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Non technical


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Non technical

  1. 1. Non technicalBradley Johnson
  2. 2. Desktops• The purpose of a desktop is too have many functions and be very reliable.• Desktops are usually found in offices and homes.• The desktop computers have a computer tower, a monitor also known as a screen, keyboard and mouse. They can also have other devices connected too them such as speakers, head phones, memory sticks and many other devices.
  3. 3. Laptops• A laptop purpose is to do everything a desktop does but a laptop is portable.• Also with a laptop it is integrated. This means that all of the components are attached inside and cant be moved.• Everything is built in such as the screen, keyboard and computer is one thing.• Also the laptop has a touch pad. This is used instead of a mouse.• Laptops are powered by battery power, this makes it easy too move from place too place with ought a lot off hassle. Laptops allow users too connect too the internet, play games, use social networking sites and produce word documents.
  4. 4. Notebook/ Netbook• Notebooks/Netbooks are small laptops but they do not have all the functions of a proper laptop.• Notebooks/Netbooks are primarily used for internet access• And because they are so small and light this makes them very portable this means that they can be used near enough anywhere.
  5. 5. Tablet• A tablet is a light portable computer.• They are mainly used for web surfing and playing games.• The most common and most known tablet is an apple Ipad.
  6. 6. Games Console• Games consoles are more then what the name explains them too be. Games consoles can be used for going on the internet, watching TV on them , listening to music on them , watching films on them and playing games.• Most games consoles now allow you too play online against/with other people form all of the world. This can only work if you have a router connected too your console.• Most games consoles you have too use a small controller too play games, but there is now new technology where you don’t even need to use a controller as you can get this device that picks up your movements, so therefore you become the controller
  7. 7. Mobile phones• A mobile phone is a handheld device designed too hold a charge and designed too be light and small• The main feature of a mobile phone is too be able too call and text• Mobiles can also be used to send emails, go on the internet, and play games. These are called smart phones• Some examples of smart phones are :• Apple Iphone• HTC• Samsung galaxy• Blackberry
  8. 8. PDA• PDA stands for personal digital assistant. PDA’s allow you too go on the internet, use email, use instant messaging, and you can also play games on them.• PDA’s also allow you too use some of the same software as laptops, they are mainly used for organizing dates you have too be somewhere and times you have to be there by.
  9. 9. Servers• A server is a device that is dedicated to performing certain tasks about whether or not something should be allowed or not• A network server can give access or decline the connection of other computers to a network• A data base server processes database queries and actions• A print server is a computer that manages one or more printers