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How IBM Enables Its Workers to Innovate: Replace Management Selection with Crowd Selection


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IBM runs two programs out of their CIO Lab that encourage employees to share ideas and create prototypes, and helps them get their innovative projects in the hands of the crowd to uncover powerful new technology. I Fund IT is an in-house crowdfunding platform, and the Technology Adoption Program (TAP) helps employees create and try experimental software. Can your organization replace management decisions with crowd decisions?

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How IBM Enables Its Workers to Innovate: Replace Management Selection with Crowd Selection

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  5. 5. © 2013 IBM Corporation The place where employee innovators find a community, refine their projects with early adopters and prove the business value to decision makers. 5 “Decision makers” Develop & nurture relationships to ease transition of innovation from TAP to decision outcome “Early Adopter Community” Informed by the TAP program they adopt technology offerings and contribute feedback that helps shape innovations “Innovators” Submit their innovations to TAP to gather feedback that helps iterate to shape innovations Drives a culture of innovation Self-service Accelerates adoption of new technology It’s fun! What is TAP?
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