Cloud Storage Providers Can Help Small Business


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Cloud computing provides a protected remote entry that allows only staff members and organization administrators to retrieve essential information and facts.

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Cloud Storage Providers Can Help Small Business

  1. 1. Cloud Storage Providers Can Help Small BusinessCloud storage providers can save small business time and money. Many of the headaches associatedwith information technology including, knowledge, capacity and integrity are removed when theseservices are used. Cloud computing is a growing phenomenon. It refers to information technologyservices provided virtually via the web. As a business grows their data storage needs grow. This used tomean buying a new server to store information as the first one was coming close to capacity. There wasinefficiency in this method as the new server had to be paid for up front but was not fully utilized forsome time. Costs for cloud computing are usually charged on a pay as you use basis so the investment isspread over time.Cloud ServicesBackups of business information for disaster recovery are essential. And, storage of backups off site canbe problematic for small business. Usually the owner copies the information to an external hard driveand takes it home with them. This kind of storage can be used as a place to keep backups of importantdata. And, it is as simple as sending the information over the internet. Easy access is available tobusiness data when this type of storage is used. A business owner can access their information fromanywhere an internet connection is available. This ease of access is also useful for sharing information. Auser can allow others to access their information, but it is usually protected from improper access viasecurity protocols and encryption. When data storage is arranged through a service provider, thetechnology is maintained by their technicians.Cloud ComputingA business owner does not need to spend time learning how to configure hardware, service or maintainit. And, they dont have to employ an expert to do it either. On the cloud computing is a growingindustry. There are many cloud storage providers to choose from who have the capacity to servicebusinesses. And, they can be found easily by a quick Internet search. A long time front-runner in thecloud computing sphere, Amazon delivers a suite of tools that provide an inexpensive and scalableinfrastructure as a service to companies who need reliable computing services and storage. Their ElasticCompute Cloud service, otherwise known as EC2, is a cloud-based service where users can create virtualmachines and run software of their choice on a per-need basis.Cloud Computing ProvidersUsers pay by the hour for the server usage and have control over the location and deployment. It isdesigned to work directly with other Amazon Web Services like Simple Storage Service (S3) which allowsusers to store and retrieve unlimited data, paying for only the resources that are used. As the majorplayer in Internet technology, Google has joined the ranks of cloud computing providers with its GoogleApp Engine platform as a service. This service is aimed at developing and hosting web applications usingGoogles infrastructure and data centers. The engine supports several languages including Java, Ruby
  2. 2. and Python. This scalable service allows developers to pay for what they use without startup costs orrecurring fees. Microsoft Azure - Microsofts answer to cloud computing is Windows Azure Platform.Cloud Computing For BusinessThis platform as a service allows developers to utilize Microsoft infrastructure and data centers todevelop, host and run web applications. Azure provides a complete set of services including computingenvironments, scalable storage, database functionality and a content delivery network. This company isthe leader in cloud based web hosting. Their easy-to-use server and on-demand solutions providecustomers with a way to get servers online as quickly as possible without investing in the hardware.Users pay for server usage by the hour and can add or delete server instances on-demand. Their majorselling point is their Fanatical Support service that provides excellent customer support through rapidresponse to problems, finding solutions that will benefit the customer, and providing technicalexpertise.