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How to Recruit Students using New Media Outlets


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A presentation from MACAC 2009 in Grand Rapids, MI on recruiting students using new media.

Published in: Technology, Education

How to Recruit Students using New Media Outlets

  1. How to Recruit Students using New Media Outlets ANDREW MEYERS - HOPE COLLEGE BRAD J WARD - BLUEFUEGO
  2. Twitter Hashtag: #macac
  3. Evolution of Communication
  4. Communication changes.
  5. The medium changes.
  6. The recruitment game has changed.
  7. traditional recruitment 1980s until now
  8. 1980s 1990s paper applications paper applications telephone telephone brochures/letters brochures/letters magazine ads magazine ads television presence (athletics) television presence (athletics) Posters VHS Promo Tapes (more of the same)
  9. early 2000s mid 2000s online application online application primitive email email communication (HTML) communication online advertising (banner ads, online advertising Google Adsense) Promo DVDs
  10. a major shift 2004-2009
  11. 2004 2005 HTML email campaigns more online application continues to plausible grow online application takes hold YouTube launches Flickr launches
  12. 2006 2007 Google Apps for Education Facebook Pages become introduced available Twitter launches iTunes U launches Zinch launches
  13. 2008 2009 email campaigns grow online application becomes online application takes hold standard schools begin to experiment twitter explodes in popularity with new media facebook becomes #1 youtube EDU launches
  14. changes to Butler 2007 to present
  15. where I came in new position: electronic communication coordinator search process: outsourced website: monitor/participate in all social media email marketing, usability testing, trends/research, data analysis
  16. changes to Hope 2006 to present
  17. where I came in email campaign: header image, text online application: outsourced website: online presence: petersons, et al webmail: outsourced
  18. traditional buy-in: OUTCOME INDIVIDUAL “cool idea!” some success, some frustration STAFF MEETING “should we do this?” COMMITTEE “yeah, we should do this” BOSS “hmm, I don’t know” INDIVIDUAL “this is too much work” timeline: 1 month
  19. new buy-in: OUTCOME INDIVIDUAL “cool idea!” definite success, little frustration INDIVIDUAL “I’m going to try it out” INDIVIDUAL “nice. works and costs nothing!” BOSS “great work! what’s next?” timeline: 1 hour
  20. why is it this way? ✓ the ‘millenial’ generation or ‘generation Y’ ✓ We’re on the fringe -- do the math! ✓ includes individuals born between 1980 and 2000 ✓ expectation that things should happen more quickly than they do ✓ “impatient and eager to live life now.” ✓ optimistic about life 5 years out 1Erickson, Tamara. Plugged in. Boston: Harvard Business School Press, 2008.
  21. You can only offer so much offline.
  22. Relationships > Technology
  24. facebook statistics Michigan
  25. facebook 76% of Michigan schools have a presence on Facebook Average: 2804 fans (Without MSU and UM: 1060) High Ratio of Institution Comments to Fan Comments: Davenport University Kettering University Cornerstone University Ferris State University Wayne State University Michigan State University
  26. facebook 64% of schools open to ‘Boxes’ tab 36% of schools open to ‘Wall’ tab Schools that open to Wall tab average 21% more conversation. 60% of MI schools not on Facebook are XS Private. 90% of MI schools not on Facebook are Private.
  27. hope college admissions what we’ve been up to
  28. • started using in fall 2008 • no HD from YouTube or Facebook at that point • YouTube → questionable content • now, YouTube for Edu • syndicating our content across all 3 platforms
  29. video example
  30. butler university admissions what we were up to
  31. the email
  32. the metrics
  33. the results T
  34. personal shift • attended Innovative Educators’ conference in Cincinnati (July 2008) • networked with other individuals in the field • got connected on Twitter • started a professional blog to share my thoughts ( • productivity has noticeably increased
  35. personal shift • attended Stamats conference in Philadelphia (October 2006) • began experimenting with new media sites • Used Twitter as my ‘personal brand platform’ • started a professional blog to share my thoughts ( • Saw the benefits and results of web-based recruiting
  36. other things Hope is • monthly video updates (shot, created, and edited in-house) • using services like Zinch and Cappex to connect with students online • email campaign series • used Ning to develop a closed social network for our admitted students • starting to work on using Twitter • currently making a vendor selection for CRM
  37. how can you stay on top • be networking with us on Twitter • @bradjward and @andrewmeyers • follow a select group of blogs, RSS • start with • read some good books ( hebooks) • keep attending conferences • check out eduWeb and NACAC Annual Conference
  38. who has the first question?
  39. contact us Andrew Meyers Office of Admissions, Hope College meyers[at] Brad Ward Chief Explosion Officer, BlueFuego brad[at]