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Bradley Communications portfolio

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Bradley Communications Portfolio

  1. 1. C APAB Bradley Communications is a full-service media agency that has a creative, yet commonsense approach to marketing – backed by knowledge and experience. Our philosophy is that marketing is a form of creative education and we have formed many avenues to educate potential customers/clients. Bradley Communication’s multi-faceted capabilities stem from a close strategic partnership with Small Island Multimedia. ILIT For over a decade, our companies have worked as a team to supply our clients with strategic marketing plans backed by eye catching, innovative artwork and multimedia presentations – all designed to improve market perception and generate sales leads. IE We are committed to serving the individual needs of our clients and work hard to differentiate our work through: We are proud to offer the following services: S 1. Innovation and creativity: We continue to invest in the latest digital tools and technology to provide our clients with leading edge presentations. Our marketing concepts and designs have won national and international awards and they are backed by proven results. In fact, our work has been recognized many times by the Transportation Marketing and Communications Association. 2. Industry experience: We understand how the transportation industry works, including the needs of shippers, carriers, freight forwarders and NVOCCs. This helps with creating the most effective and targeted advertising campaigns Ads/Supplements Web Development and promotional materials. 3. Strategy: Mailers Trade Shows There are a variety of methods for reaching a client’s targeted audience and based on the campaign’s goals and objectives, we use our skills to propose the best and most effective strategy. Public Relations Brochures/Flyers 4. Value: Newsletters Though we are neither the least expensive nor the most expensive agency you might find, we believe CD Rom/DVD Video Production that our combination of creative ideas and professional production are an exceptional value. We are E-mail Message on-hold able to supply our clients with more for their marketing dollar due to our complete line of in-house Giveaways capabilities. Should you decide to team with us you will have a fully equipped, competently staffed and experienced marketing, art and video department at your disposal. “I am delighted every time I use Bradley Communications and Small Island Multimedia. Melissa and her team always seem to exceed my expectations (no matter how high or stringent they may be).” Robert A. Beilin CEO, Group Maritime Limited Q UA L I F I C AT I O N S
  2. 2. S GIE Marketing E AT R Information Distribution Strategy (IDS™) with Efficient Media™ T AD, PRINT & PR SOUND & VISION S consistent message and branding WEB Marketing E-Commerce on-demand delivery high quality interactive compressed repurposed repurposed for information, video design elements, & PDF eventstreaming presentations CD-ROM ADVERTISING Electronic Brochure Video BROCHURES repurposed compressed in full repurposed (pdf format) DIRECT MAIL Capsules laptop • leave behind PR direct mail • tradeshow repurposed Model repurposed in full in full DVD KIOSK sales laptop Point of purchase leave behind direct mail Point of Information kiosk lead pursuit™ ST R AT E G IE S
  3. 3. K E Melissa Bradley David Telling Pamela Getty Y Creative Director Project Director/Account Executive Art Director Since 1985, David has specialized in the creative direction Melissa Bradley began her career in the transportation Pam has worked in the field of Graphic Arts since 1981. P and production of marketing materials on all forms of industry at a very young age with her grandfather She has over 20 years of hands-on experience, from media. He has in-depth experience in computer design working for Grace Lines, an ocean liner service, and her traditional paste-up techniques to the latest in digital E and layout, digital video production and interactive father managing one of the largest trucking companies graphic design. R multimedia presentations for web, CD-Rom and DVD. in Los Angeles, California Cartage Company. After graduating from California State University, Long S Originally from England, David graduated from university It was while attending California State University, Long Beach, she worked at the prestigious Orange Coast with an Honours Degree in Education and went on to Beach that she decided to blend her knowledge of the Magazine as an Associate Artist, where many of her works O teach in high school. In 1981, he represented Great Britain transportation industry with her passion for writing and were selected and published as feature spreads for the N at the International Olympic Academy in Athens where communications by majoring in public relations and magazine. he was invited to come to California State University, speech communications. N From 1982 to 1987, Pam was the Art Director for Southern Long Beach and lecture on the Pre-Modern Olympic After graduating, Melissa joined a local Long Beach California Style Magazine in Long Beach, CA. The focus Games. E agency, specializing in transportation clients, and worked of this 80 page monthly publication was the unique In 1985, David explored new avenues as the under the guidance and direction of its highly Californian lifestyle. As head of the Art Department, she L Editor/Creative Director for Southern California Style experienced owner, Jennifer Bronson. During this time, was responsible for the visual content and production Magazine. There, he was responsible for overseeing the she handled a variety of accounts, including all of their of the magazine as well as coordination of graphic monthly content and focus of this high quality color public relations, advertising and collateral material designers and liaison with all prepress and print vendors. publication. He managed writers, photographers and requirements. In 1987, Pam’s focus turned to digital design. She took designers while being directly involved in storyboarding, Four years later, Melissa was asked to join ANZDL, one the position as Art Director for HB Digital Arts where she article writing, editing and production. of the top ocean carriers, as their marketing managed the Art Department and Service Bureau for 10 In 1987, David formed Small Island Multimedia. The communications manager. Over a five year period, she years. Her responsibilities included concept to company's original focus was video presentations, but reported directly to the Line’s CEO, as well as its senior completion of projects for printed collateral and web this soon developed into computer based design and vice president, vice president of sales and the inside sales design. production. The goal was to be able to offer clients the manager, handling everything from public relations to As Art Director for Small Island Multimedia since 1997, highest quality visual presentations... from concept to creating strategic advertising campaigns and placement she has been responsible for the design and production completion... whether they were to be printed, projected, schedules to developing their first web site. of ad and print collateral, websites and interactive CD played or displayed. The company began investing in the Today, Melissa manages her own agency and works presentations. Her creative expertise and experience latest digital hardware and software, and developing an hands-on with each of her clients, as well as her strategic make her invaluable to all Small Island Multimedia expertise in image retouching, page design, illustrative partners to develop integrated marketing approaches projects. graphics, nonlinear editing and interactive scripting. Small based on their needs, which can range from generating Island has created advertising, printwork, slide shows, Pam has a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art, specializing in sales leads to improving public image/perception. large format displays, videos and interactive presentations Visual Communications, from California State University, for such companies as Australia/New Zealand Direct Line, One of Bradley Communications’ main strategic partners Long Beach. Dacor, Sony, Panasonic, Pioneer and DuPont. is Small Island Multimedia, owned and managed by David Telling. Melissa and David have been working Recently, Small Island’s focus has been to incorporate its together for close to 10 years to create strategic and multimedia disciplines into unique marketing strategies. innovative advertising campaigns and media placement These are designed to utilize the best of print, sound and Production Staff plans. Melissa uses her knowledge of the available vision, and allow companies to effectively educate their transportation and vertical market publications to form customers and differentiate themselves from the Sharon Telling media plans, negotiate ad placement purchases and competition. The thoughtful “repurposing” of presentation coordinate artwork. At the same time, Melissa and David materials allows for cost-effective implementation of this Jeffrey George work together as a team to build effective advertising marketing strategy while maximizing flexibility. Currently campaigns for their clients, based on their strategic Small Island is developing strategies for its existing clients Charles Tentindo marketing goals. and new corporate customers such as Nexxus Hair Products Corporation and Key Health Management, Inc. Q UA L I F I C AT I O N S
  4. 4. T “ E I have worked very closely with Melissa Bradley and David Telling over many years in my capacity as lead I have been a senior transportation executive for the past 32 years. During that period, I have engaged S and transacted business with many advertising, public relations, marketing communications firms both role within ANZDL for our PR, advertising and media relations. During this time I have been nothing but in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australasia. None have come close to the professionalism nor generating impressed by their professionalism and creative approach, which assisted the ANZDL brand to be at the T results as was my experience partnering with Bradley Communications and Small Island Multimedia. forefront of our industry. IM As co-founder and part of the senior management team of Australia-New Zealand Direct Line (ANZDL), I Melissa and David worked extremely well together as a team and with our organisation to create innovative believe the Bradley Communications team was a significant factor in building the ANZDL brand and its advertising concepts for ANZDL, which led to a strong and unique brand image. They both showed a high overall recognition as the No. 1 industry performance leader. This was indeed incredible as ANZDL, as an degree of understanding of our vision for the brand and the messages that we wanted to convey to our O ocean carrier, was only ranked 37th in size based on total TEU throughput. customers and were able to translate that into effective PR campaigns and strategies, which took many forms and applications. NIALS Bradley Communications and Small Island Multimedia clearly differentiate themselves from the other firms in 5 key areas: In addition to this Melissa was very successful in negotiating ad rates with the various media publications 1. Approach that a company of ANZDL's size might not have otherwise been able to enjoy. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any organisation (except our competitors of course !) as it is clear they would Bradley Communications incorporates a philosophy of “ integrated” marketing communications, using a significantly add value to your company. number of mediums to concurrently build and accelerate the dynamic of brand recognition and delivery of service or product message. This includes the use of display advertising, press releases, CD roms, collateral We continue to work with both Melissa and David and hope that this relationship continues well into the materials, premiums, videos , etc. future. Andrea Bolch 2. Creativity Previous Senior Vice President, ANZDL The Bradley Communications team has always delivered for me, very creative campaigns, and products that are “spot on” targeted at the audience we wanted to approach and the message we wanted to deliver. Some of their work is truly incredible. They developed for ANZDL several campaigns that won them the Containerisation International (CI) magazine, and its related products (CI Yearbook and ci-online) have coveted industry TELO awards for excellence and creativity in marketing communications. enjoyed an excellent working relationship with Melissa Bradley over many years. Throughout that period, the CI team has found Ms. Bradley to be a highly motivated individual, who is particularly effective in 3. Industry/ Media Contacts representing the interests of her clients, both in terms of placing advertisements and securing independent From my experience and first hand observation, Bradley Communications has relationships with just about editorial coverage. This ability is a consequence of Ms Bradley’s taking care to thoroughly research the every major and minor publication and media source representing the transportation and logistics industry, most appropriate media for her clients in the context of a title’s readership and positioning in its respective both domestic and international. This enables Bradley Communications to get the inside scoop on pending market. Ms Bradley is reliable, efficient, and careful to ensure that all necessary advertising materials arrive feature articles or strategic placement of key display ads. on time. My colleagues and I on all the CI products look forward to continuing to work with Ms Bradley 4. Professionalism to the mutual benefit of her clients and CI. Jane Boyes Professionalism is a word synonymous with Bradley Communications. It has been my experience working Editor, Containerisation International with Melissa Bradley and members of her team to receive the highest level of professionalism (albeit small or large assignment). Appointments are always on time; client meeting are (always with agenda), presentations are creative, both in print and display with a clear articulation of a concept or specification; follow ups and Melissa Bradley has my highest recommendation as a marketing communications professional. I have regular progress reports are given as to the status of the assignment and deadlines are ALWAYS met . Most worked with Melissa over the last decade on transport and logistics accounts. of all, Melissa built a one-to one relationship where both I and my company felt “exclusive” Melissa is never . too busy to take my call no matter how trite, or to endure my incessant and never ending list of questions She will bring to any marketing communications endeavor: (no matter how redundant). • Experience in overall marketing communications, including advertising, public relations, and direct 5. Results marketing; There is an old management adage “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it!” Bradley Communications • A complete understanding of different media, both print and digital, and experience in using the (wherever possible) tries to gauge the ROI impact of a project. Whether you are running the marketing appropriate medium to achieve a specific marketing communication objective; department or the entire enterprise, this is significant, particularly in today’s economy where every dollar spent must count! • The ability to produce award-winning creative that also achieves real-world objectives; and Professionalism that has led to her winning and maintaining client relationships and vendor relationships that have thrived In conclusion, I am “delighted” every time I use Bradley Communications. Melissa and her team always “ for years. seem to exceed my expectations (no matter how high or stringent they may be). John Royal I am now an independent industry management consultant. On every assignment, my reputation of 32 Publisher, Logistics Management years is on the line. In this regard, whenever I have a need that calls for a marketing communications specification, there is only one person and company I would trust that reputation with… Melissa Bradley Melissa Bradley and her team are very talented and forwarded thinking. She has a strong handle on and Bradley Communications. marketing and direct mail and media. Robert A. Beilin Carol Eidson National Sales Director, World Trade Magazine CEO, Group Maritime Limited R E FE R EN C E S
  5. 5. NIAL EXTRACTS FROM CONTAINERISATION INTERNATIONAL REPORT ON O OCEAN CARRIER BRANDING IM “In essence, what CP Ships paid for was the T ANZDL brand, one which had been skillfully S built from nothing, over 10 years, into a E T profitable market leader with a reputation far beyond its limited sphere of activity.” “ANZDL maintained its brand image through advertising, credible public relations, constant self-measurement, and that emphasis on quality...” “Branding should be as strategically important as any other business issue the executive team addresses. If there is less differentiation between Carrier A and Carrier B because of common ships, schedules and equipment, etc., then outside of rates, the customer will make his decision based on his perceptions of the carrier’s brand. No perceived difference means no ability to extract a premium.” REFE R E NC E S
  6. 6. ING “LEADERSHIP” Goals/Objectives IS This was to be an image ad to create the perception that ANZDL was the innovation leader in the industry with superior service to RT all other providers in the trade. The intention was to position ANZDL as the obvious choice when it comes to selecting a carrier. Solution/Project Summary ADVE ANZDL’s management team, Melissa Bradley and David Telling met to brainstorm ideas for creating the ad. The main requirements were that it caught the readers’ attention and immediately let them know that ANZDL was rated number one in the top four service categories. Limitations and Challenges The major challenge faced with this advertisement was time. ANZDL wanted to begin running the new campaign immediately and so the theme, copy and graphics needed to be created and ready for publication within a very short amount of time – 2 weeks. Measuring/Evaluating Success As there was no “call to action” included with this ad, ANZDL would call it a success if it assisted with creating a positive image about the company. “WHO BEAT THE COMPETITION?” Goals/Objectives To create an ad which would immediately inform the market of ANZDL’s continued award-winning success and clearly identify how the company was differentiating itself from the competition. Solution/Project Summary Due to the immediate need for this ad, it was decided to focus on “word play” rather than image work to make the point of how ANZDL had decisively outperformed the competition. SA M PLE S O F WO R K
  7. 7. ADVE “SHOULD HAVE TAKEN ANZDL / SO GLAD I TOOK ANZDL” Goals/Objectives • To convey that, by shipping with ANZDL, shippers would not RT experience the frustration they do with other carriers... that the headaches of business would be taken care of for them. • To generate leads for the inside sales department to follow up IS on, which would ultimately turn into bookings for ANZDL. Solution/Project Summary ING The theme came about after many brainstorming sessions with Melissa Bradley and David Telling. The key element was to find the right representation of frustration, achieved in the photograph of a clearly tense subject, grasping his face. It was decided to continue the “stress” theme with a related giveaway that people would want to call in for. The concept of a Stress Reliever Kit seemed a natural as it was topical and had a little mystery to it. Advertisement follow- through program The next ad in the campaign, “So Glad I Took ANZDL” was created , to put a more “positive spin” on ANZDL’s service attributes, and again after the image of a very relaxed man sipping an iced tea was prepared, we knew we had a page stopper. We basically turned all the shippers concerns from the previous ad into benefits for them, i.e., “saved 12 days on my transit time.” Limitations and Challenges One major challenge with this campaign was to locate the perfect contents for the stress reliever kit at a price point that made sense to acquire each sales lead. ANZDL figured that each lead was potentially worth $500 or more to their bottom line and so the cost of the $3.00 kit was well justified. Measuring/Evaluating Success The success of this campaign was the number of sales leads generated. When the person called into ANZDL’s 800# for the Stress Reliever Kit, their name was added to a database which was then followed up by an inside sales representative. Of the more than 500 leads generated, 90 bookings were directly traceable to the campaign. ANZDL considered this to be a major success. SA M P L E S O F WO R K
  8. 8. ING “REDEFINING CUSTOMER SATISFACTION” Goals/Objectives IS To position ANZDL’s most unique selling advantage – its combination of superior customer service and highly advanced e- commerce capabilities. RT Solution/Project Summary ANZDL’s management team, Melissa Bradley and David Telling met ADVE to brainstorm ideas for creating the ad. The team wanted a progressive looking ad – showing both the human and technologically advanced side of their business, while paying very close attention to ANZDL’s corporate colors. Limitations and Challenges The major challenge faced with this advertisement was showing the balance between the human touch and technology, along with a variety of featured advantages, without looking too cluttered. Measuring/Evaluating Success There was no “call to action” included with this ad – it was purely image driven. ANZDL would call it a success if it assisted with creating a positive image about the company, along with an increase in bookings, which it did. “FREE FIRST CLASS UPGRADE” Goals/Objectives To convince Australasian shippers that for “the exact same price as the other carriers” they could ship with ANZDL – the top rated carrier in the trade. The ultimate goal was to have the shipper call ANZDL’s 800# for a quote so they could see for themselves that the rates were exactly the same as the competition and they could, in essence, upgrade to a first class service for free. Solution/ Project Summary Meetings were held with ANZDL’s president, as well as various vice presidents and managers to gain a perspective on the company’s sales and pricing strategy. It was determined that ANZDL would match each of its competitors’ rates in an aggressive effort to gain back lost marketshare. The ANZDL team felt everyone could identify with wanting to go first class as opposed to coach and it needed to have the look and feel of a real ticket. A direct mailer was actually created first (see the attached sample) and it was mailed out to ANZDL’s database in conjunction with the ad placements. The slogan of Same Price…Better Service – Why Settle for Less? helped to summarize the ad’s main theme. SA M PLE S O F WO R K
  9. 9. ADVE “EVER FEEL LIKE YOUR MESSAGES GO UNHEARD?” Goals/Objectives To let SSL’s target audience, primarily small to medium ocean RT shippers and freight forwarders, know who SSL is and what makes them different from their competition, including: • No voicemail IS • Rapid quotes – within 10 minutes ING • Rapid release of documents – within 24 hours • Competitive rates • Neutral service provider Solution/Project Summary Melissa Bradley and David Telling conducted several conference calls with the two owners of SSL to determine their customers’ main “pains & problems.” It was quickly discovered that the main issue was their competition not returning phone calls due to voicemail systems. SSL, on the other hand, did not use voicemail, a unique selling advantage. Measuring/Evaluating Success The campaign was rolled-out in April but unfortunately stopped in June, due to budgetary constraints, so it was difficult to measure the success. SSL was, however, pleased with the response it received through phone calls and leads generated by the publications. S AM P L E S O F WO R K
  10. 10. ING “WHO IS YOUR STRONGEST LINK?” Goals/Objectives IS To let potential 3PL, transportation and warehousing customers know who Weber Distribution is and what makes them different RT from other service providers. They were looking for name recognition in the market so when sales representatives walked in the door of a potential customer, the customer was already aware ADVE of Weber Distribution. Solution/Project Summary Melissa Bradley and David Telling met with the owner, president and business development manager to discuss how Weber is different from its competition and how it wanted to be perceived in the marketplace. Their slogan of many years was “Who Is The Strongest Link?” It was decided to build a campaign around a question directed straight to the customer...“Who is Your Strongest Link?” and a series of ads was developed to support this theme. Measuring/Evaluating Success The ad campaign has been running for several years now with continued success. Weber is very pleased with the market response it has received through phone inquiries and office visits. SA M PLE S O F WO R K
  11. 11. ADVE “THRIVE IN THE SUN” Goals/Objectives The goal of this ad campaign was to differentiate Solec from it’s RT competition. The technical nature of the industry had led to publications being filled with technically focused ads which the client thought “all looked the same” The objective was to create . IS something different while still identifying Solec as an industry leader. ING Solution/Project Summary It was decided to create an ad which, unlike the competition, showed no product at all. Focus for the image was environmental to fit in with the environmentally friendly nature of solar energy. Solec’s new product was a highly efficient system which outperformed the competition in utilizing solar energy. The theme of “thriving in the sun” was therefore developed and the image of the beautiful butterfly basking in the warmth of the sunshine became the icon for the ad. Measured Success Phone response increased dramatically after the ad went to publication and the client was so satisfied with the theme that the butterfly became the establishing icon of other promotional materials including direct mailers and the company’s website. S AM P L E S O F WO R K
  12. 12. ING “DACOR - VARIOUS THEMES” Goals/Objectives IS To produce product oriented ads that could be utilized to attract increased distribution and consumer awareness/sales. RT To begin the branding of Dacor (a family owned and run business) as a company with top-of-the-line products and services that could ADVE meet and exceed the look and performance of the competition including that of top imported European brands. Project Summary The project required close coordination and communication with Dacor’s marketing and production departments. Guidelines were given to feature product wherever possible so the emphasis was on high quality photography, supported by creative digital retouching. Title and tag lines were created to pull the reader into the copy which was written to emphasize the products features and benefits . Limitations and Challenges Some of the major challenges were the number of ads to beproduced and the short amount of time allocated to their development and production. In addition, most of the products featured were in a“preproduction” phase at the time the ads were developed. Therefore, major digital photo retouching had to be done to make prototype type models look like fully functioning appliances. Measuring/Evaluating Success Written reader requests for additional information/literature escalated from approximately 20,000 to over 80,000 annual reader responses. Several of the ads developed received industry awards for successful performance. SA M PLE S O F WO R K
  13. 13. ADVE “PUBLIC RELATIONS EXPERT” Goals/Objectives This was an industry ad to draw attention to V-Burn/Final USA’s RT increasing position in the roller hockey market. The company was beginning to recruit name athletes who could bring “attitude” to their promotions. They wanted to reflect this in their ads. IS Solution/Project Summary The concept for the ad was clearly to be found in Marty McSorley’s ING irreverent conduct on the ice. It was decided to play on the humorous notion that his hockey behavior would be perfect for a new role as the company ’s public relations exper t. Measuring/Evaluating Success There was no specific tracking put in place for this ad. However, personal calls to the President of the company from key distributors confirmed that it was getting the right kind of interest and attention. Consequently the ad concept was adopted as the theme for the company’s trade shows. “LIVE IN OUR SHOE” Goals/Objectives This ad had many purposes. First, it had to introduce a newly released product which had been developed specifically for performance and comfort. Second, it needed to show that it was the shoe of choice for some of the top athletes in the field. Third, in one form or another, it needed to introduce the Ultimate race team which was established to generate interest and loyalty in the Ultimate brand. Solution/Project Summary The concept for the ad came through trying to determine the best way to show the product in detail while still fitting in all the other components. The idea of fitting in with the shoe led to the “Old Mother Hubbard” concept... and the ad was born. It allowed us to feature a large product image while cleverly “fitting in” the whole Ultimate team... and putting across the idea of “living in a shoe” because it is so comfortable. Mission accomplished to the delight of the client. SA M P L E S O F WO R K
  14. 14. RVICE E S FULL C. D. E. B. DACOR - Full Service Marketing Program A. Landscape Oriented Brochure B. Interactive Electronic Brochure on CD-ROM C. Distributor Ad Design Program D. Point of Purchase Designs E. Trade Show Booth Facias SA M PLE S O F WO R K
  15. 15. FULL S E RVIC B. E C. A. D. WEBER - Full Service Marketing Program A. Full Featured Brochure/Folder B. Web Design C. Brochure Insert D. Direct Mail Program S AM P L E S O F WO R K
  16. 16. RVICE E S FULL C. D. A. B. E. ANZDL - Full Service Marketing Program A. Full Featured Brochure/Folder B. Interactive Electronic Brochure on CD-ROM C. Web Design C. Direct Mail Program D. Gate Fold Brochure SA M PLE S O F WO R K
  17. 17. FULL S E RVIC E B. NEXXUS - Video Production & DVD Authoring A. DVD Autoring/Package Design B. Menu Design and Navigation A. SA M P L E S O F WO R K
  18. 18. 3385 Fiesta Drive Lake Havasu City, AZ 86404 Tel. 928.854.1721 Fax. 928.854.1723