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Get high quality it support with infinix


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With increasing number of mobile devices and other electronic components, the importance of mobile device management is also increasing very fast. The service providers in this area are increasing very fast as well.

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Get high quality it support with infinix

  1. 1. Get High Quality IT Support with Infinix Thanks to Infinix, finding technical help for small and medium businesses has never been easier. Based in Moffett Field, CA, Infinix Inc. has been a reliable IT support company since 1984. They give you the flexibility to decide which services to host and which services you want to keep on- premise, which allows you to economize quickly and easily or provide new tools to your company without straining your financial resources and IT. As a small or medium size company you will find a solution that works best for your budget, and your businesses ever changing needs. Infinix Inc. provides cost effective technology solutions specifically tailored for small to medium size businesses based in the San Francisco Bay Area. They offer enterprise class proven technologies that has gained major recognition for their security, reliability and ease of use. Their managed services, security and infrastructure solutions are affordable and practical of any user. They have a highly skilled team of certified professionals that have lots of experience with small and medium businesses, and their team is made up of former managers from IT departments who are intimately experienced about those issues and environments. Infinix Inc provides a state of the art data center to provide the highest level of security to their clients. They provide loads of helpful IT solutions, including virtualization, mobile device management, managed services, network monitoring, consulting, hardware, and hosting. Hosting is non-stop, and Infinix's team of professionals will design, build, deliver, and manage intricate configurations to meet your business' specific needs. You also get to enjoy flexible options, decide how much you want the professionals at Infinix to manage and increase productivity by letting Infinix Inc to manage your IT environment so you can focus on your core activities. Also, their security is top class. They have options to protect your company's critical assets in a flexible solution for small and medium businesses. With today’s global economy, it’s more important than ever to make sure that your organization has in place a proper business continuity plan to protect your mission-critical applications information in the event of a disaster, natural or man-made. InfinixSymantec has a long history of providing disaster recovery and continuity solutions to organizations of all sizes, with the flexibility to architect a continuity plan for all information tiers,
  2. 2. across geographies, and spanning people, processes and technology. The company protects you and your company from many different types of disasters, including earthquakes, server crashes, fire, flood damage, hurricanes, catastrophic information failures, and even typhoons and vicious viruses.They have flexible solutions for any budget and any small or medium business. Their home facility offers customers an energy efficient information centre which combines leading edge technologies within a robust infrastructure. To ensure continued compliance with the SAS 70 Type Two certification this new facility has unyielding security, where the operational processes are managed by dedicated staff. Support can be found on Infinix's company website,, and they can be contacted at their two locations, both of which are stationed in California. You can read reviews and testimonials on their website from other satisfied small and medium company owners before deciding if you want your company to equip the high class tools and options provided by Infinix. Infinix's support for small and medium businesses can not be surpassed, which makes it the best option for technical support for your small or medium business. For More Information, Visit