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Training camp photos


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BGN's Bob Quaintance presents "Behind the Lens," a photographic look at the 2010 Training Camp of the Philadelphia Eagles.

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Training camp photos

  1. 1. Eagles Training Camp 2010: Aug. 7th & 8th *All photos property of Bob Quaintance*
  2. 2. Andy Reid watches over the start of practice
  3. 3. Nick Cole comes off the field early. Who’s left to play center?
  4. 4. Kolb hurls a bomb downfield
  5. 5. Mike Kafka takes charge of the 3rd-team offensive huddle
  6. 6. Kolb motions to the receivers
  7. 7. Martin Rucker wants YOU for the U.S. Army
  8. 8. The NFL’s new dynamic linebacker duo: Thunder & Lightning
  9. 9. Kurt Coleman goes waaaay up to bat down Vick’s pass
  10. 10. Surprise! It’s Tracy White!
  11. 11. Omar Gaither helps clean up after a water spill…sort of
  12. 12. Weaver stays ahead of Bradley to make the catch
  13. 13. Aww, no Charles! Not again!
  14. 14. Just missed it, Tracy. Score one for Buckley.
  15. 15. “ Q” shouts encouragement from the sidelines
  16. 16. Kurt Coleman discusses the last play with Coach McDermott
  17. 17. Bam! Not on Jamar Chaney’s watch.
  18. 18. Kolb gives McCoy a belly rub…er, hands him the ball
  19. 19. McCoy prepares to hit the line hard
  20. 20. Dixon watches the action while recovering from a concussion
  21. 21. Baskett playing some very physical football
  22. 22. Kolb is flushed out of the pocket again as Parker bears down
  23. 23. Coach April sends out our not-so-secret weapon: David Akers
  24. 24. Akers takes a breather
  25. 25. Quintin Mikell reads the offense easily and nabs Kolb’s pass
  26. 26. Laws is too late to prevent Jackson and Kolb from hooking up
  27. 27. Mike McGlynn anchors the offensive line in place of Cole
  28. 28. Vick takes a beating from Trevor Laws, who had his number that day
  29. 29. DeSean Jackson on the reverse. Just another 50+ yard TD.
  30. 30. Kolb keeps the offense in line
  31. 31. Laws busts through the interior line to sack Vick again
  32. 32. Leonard Weaver teases Ken Parrish, who was demolished by Simoni Lawrence during a punt blocking drill
  33. 33. In the media tent with Andy Reid
  34. 34. “ Eagle Joe” was nice enough to pose with yours truly
  35. 35. Martell Mallett beats out Coach Staley for a leaping grab
  36. 36. Rookie CB Trevard Lindley gets ready to make a play
  37. 37. Coach April got nearly as much of a workout as the players did
  38. 38. The Brain Trust: Andy Reid, Marty Mornhinweg, and Kevin Kolb
  39. 39. Adam Schefter’s tour bus graced us with its presence OMG there he is!!!
  40. 40. Speaking of energetic coaches, Juan Castillo was all over the field
  41. 41. Greg Isdaner? Meet Stacy Andrews
  42. 42. Rookie Daniel Te’o-Nesheim bears down on Kolb
  43. 43. Kevin Kolb and Hank Baskett share a break on the sidelines
  44. 44. Joseilo Hanson and Baskett kick up some dust during 1-on-1’s
  45. 45. Baskett goes down for the count. Don’t worry, folks, he’ll be back soon.
  46. 46. Akers splits the uprights yet again
  47. 47. Riley Cooper and DeSean Jackson make adjustments before the snap
  48. 48. Eldra Buckley with the play of the day - Samuel just bounced right off
  49. 49. Nice tats, DeSean
  50. 50. Coach Mornhinweg prowls the sidelines
  51. 51. Ken Parrish gets a few punts in before the end of practice