phase 1 29 Online & Interactive - “Ready to...” Campaign Phase 1 30 Ambient - “Ready to...” Campaign Phase 1 32 Print - “Ready to...” Campaign Phase 2 34 Media Plan 38
  3. 3. 4 WE ARE. director of possibilities innovative strategic solutions
  4. 4. 5 THE OPPORTUNITY. Elastoplast has graced us with the pleasure of allowing MADE to nurture the future of its brand.
  5. 5. 6 EXISTING CAMPAIGNS. Elastoplast has been a famous brand in first aid and advanced wound care for many years, therefore we expected to have a long list of past campaigns to examine to determine the direction of Elastoplast, however this was not the case. Throughout this research we have come to the conclusion that there currently is no existing campaign for Elastoplast. Communication has been lost between this iconic brand and the market of Australia. MADE is concentrating on Elastoplasts strong First-Aid products – which generate the most income. We believe using these products to locate our niche is what Elastoplast needs to revamp its brand positioning and personality. There has been no signal of a solid rollout of any campaign throughout recent times, including any campaignable ideas. This has left the brand in a very vulner- able position.
  6. 6. 7 THE COMPETITION. #1 Band-Aid #2 Generic adhesive bandage brands #1 Band-Aid Established: 1920 History: Invented by a mother who consistently burnt herself whilst preparing the evening meal. She needed a bandage that she could apply herself without assistance of someone else and with experimentation of making the adhesive bandage sticky this product was created. Band Aid Facts - In 2001 Band Aid had sold over 100 billion bandages - No.1 bandage brand in America - Band-Aid is available to purchase in more stores than other adhesive bandage brand Their Advantage Brand Position Band-Aid owns the adhesive bandage product category in Australia. The term Band-Aid has become a generic term that is used in everyday conversation. The term Band Aid has more than one meaning this is: 1 Band Aid - A well known brand of adhesive bandage 2 Band Aid - A temporary or make shift solution to a problem created ad hoc often used with a negative connotation of a lack of foresight
  7. 7. 8 BAND-AID: Their Advantage. The secondary definition for the term is widely used including in political related media. The brand Band-Aid is a trusted brand. Children grow up with the brand, and when injure themselves ask for a Band-Aid not an adhesive bandage to provide instant relief to their injury. The brand is trusted by families and there belief and loyalty to the product is past through generations it is a product that helps people - people find it to be reliable and provide immediate temporary relief. People keep Band-Aids in convenient places, as they don’t know when they may receive an injury. A common place a Band-Aid is kept is in a handbag/mums handbag, wallet, office draw, first aid kit, child care centre, home medicine cupboards. Band-Aid has tried to differentiate themselves from the other plaster brands through offering adhesive bandages with various images on them. This includes designs that are created by well known designers from overseas and also adhesive bandages with characters which appeal to kids. When you think of the product Band-Aid you think of kids with a minor injury, bump, bruise or cut.
  8. 8. 9 BAND-AID: Past Ads. Campaign: Band-Aid Almost Type: Print Country Created: JWT Dubai Country Ad runs in: Dubai, UAE Campaign: Roberto Type: Print Country Created: America Country Ad runs in: America & Brazil
  9. 9. 10 BAND-AID: Aus Campaign. Band Aid has not conducted a lot of advertising campaigns in Australia - The brand instead has established it’s name and reputation through word of mouth and trust of the brand expressed and passed down through families. Overseas a few campaigns have been conducted: See next page to view an overseas campaign.
  10. 10. 11 BAND-AID: Int. Campaign.
  11. 11. 12 THE COMPETITION. #2 The Generics Generic adhesive bandage brands are gaining ground within this market. Generic brands are offering the same product but in slightly different packaging. Band Aid has lost a differentiating identity to these brands and now these gernic products are being put in the shopping basket. With Economic instability people, especially families are looking for as many ways as possible to save money off their grocery bill. These generic brands offer the product at a lower cost they pass on the savings to the consumer through not spending money on promotion of this product.
  12. 12. 13 STRENGTHS. Durability We believe the products durability is an incredible strength for the brand. Unlike its competitors who thrive on poor quality for a cheaper product, Elastoplast recognises their markets intelligence. They offer a product that is trustworthy and durable, that can be used and will prove reliable in the long run. Variety Elastoplast has 12 categories of products, which range from plasters, therapeutic heating, sensitive plasters to silver healing. This shows the diversity in its range and its ability to reach various wounds by various ages. Elastoplast also offers a kids range of plastic strips which reiterates its message as a brand that has the potential to be a family brand as well as a product for the younger market. Strong Website Ideas One main strength for Elastoplast was its ability to interact with its customers via online media. One example is the ‘Interactive Plaster Master’. This is a method used by Elastoplast to help people at home decide what kind of plaster is best for their wound. It does this by asking a few simple questions, which will take minutes of the customers time at home. Elastoplasts “Safety” messages online are also a great aspect of this brand. It lists the safety precautions which should be taken to minimise the rate of injury in households as well as businesses. This portrays the message that Elastoplast actually cares, throughout all these technological advancements, it is great to see a brand building a bridge between itself and the customer at home.
  13. 13. 14 WEAKNESSES. No clear marketing direction MADE believes Elastoplast has great potential to grow and see their brand gain marketshare, however without a clear marketing direction this does not have the ability to occur. The lack of personality behind the brand leaves the market confused about who Elastoplast are and what they do. It has been overrun by a force, and that force is ‘bland’ Just like the taste sensation; the ‘bland’ represents the fact that our market are aware of its presence but cant find anything to set it apart from the rest, it leaves no aftertaste, or in this case an afterthought to allow the consumer to purchase an Elastoplast. They will instead purchase a product from which they have seen an ad. Not easily accessible MADE undertook a method of its own primary research. We visited local Convenience/7-Eleven Stores around the CBD and its neighbouring suburbs. We alarmingly found out that not one of those stores stocked an Elastoplast product. We feel this is limiting Elastoplasts exposure to its consumers – they are given one option and they will readily find the competitor stocked on every shelf. Impulse buying is a trait of our younger target market, therefore when something suddenly occurs they will flock to those convenience stores to pur- chase a product to suit their busy lifestyle. Dependency on website Elastoplast has one medium of communication between itself and their market – that is online. All information about Elastoplast, including giveaways and product description is done via the website. Great promotional ideas are visible online, however how will the consumer know to visit the website. There was a huge lack of communication and a huge loss of product awareness due to this ill mistake.
  14. 14. 15 OPPORTUNITY. Solid Products Elastoplast plaster quality is one feature that surpasses its competitors. We need to communicate the fact that these plasters work – you will put them on and they will not come off. Made has defined the fact that consumers will always choose quality over price and at the moment the quality standards have slipped for our major competitors therefore consumers are currently searching for a durable product that does what it claims to do. ‘Everyday Item’ Elastoplast is in a limited category of products which allows it to be bought on a regular basis. There is an Elastoplast for every wound and every person. We will need to communicate this to our market. One example may be to outline what the Elastoplast Plastic Strip is for and what purpose the ‘Blister Plaster’ has so the one item does not become a general product used for all wounds. Having this as an everyday item means increased income will be generated and result in a faster rolling cycle for Elastoplast Summer Market Season We have recognised the target market to have a higher spending pattern throughout the summer season. This is mainly due to the increased social scene, such as Music Festivals, Christmas ‘silly’ Season as well as the outdoor activities that are undertaken at this time. We believe Elastoplast has the products to contain the injuries and wounds created at this time, from blisters to bruises, swelling and cuts – we are ‘Ready To Wear’. The summer season is forecast to bring in the majority of usage as well as higher growth patterns.
  15. 15. 16 THREATS. Band-Aid MADE has identified one major competitor, Band-Aid. This brand is well estab- lished within the market and currently owns market share. It has strong growth and has become a generic brand used in many Aussie households. Although we believe product quality is very poor, this brand gives nothing back to the con- sumer besides an insult to their intelligence. Cheap Generic Brands With every product on the current market, there will be a cheaper ‘Home Brand’ alternative. Although product quality is hardly visible there are people who will purchase this cheaper product and expect it to work. We will need to commu- nicate to the market that cheaper does not mean better. We will need to expose the fact that spending a portion more will mean more value for yourself and your family. Can you put a price on trust? Well trust Elastoplast to solve your prob- lems. Current Financial Situation The current economic state is in a global meltdown. Consumers are spending less in more ways than one. The buying patterns have changed and Elastoplast sees this as an uncontrollable threat. Not only do they have the possibility of eliminating all ‘disposable’ purchases, consumers may lead to a cheaper com- petitor.
  16. 16. 17 THE STATS: Primary. 1 fine day 35 people Location Martin Place MADE conducted a form of primary research in the central district of Sydney to analyze current perceptions and opinions of the market. We eliminated middle- the verdict men to better understand the wants of the people who would potentially buy the products and to who our campaigns would be aimed at. 92% say they use plaster on a regular basis 80% could not describe an Elastoplast ad We limited our sample size to better represent the demographic suitable for 75% would choose quality over price Elastoplast. 80% women did not know about the ‘Blister Plaster’ The summary outlines product confusion from the consumers as well as product opportunities for Elastoplast to consider. We have potential to see growth come 65% would embrace the Elastoplast ‘Handy Pack’ from 92% of the market from which purchase and use plasters on a regular 73% males could not relate to plaster campaigns basis. 75% are sick of cheap knock-offs and are looking for real products that actually work. This signals a much more intelligent market that will no longer purchase the cheapest product on the shelf, therefore finances should be spent to revamp the current Elastoplast to inform customers that our product does work. One alarming statistic is that 80% of the sample could not describe an Elastoplast ad. This once again reiterates the point from the Existing Campaign that the public do not know who Elastoplast are, and cannot recall the last advertisement they have seen of the products available. MADE aims to change this – our creative media and strategy will allow us to be heard and be recognised.
  17. 17. 18 THE SURVEY. 1. Gender: 6. Can you recall the most recent Elastoplast ad you saw?  Male  Female  Yes  No If so, please describe: 2. Age Group  18-24 7. Have you heard of the Elastoplast ‘Blister Plaster’ product?  25-34  Yes  No  35-44 8. Would you find it easier to carry plasters if they were readily 3. What brand of Plaster/Bandage have you heard of? Please choose available in a ‘Handy Pack’? one from the below  Yes  No  Elastoplast  Band-Aid 9. Do you believe males are targeted in any current plaster  Home Brand campaigns or ads?  Other:  Yes  No 4. How often would you use a bandage or a related product? 10. Would you be happy to trial Elastoplast?  All the time  Yes  No  Regularly If so, please supply us with your email address:  Occasionally  Never 5. What factor is most important to you when deciding what brand of plaster to use? Please choose one from the below  Quality  Price  Brand Name  Other:
  18. 18. 19 THE STATS: Secondary. 3rd Party Research Where Roy Morgan Single Source When 07.07.08 Who 18 to 34 YO Our Secondary Research outlines the opportunity Elastoplast will aim to target. Our market is in need of a plaster product the verdict that looks and stands for something young and stylish, which follows the marketing direction of Elastoplast. 51.5% enjoy tough physical activity Our target are busy, and live full happy lives filled with physical activity. It also outlines the broad view our market takes – 75.3% try to look stylish they will give a product the opportunity to prove themselves 60% live a full and busy life and prove this product does what it states, however our 65% are willing to try different products research also found that impressions dramatically changed if 73% will not try the same product after a negative experience the first experience was a negative one.
  19. 19. 20 THE TARGET. MADE has recognised a potential target market to better suit the new direction Elastoplast is heading. This market includes females and males aged between 18 and 35 years of age. They are classified as ‘Generation Y’ and the money spending generation. This market is known to have fewer worries than their older counterparts. They live to play and believe the ultimate gain from life is to have fun and live it to its fullest. They are the ones that will work a very busy week with minimal sleep, although don’t expect them to catch up on any rest on the weekend because they are out shopping, at the beach, playing a sport or just socialising with friends. They would earn an average income, although most would be disposable. MADE specifically targeted these demographics as we felt there was a gap in the market which Elastoplast could own by following certain creative steps.
  20. 20. 21 POINT OF DIFFERENCE. MADE has identified one major component of Elastoplast which sets it apart from other plaster brands on the market and this is the durability. We believe the strongest message we can portray to the market is the fact that this product actually works. The fabrics and plastic used is generated from the highest quality to fight against water resistance, body perspiration and physical activity. Consumers are more intelligent than ever, therefore if the advertising message is that this product works and in reality it does not meet our markets needs, they will automatically turn to another brand. If this does occur, regaining trust from a disappointed market is almost impossible – this will prove detrimental to the overall positioning of Elastoplast.
  21. 21. 22 MARKET MAP. ! IDENTIFIABLE MADE has outlined the current market situation of Elastoplast and its competitors. We have noticed a market gap where great Opportunity Here quality products and an identifiable brand coincide. This is recognised as the Elastoplast opportunity to which we see ! room for movement and growth. POOR QUALITY GREAT QUALITY ! ! UN-IDENTIFIABLE
  22. 22. 23 THE BIG IDEA. everyday convenience Elastoplast can be an elegant, sleek and fashionable... MUST HAVE
  23. 23. 24 OUR METHOD. MADE is proposing to Elastoplast to spread their wings and capture markets that have rarely been thought about or specfically targeted. We are going to target a time poor, high disposable income, socially active & the fashion savvy. Ths will generally target the more youthful markets. This is a segment which are high users of ‘plasters’, unknowingly. These con- sumers generally have 1 - 2 ‘plasters’ in their wallets, purses or handbags. More than often, these ‘plasters’ end up dirty, and unhygienic. Again, the challenge is to make carrying these ‘plasters’ more hygienic whilst being in transit, and to keep it convenient and as unintrusive as possible. The solution to this, is to extend Elastoplast’s brand identity and to broaden it’s appeal to a wider audience, other than family households and sports related segment. We will instigate a brand extension, and create a line that is both fashionable, convenient and hygienic. This brand extension will be met with a strong strategic integrated advertising program.
  24. 24. ready to hold ready to party ready to mend ready to create ready to imagine
  25. 25. are you ready for the possibilities?
  26. 26. Brand Extension - ‘Ready To Wear” Handy Pack 27 The ‘Ready To Wear’ handy pack is a compliment to our everyday Psychologically consumers will see this as a revitalised look and convenience promise. This will be a beautifully presented slimline tin feel compared to the traditional cardboard packaging, and will with a sliding lid. This tin is perfect for any occasion, and is compact automatically engage with the new product. enough to keep in your wallet, purse, or handbag. It is so compact that you won’t even notice it’s there, and as a bonus we’ll throw in This is the first step in moving towards building and extending some hygiene! Elastoplasts revitalised brand identity. This is a refreshng new take on the classic tin packaging. The designs on the tin will vary, according to which sex we are trying to reach, this way no one is excluded.
  27. 27. Print & Street - “Ready to...” Campaign Phase 1 28 The “Ready to...” campaign will kick start with the “Ready to... Party” strapline where we will be promoting one of the obvious benefits of the ‘Ready To Wear’ handy pack range, that is, its sheer convenience and slimline packaging that enables it to be stored in the smallest of spaces. The imagery used in these print items are very experiential based, which allow for viewers to gain an insight into the various positive attributes this new range holds. These images will be seen on bus shelters and magazines. The magazines chosen will be targeted, and will include titles such as Mens Health, Madison, YEN, Grazier & Shop Til’ You Drop. The campaign will feature a technology quite new to Australia, the Quick Response (QR) code. This code allows for data such as WAP site addresses and address book details to be transferred immediately to your phone. We will use this to direct consumers to the “Ready to...” campaign WAP site, and will have a data capture capability. Consumers will then have access to Left: “Ready to... Party” Advertisement targeting males. regular updates on Elastoplast secret Top Right: “Ready to... Party” Advertisement targeting events and the latest product news. females - shown on street furniture. Bottom Right: QR Code on bus shelter.
  28. 28. QR Codes & Events - “Ready to...” Campaign Phase 1 29 The roll out of the “Ready to...” campaign will consist of QR codes, WAP sites and special events and promotions at these events. This use of QR codes is quite unique and is an interesting way to communicate with our tech savvy audience. The reason for these special events is to create a new outlet to give out samples of the ‘Ready To Wear’ handy packs during the beginning outdoor! QR code! data retrieval! stages of the lauch. It is very im- portant to connect with our target audience in the environments and situations which they are naturally drawn to, hence the use of events. These events are not limited to clubs, they could be music festivals and smaller concerts as well. We build meaningful relationships through understanding their needs and wants. The use of creating events or having strategic alliances with exist- ing organisers and promoters will Ready To Wear pack samples given out! party time!! allow further recognition in the brand and Elastoplasts core products. This means that Elastoplast will be their first choice when they need a bandage.
  29. 29. Online & Interactive - “Ready to...” Campaign Phase 1 30 The My 24/7 website provides the correct demographic and psycho- My 24/7 Website Sponsorship graphic audience for the Elastoplast ready to campaign. This site provides content relevant to Elastoplast’s campaign. Elastoplast’s campaign is about people socialising and the my 24/7 website is about finding bars, clubs and events that are on in your state. Details of Website Vistors Elastoplast sponsorship across Age 18-39 the My 24/7 website would provide Social Elastoplast added reach to the target (74% go out at least fortnightly) audience 18-35 year olds. Affluent with high-disposable income (23% with a household income of Alignment with a social site is over $100K) positioning Elastoplast in the right Savvy area of people who are wanting to Connected socialise. This creating Elastoplast to be top of mind when people are planning where they are going out to. Elastoplast could sponsor certain areas of the site to promote their secret events they are holding throughout the proposed campaign.
  30. 30. Online & Interactive - “Ready to...” Campaign Phase 1 31 ‘Ready To Wear’ Web Portal The ‘Ready To Wear’ range will have their own feature web portal where it will incorporate the various elements of the current “Ready to...” campaign collatoral. These includes ‘Ready To Wear’ news, updates on events, advice and interactive games. The dedicated web portal supplements the campaign message, and takes it past national boundaries and into cyber space and beyond. It reaches millions of potential customers with a touch of a button, and is customisable to do whatever we please. Our proposed target market is tech savvy and connected. In order to with this audience, we must recognise that the only way to build and maintain meaningful relationships with these consumers is to meet them where they feel at ease and in control.
  31. 31. Ambient - “Ready to...” Campaign Phase 1 32 ‘Ready To Wear” Handy Pack Sampling - Product Awareness Phase 1 Product sampling is key in the introduction of new The added bonus of this method is that, in order to Above: Martin Place with ‘Ready To Wear’ sampling ranges, especially in FMCG goods. At MADE, we receive a free pack of the new ‘Ready To Wear’ range vending machines believe that the traditional methods of sampling, such plasters, the person has to send their details to as using promotional staff and the use of magazines Elastoplast HQ. In return for the details, they will was just not effect or inventive enough, so we pushed instantly receive details on upcoming Elastoplast it further. Our plan is to have our very own Elastoplast events and a unique code to enter into the vending vending machines strategically positioned in key high machine. This also deters repeat offenders which will pedestrian areas that are vistied by our determined guarantee one sample per person. target market in order to expose the new ‘Ready To Wear’ range.
  32. 32. Ambient - “Ready to...” Campaign Phase 1 33 We have devised the use of key landmarks to gener- The notion behind the use of this medium was to not ate interest & intrigue for the “Ready to...” campaign. exclude anyone. This big impact idea will generate The result of this method will drive more people to the hundreds of thousands of consumers to the campaign campaign website, where they will be able to view the website, and as a result they will be put through an variety of events and activities on offer. “education process” that is the campaign website ( & its parent website Top Left: Sydney Harbour Bridge For example, by placing a giant ‘plaster’ on the side ( This “education process” ‘Plastered’. Top Right: Sydney of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, it would immediately will set the foundation for future ‘plaster’ purchases, Tower ‘Plastered’ draw attention from all areas of society, from the press where one will think of Elastoplast first, and the rest are and media, and from the general public and politicians all substandard imitations. alike.
  33. 33. Print - “Ready to...” Campaign Phase 2 34 The idea behind this concept was to play on pop culture, and its Above: “Ready to... Hold” print advert ever changing trends. Featured, is a portrait of a family with their “emo” son. Hair style, and big side fringes complement the “emo look”, and thus we have used a Elastoplast plaster to illustrate how this “emo” child has utilized the product.
  34. 34. Print - “Ready to...” Campaign Phase 2 35 We have gone with the simple notion of being able to fix anything Above: “Ready to... Mend” print advert with a plaster.
  35. 35. Print - “Ready to...” Campaign Phase 2 36 Creation... isn’t it a great feeling? What if, by chance, your glasses Above: “Ready to... Create” print advert broke and you had a very important task to do and you needed your glasses? If you had an Elastoplast plaster on the ready, you’ll be saved!
  36. 36. Print - “Ready to...” Campaign Phase 2 37 Imagination, we all have it, it just comes down to how we choose to Above: “Ready to... Imagine” print advert use it. We have created an ad where we let the viewer use their imagina- tion to work out what is happening in the scene. There is a sweaty arm, under bed sheets, reaching for an Elastoplast which is in the draw next to a packet of condoms... we’ll let you work it out the rest.
  37. 37. 38 MEDIA PLAN. BUS SHELTERS QR CODES MOBILE ONLINE Who AdShel What Quick Response What Mobile Sponsorship What Integrated Ad Where Metro Bus Shelters Codes Who My 24/7 Placements When Weekly Cost $1000/week Where Everywhere Who My 24/7 Cost $1000/week Cost $2500/month Where Production $2000 x 1 Cost $3000/month MAGAZINES Who Various Where National When Weekly/Monthly Cost $4000 - 40000 (dependent on size & frequency)
  38. 38. let’s get this party started!