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The Ten Commandments of Process Redesign


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What are the critical success factors of big changes to major end-to-end processes?

Published in: Leadership & Management
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The Ten Commandments of Process Redesign

  1. 1. ©2013 Hammer and Company. All rights reserved. Steve Stanton August 14, 2014 Introductory Webinar Process Redesign
  2. 2. 1©2014 FCB Partners.. All rights reserved. The Ten Commandments of Successful Redesign 1. Go fast momentum is its own reward 2. Don’t underinvest in Change Management the number one killer everything is change management 3. You need a strong sponsor and meaningful project governance capability the key word is POWER 4. Don’t believe anything that comes out of a conference room avoid wishful thinking, test everything 5. Use data-driven decision making you need the TRUTH about today 6. Exploit new technology process lifecycles are shrinking 7. The project plan must be flexible and evolutionary plan right to left 8. The quality of the team is critical 10 X 10% does not equal 100% 9. The business case is about credibility, not a great ROI it will evolve as you know more 10. Go fast don’t underestimate executive ADHD and the pull of today