Career pathways - Planning your career


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Choosing a particular career path can help you determine your personal career goals and also develop an effective strategy to take you where you want to be.

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Career pathways - Planning your career

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  2. 2. restaurant cleaning up tables while you are still in high school, getting a part time job in college as a waiter, going to a culinary arts school, and finally applying for an entry-level job for the position of a prep chef. With the help of a career path, you can make a plan on how you can build experience and then work your way through your desired occupation. Long-Term Goals Choosing a particular As you pick your personal career path, you actually put career path can help you yourself in a position where you can look ahead and see determine your personal your ultimate goals in life. This way, you will be able to career goals and also figure out what positions you want to have and even develop an effective what salary levels you would like to achieve. In addition, strategy to take you you may use this career path as your guide in building where you want to be. your professional and personal networks within the There are several factors field or industry you wish to belong. By having a longthat should be considered in making career pathways, term goal also, you would stay focused on your careerincluding an honest evaluation or assessment of your goals and would not move aimlessly from one job toown interests, talents, abilities, and even weaknesses. another.Although such elements may change eventuallybecause of different choices and circumstances, you Family Mattersmay still effectively make important decisions by havinga clear professional objective. Whatever it is that you may decide on later on in your career will have its effects on your family. YourEducation profession can dictate where you should live and when you can get married and have a family. What careerIf you know to yourself what career path you would like pathways can do is prepare individuals for what mayto pursue, it will be much easier for you to come up happen should they pursue a certain career, and thiswith the most important decisions with regards to your involves his or her personal relationships. By setting aeducation and training. There are numerous lines of goal, you may even avoid getting too stressed out aboutwork that require certifications and degrees, and it the things that could happen in the future.could take years to attain them. Therefore, it is crucialthat you understand whatever is required in yourchosen path not only to prepare yourself, but also soavoid wasting time and resources.Career PlanningA career path is not just a one-time decision or decision-making process. Rather, it is a journey. Each individualcareer path involves milestones and hurdles. Forinstance, if you are serious about becoming a chef, itwould be ideal for you to start working in anyWork Canada Now Page 2
  3. 3. like your happiness, your family’s comfort, fulfillment, and so on. 3. Getting a job that your parents want you to have. It is very common for a parent to insist to his or her children to pursue a particular career. Insomuch as you want to please them, you should not try to make them happy at your own expense. Listen to what your heart is telling you and follow where it leads you.Contrary to what many people think, choosing a What matters is how happy you can be in your job orcareer is not at all a one-time decision. Deciding on career. what career path 4. Opting for a career that can give you a good title. you will take is There is no point in becoming someone that everyone actually a series of adores if you know to yourself that you are not huge and satisfied with what you are doing. Again, the most important decision. important consideration you should make as you These decisions are figure out what job or career to take is how happy what you will have you are going to be in this make as you pass different stages in your life andas you gain more experience both professionally and Planning your career is vital, but it is not easy topersonally. Thus, it will be hard to choose a certain create your own career pathways. The good news iscareer and stick with it for the rest of your life. This is that there are so many career coaches and mentorswhat career pathways can be very useful for. around who will be willing to guide you as you makeEverything is about making plans and taking action this very important decision in your life.according to those plans.Making a mistake in choosing a career is notuncommon. We all tend to experience this becausethe future is unpredictable. The least we could do istry to avoid those mistakes that could cause us tocompletely lose control of our career. Here are someof those mistakes you should avoid.1. Getting the easiest or the first job available.Needless to say, job seekers must be practical and For those who are already employed, it is wrong toavoid being picky. But this doesn’t mean that you think that their careershould not take the time to survey the market to look growth should stop asfor what other opportunities are waiting for you. Bepatient and make sure that you take every soon as they got theiropportunity you have to apply for the job that suits jobs. You may not knowyour personality and vision. this, but it is often easier to look for another job if2. Accepting a job offer on the basis of high salary. you are employedMoney is what we are all working for; that’s the truth. already. And so, yourBut money isn’t everything. This is what you should search for a betterrealize and accept if you are to accept a job offer. career and a more fulfilling job should not end with youThere are other more important things than money, getting employed.Work Canada Now Page 3
  4. 4. What so many employed individuals are so anxious Keep Your Eyes and Ears Openabout is the fact that they cannot assure themselvesthat they will not be left with no job and any Always be curious about what your colleagues are doingopportunities to find a good job. Thus, while you’re at that you may not be doing. Doing this will help youit, be sure to keep your career growing and moving determine whether you are competitive enough or not.forward. This is where career pathways become really This will also help you figure out if it is the right time foressential. Here are some things you can do to keep your you to seriously consider changing on the right path.Always Be PositiveWhile it may sound really simple, embracing theconcept of positive thinking can be challengingespecially if you are thinking about what to do with yourcareer. If you continuously believe that somethingundesirable is going to happen to, there will surely besomething bad to happen. On the other hand, if you trytelling yourself how good and marketable you are, you There are certain industries in which the demand forwill be more confident about yourself, and you will workers could varyattract positivity in your life and good things will considerably fromhappen. one season to another. So whatThink Ahead employers in such industries do isKeep up-to-date with all the trends in your industry is rely on tempnecessary. You should keep your eyes open to all the workers to fill their need for staff. These types of jobschanges happening around and to whatever learning are very attractive for students, working mothers, andyou still need to do. As you look at the trends in your even retirees. Taking any of these jobs can also help afield, you will realize also that there may be some areas new entrant to get started in the industry. But what ifthat you need to improve on. By having the right and you find the work really enjoyable and you decide younew skill sets, you are giving yourself a guarantee what would like to stick around?whatever happens to the economy and the field you arein, you will remain needed and desirable. Being in a temporary position in a company doesn’t always mean that you have to stay that way all theUpdate Your Resume Regularly time. Some companies prefer to hire permanentYou can become more confident knowing that you workers from their temp staff. There are things you canalways have your resume ready. With your updated do to avoid the need of changing jobs all the time andresume, you will always be prepared whenever the get the opportunity to stay in the company you areopportunity knocks at your door. As a matter of fact, doing a temp job for.even when you are not looking to find a new job, you 1. Become a student at work and learn everything aboutshould continuously update your resume so that when the organization.the need comes, you have this important tool ready foryou. As you get hired for a temporary work, use this time to learn everything there is to learn about the management, the property, the staff, and the entireWork Canada Now Page 4
  5. 5. business. This will help you prepare for the next stepsyou are going to take and will show the employer howserious you are about becoming a permanentemployee.2. Be a team player.It is not always obvious, but hiring managers pay a lot ofattention to how a certain employee blends in with theothers in the company. Try your best to build goodrelationships with your coworkers and make an effort toblend in with the team.3. Show how flexible you are.If you really want to get that permanent position in thecompany, you have to demonstrate your capability todo more than just one role. If you’ve got some otherexperiences in other positions or fields, for instance,you should make it known to the people in yourorganization. This is important especially when the timecomes that they need to hire someone for a particulartask that you might be capable of doing.4. Exceed their expectations.You would, of course, want to catch the attention ofyour employers. You can do this by performing waybetter than how you are expected to perform. Becareful, however, not to seem too showy because thismay backfire on you. Don’t try to outperform everyoneelse. Just like what you may have indicated in yourcareer pathways, all you need to do is perform your jobto the best that you can, and your efforts will surely notgo unnoticed.Work Canada Now Page 5