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Your Mom Reads My Blog - NEACAC


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NEACAC Presentation with Drew Millikin of St. Michael's College

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Your Mom Reads My Blog - NEACAC

  1. 1. Your Mom Reads My Blog. Andrew Millikin - St. Michael’s College Brad J Ward - BlueFuego
  2. 2. Evolution of Communication
  3. 3. Twitter v1.0
  4. 4. Skeptic.
  5. 5. Your Mom My Blog
  6. 6. Communication changes.
  7. 7. The medium changes.
  8. 8. The recruitment game has changed.
  9. 9. traditional recruitment methods 1980s until now
  10. 10. a major shift 2004-2009
  11. 11. shift happens.
  12. 12. Created by Andrew Meyers, Hope College traditional buy-in: INDIVIDUAL OUTCOME “cool idea!” some success, some frustration staff meeting “should we do this?” COMMITTEE “yeah, we should do this” BOSS “hmm, I don’t know” INDIVIDUAL “this is too much work” timeline: 1 month
  13. 13. Created by Andrew Meyers, Hope College new buy-in: INDIVIDUAL OUTCOME “cool idea!” definite success, little frustration INDIVIDUAL “I’m going to try it out” INDIVIDUAL “nice. works and costs nothing!” BOSS “great work! what’s next?” timeline: 1 hour
  14. 14. You can only offer so much offline.
  15. 15. print electronic
  16. 16. st. michael’s college admissions what we’ve been up to
  17. 17. X
  18. 18. butler university admissions what we were up to
  19. 19. the email
  20. 20. the metrics
  21. 21. the results
  22. 22. how can you stay on top • be networking with us on Twitter • @bradjward and @drewmillikin • follow a select group of blogs, RSS • start with • read some good books ( hebooks) • keep attending conferences • check out eduWeb and NACAC Annual Conference
  23. 23. who has the first question?
  24. 24. contact us Andrew Millikin Office of Admission, St. Michael’s College amillikin[at] Brad J Ward Chief Explosion Officer, BlueFuego brad[at]